MORE HOUSEWIVES TWEETS!! DrunkO “BuyMyStuff”! HagfaceKyle TV Mystery! BYE NayNay! Loada’s LifeAdvice! WackyJackieChan Pushing Drink! Missy Tweeting “MORE Gorgas”!! B-Day Cards For Teresa’s Kid!!

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DrunkOtisStore… BUY MY CRAP STUFF!!!   Seriously… who is buying this junk? \    HagfaceKyle can’t figure out her TV… Loada is STILL giving out her life advice… Perhaps Loada could be cured of all her ailments by drinking some of … Continue reading

RHOBH Weak Scene… PumpMyStomach Hoards Pooches

The story lines keep declining.  PumpMyStomach BLEEEECH! hoards another dog…

We give BLEEECH! PMS and her pack of pooches 987363655355433,333 Kens…

RHOBH Preview: It’s DejaVu All Over Again

This is deja vu all over again.  How many of the same scenes with different Housewives can there be?  Cedric crashing the SUR opening was much better…

RHOBH Preview: PumpMyStomach’s Kid Has Questions

The weak story lines about kids continue.  Looks like instead of weddings, Bravo will be shelling out money for genetic testing.

We’re givin’ this preview 9999999999999999 Kens!


SH “HIT AND RUN”: Look Inside! Shane Keough…SkankyJo… LuAnn Crowing About RHONY… Alana Eats A Burger…KimRichards TV Show “Where’s Larry” …Mohamed Hadid Sued…Tamballs In 80’s Dance Video!

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  Jeana Keough’s son has had it selling real estate in OrangeCounty.  Sean Keough has ditched OC for bigger real estate horizons in LasVegas…and to be with his girlfriend, MissNevada. SkankyJo does more bikini shots… Speaking of SkankyJo… Mohammerhead is … Continue reading



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Giada de Laurentiis’ divorce is not as smooth as she thought it would be.  BobbleheadGiada’s husband, ToddThompson, isn’t letting Gee-AH-da get off without getting some of that community property spa-GEEH-tee that Jahda made after her FoodNetwork show took off and … Continue reading

HagfaceKyle On WWHL…

On last night’s WWHL, HagfaceKyle went deep into the “friendships” between Yoda/DrunkOtis and PumpMyStomach/DrunkOtis.  HFKyle was also asked about Yoda’s Lyme, which she really had nothing to say other than she hopes she feels better.

Poor HagfaceKyle… she’s still working on her lizard lip licking!

RHOBH Preview: PoopyPiggy DrunkOtis Is “Creepy” And Assaults HagfaceKyle!

DrunkOtis is disgustingly creepy… and assaults HagfaceKyle!  

LymeYoda wasn’t with this Cast of Clowns, but was seen in NYC heaving a CA king mattress out of Jello’s new “student” apartment.  Afterward, LymeYoda hopped into her private ambulance for a quick “stick an IV in me” LymeFace photo op!


RHOBH Preview: Kim Faces Her Weakness At Wine Tasting

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Allegedly, HagfaceKyle arranged the wine tasting “lunch”… and her rehabbed sister has to endure the smells and swirling of the wine.  Interesting that the usually vocal PumpMyStomach says nothing.  Kim looks pissed, but accepting of the fact that this is a … Continue reading



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If you love throwing intimate dinner parties for your closest friends… that you just encountered during a pre-production meeting.  You might be a Housewife! If you can delude yourself into thinking that anything you do on a “reality” show is … Continue reading



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Has MissAndy banned the Housewives from appearing on the WendyWilliamsShow?  It certainly appears that he has. The reason for the ban of the Housewives?  WendyW brought up MissAndy’s engagement to Sean Avery.  NOTE:  We’ve been keeping an eye on that … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview Part I: PumpMyStomach’s Lazy Kid And HagfaceKyle’s Kid Goes To School

PumpMyStomach has a chat with her lazy kid who couldn’t even find a job on his own… but PMS is OK with that.  The BEST part of this preview is HagfaceKyle saying that she doesn’t know why BigKathy didn’t push her in the direction of higher education…

big kathy pg

RHOBH Preview: HouseKids!

On the next RHOBH… the HouseKids take over.  Apparently, the producers have run out of scripted HouseHusband story lines:

CH-CH-CH-CHCHANGES! 2012 DrunkOtis’ Visit To PumpMyStomach’s New House

lisav before and after

Huge differences in PumpMyStomach and DrunkOtis’ looks now, as compared to this 2012 visit to PMS’ new house… and huge differences in their scripted “friendship.”   Awwwww look… DrunkOtis is totin’ around her Stella:

DrunkOtis went from THIS…

drunk otis brandi


brandi drunk otis

(Thanks “Sloan”!!)

