RHOBH SNEAK PEEK: Kimbecile Visits DrunkOtis’ Newest Rented House

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DrunkOits has never looked skankier as she welcomes professional packing expert, KimRichards, into her new rented house. DrunkOtis and her new crew take time out for the required scene of the young movers flashing their abs… DrunkOtis and Yoda have … Continue reading

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RHOBH SNEAK PEEK: More of PumpMyStomach v HagfaceKyle

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While selecting fabrics for her shirt order, PumpMyStomach gives the full run down of how she picked up her newest employee… who just happened to be walking to her job interview when PMS picked her up and the rest is … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview…

DrunkOtis meets up with Adrienne, jokerfaceRinna meets up with someone(?)… and more producer-induced scenes, including KingDave bestowing his presence upon the biggest clown on the RHOBH!

This preview gets 37769987634,0037443 JudgeJudys…


PumpMyStomach On Kingsley…

PumpMyStomach chimes in on the “Kingsley Bit Me” issue.  As usual, PMS stays true to her passive/aggressive personality.  Saying that pit bulls are “wonderful” animals…BUT… “I think they are instinctually fighting dogs.”  And, maybe for Kim, that’s not the best breed.  Gee, thanks PMS!


DrunkOtis’ Ghostwritten BORING BravoBlog: PumpMyStomach Still Doesn’t Like Me!

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Hi everyone! It is finally here: the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It seems like it’s been forever, but I’m glad we are back. As you know with these blogs, we write them as to how … Continue reading

RHOBH Premiere Episode: HagfaceKyle Meets PumpMyStomach For The Required Luncheon Sit Down

The required “two Housewives meet in a restaurant for a sit down” scene… with HagfaceKyle and PumpMyStomach.  It doesn’t get any better than this…

RHOBH Premiere Episode: The White Party… Stale, Dull And Moth-Eaten

HagfaceKyle’s WhiteParty begins… and it doesn’t get any better than this:

PumpMyStomach On WWHL: MissAndy Begged PMS To Return… PMS Is Done With DrunkOtis

MissAndy begged PumpMyStomach to return to the RHOBH… that’s the story and they’re both sticking to it!

And BLEEECH! PumpMyStomach is done with DrunkOtis…at least for this season.

NOTE:  Maybe the Housewives shows wouldn’t be so terrible if they were labeled truthfully… as night time soap operas.  The phony friendships, hard-to-believe connections and scripted lines are tiresome to watch and are turning people off.

RHOBH Sneak Peek: Girl Fighting, Wine Throwing, Face Slapping … All The BOOOORING Housewives Stuff… And Taglines

Bravo has enhanced the sound of the “SLAP” across PumpMyStomach’s face.  PMS knew it was coming…


PumpMyStomach Talks About TreeJoodice… She’s A WONDERFUL Mother

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PumpMyStomach gives her totally middle-of-road opinion of TreeJoodice.  PMS really says nothing that Tree’s rabid fans won’t just love her for!  Yes, PumpMyStomach barely touches on the fact that Tree knowingly committed a felony, but PMS knows that Tree is … Continue reading

RHOBH Premieres Tuesday, November 18…

rhobh cast

DrunkOtis is missing from the RHOBH photos… she was tweeting and skanking it up in Australia.

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LisaPumpRump Dumping Her “Lifestyle” Products On Consumers!

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Just in time for the RHOBH season premiere…PumpMyStomach is now pushin’ her lifestyles living line at PopCultureLiving. VanderLumpRumpJumpDumpClumpBumpFrumpDonaldTrumpForrestGump products also include wine and martini glasses, a cocktail shaker and coasters. Why would anyone buy this stuff???  Among the offerings, PMS … Continue reading

CARS Of The Housewives…Seriously.

Bravo somehow got the impression that people are bored with the house and closet tours of the Housewives and want to see more, so they’ve added another voyeuristic dimension…Housewives cars.  DrunkOtis and PumpMyStomach explain their vehicles and, of course, DrunkOits is in love sexually attracted to hers:

LisaVanderpump Talks RHOBH… Same Old Stuff!!


LisaVanderPumpMyStomach is raving about the RHOBH.  Don’t forget that PumpMyStomach is an actress, too… that slap is ACTING!!

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RHOBH Preview Ad…

RHOBH New Season Preview…

KingDavid makes an appearance with the clowns of Beverly Hills, who are just as ridiculously disgusting as their NJ subhuman counterparts.  Not even interested in watching this dreckish garbage…

KingDavid has said numerous times that his wife is ONLY on the RHOBH to slide into her own lifestyle show and that she is the voice of reason among the clowns with which she’s forced to appear.

RHOBH david yolanda clown pg mags


RHOBH Same Old Same Old: Kim v HagfaceKyle

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It’s time for the RHOBH to start their PR campaign to drum up interest in their next season premiering in January.   There will be tons of planted items based on that mysterious unnamed “inside source” and this is one … Continue reading

VanderPumpMyStomach Hurls Up Another Season…

Who is watching this mess?


LisaVanderPumpMyStomach No More Support For TeresaGiudice

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LisaVanderPumpMyStomach hedged her bets by hooking herself up with Teresa Giudice… she would grab some of Tree’s rabid fans and some badly needed attention for herself by publicly sympathizing with Teresa BEFORE Teresa’s sentence.  Apparently, VanderPMS actually believed those mystery … Continue reading


Giudice’s Blame Ghost “Accountant”… JudgeSalas Yells, May Charge With Perjury… BravoTV Furnishes House

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Who’s paying for the unnecessary bodyguard???? The Joodices are coming up with some wonderful diversionary tactics before Judge Salas!  Blaming a disappearing accountant, blaming Bravo for furnishing their house and blaming the death of Joe’s father!! From DailyMail… One of … Continue reading

RHOBH In Amsterdam…

Killing two birds with one stone… the RHOBH are now filming in Amsterdam, which not only fulfills the required international trip for these chicks, but also is a free trip home for Yoda. HagfaceKyle and sisterKim got a trip to their PalmSprings house when the RHOBH filmed there recently.  The video is quite boring, filming the HWs walking to their van…. don’t expect much more when the new season airs!   NOTE:  Yoda’s lemon house is STILL for sale!!


PumpMyStomach Calls TreeJoodice… For Support! UNBELIEVABLE

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What an absolute load of BS!   This was concocted by either Tree’s prison prepper or PumpMyStomach’s PR team…OR MissAndy’s instruction… Don’t believe for a second that PumpMyStomach just all of a sudden thought this up! After reading the headlines … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM: Which Housewife Cut Off Her Daughter?

rhoc rhobh


This west coast Housewife cut off her daughter …

…because the daughter has been selling information about Mom to the tabloids.


(Thanks “chameleon”!!)


LisaVanderPumpMyStomach Is A **GASP** Bad Tipper!!

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Another piece fueled by mysterious “sources”… just in time to create some buzz for LIsaVanderPumpMyStomach and the upcoming season of the RHOBH.  This time, PumpMyStomach is a lousy tipper!!  What’s next?  An unpaid parking ticket?? Real Housewives of Beverly Hills … Continue reading


DWTS Has Passed Their Expiration Date…

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Another show that should have gone out while it was still on top… and not suffer the embarrassment of staying too long over its expiration date:  Dancing With The Stars. The official announcement of the new season’s “celebrity” lineup from … Continue reading