SH EXCLUSIVE! Look Who’s Kim’s Replacement!

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RHOBH Filming In Holland…


Watch as the RHOBH are filmed being filmed for the RHOBH.  Walking around in wooden shoes?  How touristy.  Worse than that, is Lisa BLEEEECH! PumpMyStomach’s choice of footwear.

AND… outside of their hotel.  Poor BalloonLipsLisa… she’s just not as fan-friendly as EyeD!  Of course, bleeeeeeeech! PMS just blows off everyone.  Kim promises that she’ll be back:

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DrunkOtis’ Ghostwritten BravoBlog…

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NOTE:  The ONLY reason for highlighting DrunkOtis’ BravoBlog is her “PS” at the very end.    A great excuse for “proving” that her BravoBlog is not ghostwritten.  Nice try, DrunkO!!  But, no one is buying it.  Just admit it… you … Continue reading


WHATEVER WEDNESDAY Part III… Whatever Happened To Pump’s Pumps?

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Fitting for Whatever Wednesday!  Whatever happened to PumpMyStomach’s shoe line?? Whilst searching for another item from the SH archives, came upon Camille, PumpMyStomach and HagfaceKyle’s visit to Regis and Kelly back in 2011. PMS gives the lowdown on what she’s … Continue reading

The Housewives Call Their HouseHusbands…

The HouseHusbands had to sneak in somewhere along the trip.  KenPumpMyStomach didn’t hear his phone; KingD just didn’t want to answer Loada’s call; DrunkOtis left a message with her gaygent and KimRichards had a chat with Kingsley!  Great to know that LipsLisa is married to HARRY HAMLIN!!  Yes, HARRY HAMLIN!!!

DrunkOtis Has LoveBoat Memories… Slaps PumpMyStomach

DrunkOtis was sharing with PumpMyStomach her “LoveBoat” memories… and then slapped PMS.  The slap was definitely given an extra sound effect and PMS knew it was coming.  DrunkOtis was laughing a bit before her palm landed on Pump’s cheek, simply showing that PMS is a better actress.

Horrors In Holland Continues! Eileen Is A “Homewrecker”

On tonight’s RHOBH:  EyeD gets highly offended when she’s labeled a homewrecker… Loada gets offended by the continuous bickering.  Everyone’s offended by something…  

What is EyeD’s purpose on this show… other than doin’ some soap opera style “acting”??

RHOBH Preview: Horrors in Holland Continues! DrunkOtis Slaps PumpMyStomach

Know that PumpMyStomach is a trained actress and knows how to take a phony “Hollywood” slap from DrunkOtis… 

PMS Pushes Her Stuff… And Explains How She Became Housewife! Where Is PMS’s Shoe Line??

From Bloomberg:

PMS pushing her stuff…no mention of her shoe line!  

lisa  shoes  rhobh

And, how she decided to become a Housewife:

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PMS Gets “Woman of the Year”… PMS Was One Of EIGHTY Women Who Received Award

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Lisa Vanderpump was honored by the California State Assembly as “Woman Of The Year” for the 50th Assembly District, which overseen by Assemblyman Richard Bloom, D-Santa Monica. The annual recognition ceremony has been held since 1987, though the Senate discontinued … Continue reading


HagfaceKyle Caught In Big Lie! No Staying In Bed After RHOBH Reunion Show… At PUMP Dining With PumpMyStomach And LipsLisaR!

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From Jezebel: “We take a stroll around the bar because we know Kyle is still in here somewhere. At first I assumed she had been shuttled off to some private room, but in that thought process I ignored the constant … Continue reading

MissAndy Undecided On DrunkOtis’ Return

MissAndy tries to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth… but, we all know that casting is an ongoing process and EvolutionMedia/Bravo/MissAndy doesn’t wait until the season is completely over to start talking about which Housewives are getting the BravoBoot!  MissAndy also raves about this season of the RHONY… after talking about someone on PumpRules.

If you want to see MissAndy play a really dumb game, please watch at

Kyle Explains It All! Suffers From Anxiety; Freaked Out; Too Scared! Bedridden For TWO Days!

From E!Online:  “I suffer from anxiety (along with dry hair, dry eyes and fibromyalgia).  I just completely fled. That was my instinct, to get out of there.  I freaked out because I got scared.  Everybody was a mess.”  

“I didn’t leave my bed for two days after the reunion. I couldn’t go anywhere. It was just so upsetting.”


Kyle’s Weak Ghostwritten BravoBlog: Plays Innocent Victim

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Oh boy. Where do I even begin? I was so excited about finally being in Amsterdam. I was hoping I could just forget about what was going on between Kim and me and just have fun.  How long has HagfaceKyle … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” All The Tweets… From The Week! Special “Thanks” To LisaVanderpump!

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MissAndy knows the productions schedule and knew the day/time for the coffee shop shoot… he could have taken Sean with him!!  SeanAvery STILL hasn’t married his “fiancee” HilaryRhoda!  Sean was last seen signing autographs at RiteAid! KYLE RICHARDS… TEEN MODEL … Continue reading


Kim’s PitBull Kingsley Is BACK! HagfaceKyle Pissed!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards’ infamous pit bull, Kingsley, has returned to her home, despite the dog’s recent history of violent attacks. Will her decision tear her and sister Kyle apart for good? A source told … Continue reading


Kim Made Up “Accusations” About HARRY HAMLIN!

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TMZ reports that Kimbecile’s knowledge of HARRY HAMLIN’s past and/or present “secrets” are all smoke and mirrors.   Kim made up the entire “accusation”… whatever that may be… and Kim will admit the phony BS about HARRY HAMLIN on the … Continue reading


DrunkOtis’ Ghostwritten BravoBlog: Talkin’ Hypocrisy…It’s Us v THEM!

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Well, you fans like drama, and you got your money’s worth tonight. So let’s dive in. Tonight’s blog focus: hypocrisy and double standards. I’m going to touch on the double standards of some of our Housewives. No need to name … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview: The Slap

One must listen to Loada’s pomposity before the SLAP!


Lisa’s BravoBlog…

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NOTE:  Whilst still awaiting word from Kyle and Kim via their BravoBlogs, will add LisaPumpMyStomach’s… mainly because she takes to task the comment made by Loada re her BS stance on being a prostitute to feed her kids. Hello again. … Continue reading

HagfaceKyle Calls MissAndy To Explain Why She Ran! Says Harry Mystery Will Be Explained On Reunion…

In a planned call to WWHL last night, HagfaceKyle explained why she ran after the phony restaurant drama!  Of course, Kyle’s reasons are very obtuse and she doesn’t explain a damn thing!  Kyle also does a bit of PR for the RHOBH reunion show when MissAndy asks about the mystery surrounding HarryHamlin.  HagfaceKyle says that the mystery will be discussed during the reunion… as if MissAndy didn’t know that already!  At this point, who really cares!?!?   

NOTE:  LippyLisa is married to Harry Hamlin.  HARRY HAMLIN!!



RHOBH Deleted Scene: Let’s Go To The RedLightDistrict… And EAT!!

A visit to the red light district in Amsterdam … and a longer visit to eat at a vending machine restaurant!

As for Loada’s claim that she would prostitute herself… all BS talk.

RHOBH Preview: Leen Whispers That Lips Don’t Have Her Back!

Bravo has changed scenarios somewhat.  These conversations used to take place with the Housewife who did not attend the event.  Leen wants to know why LippyLisa didn’t “have her back.”  The conversation itself is also changed, as they discuss their issues in WHISPER TALK!