GUESS THE HOUSEWIFE! Which RHOBH Questions Yoda’s LymeDisease? UPDATE: It Was PumpMyStomach!

RHOBH Yolanda lyme treatment

Which Beverly Hills Housewife said this about LymeYoda?   UPDATE:  It was PumpMyStomach in her March 2014 BravoBlog!



“She [Yolanda] was at many of our group events — in the boxing ring, at the circus event, and I hadn’t seen her as particularly frail.

Although I’m sure this Lyme Disease is challenging, in fact I was quite impressed at her strength as she throttled the poor, unsuspecting teacher.”

RHOBH Yolanda choke

New Bravo-Inspired Cards! Send To Your Favorite Housewife!

Suggested Recipients:   Housewives, Housewives Fans or anyone who aspires to be just like a Housewife!

bravo card


The RHOBH Dinner From Hell at CamilleGrammer’s still unsold Malibu house… back when the dinner parties were “suggested” and not scripted.  Camille is such a troublemaker… she’s getting back at them all, but using DuBois to do her dirty work!  Camille is the smartest Housewife… ever.   Being manipulative and knowing that she has the upper hand are just two of her “smartest” characteristics.  

Extra bonus…PumpMyStomach BEFORE plastic surgery!  

Dinner With DrunkOtis …

Aghast at her manners and DrunkOtis’ bad breeding!  Did DrunkO not know that it’s never polite to only talk to one side when invited as a dinner guest?  Just aghast at all the bad acting… especially the reaction shots of HagfaceKyle and PumpMyStomach!  Amazing that LymeYoda could actually remain in a seated position during filming…

Babyface… when he was just Kenny Edmonds… singing with The Deele!

BLIND ITEM! Who’s This Delusional Housewife Who’s Peddling A Sex Tape?

Get ready for a new sex tape from another Real Housewife… because DanielleStaub’s stab at a sex tape did wonders for her financially!  

“She is in debt and owes over $100,000.  She thinks the tape would pay that off.  She hopes it will make her a bigger star and earn her lots of money at the same time.”

Sources say that producers are aware of the tape that was made in the last 12 months. Naughty Gossip saw a few screen grabs from the video and can reveal that it is NASTY!

(Thanks “chameleon”!!)  

NOTE:  Unfortunately for this misguided Housewife, her sex tape would hardly cover the $100,000 she owes.  Ask Danielle… DanielleStaub filed for bankruptcy in 2012 after her sex tape.   Claudia says it’s not her!

claudia not her tweet

claudia tweet


Who owns BeverlyHillsLifestyle Magazine?   EX-Housewife, Lydia McLaughlin says in this exchange with Heather Dull-BRO that she owns BeverlyHillsLifestyle Magazine:

In the upcoming RHOBH, Mark Kurian is the owner who helps Yoda make Jello a model:

The answer to the mystery of who does what at BHLifestyleMagazine:

Lydia is managing editor of BeverlyHillsLifestyle Magazine. BeverlyHillsLifestyle Magazine celebrated its fifth birthday back on June 9, 2013 with Lydia and her husband Doug McLaughlin, and their business partner Mark Kurian.

Lydia very obviously was a one-season OCWife to boost the magazine.  A good look at PumpMyStomach pre-plastic surgery:

RHOBH Preview Part I: The DrunkOtis/PumpMyStomach Sit Down Continues


NOTE:  DrunkO wasn’t totally off the mark about PMS living in the Valley, info allegedly told to her by HagfaceKyle.  PMS and HouseHusband owned property in Calabasas, but didn’t live there.  There were never any bankruptcy filings found.  See February 13, 2014.



ORIGINAL BeverlyHillbilly Dead At 81

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   The Beverly Hillbillies star Donna Douglas has died at 81. The actress, who played Elly May Clampett on the beloved 1960s TV series, passed away Thursday at her home in Louisiana surrounded by her friends and family. NOTE:  The RHOBH … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” Yoda with Freakishly HUGE FEET Fights With “HollywoodFriend” PumpMyStomach… And MORE!

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NOTE:  These people are truly idiotic.  This group from BH is no better than the lowest of the low crew from New Jersey.   DrunkOtis thinks this is a “resume boost”…   Yoda’s total BS tweet…  Yoda = EuroTrash with … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview: LymeDance, UglyCry And A WineToss

Yoda does her Lyme dance, KagfaceKyle does her fake sobbing and DrunkOtis does the expected wine toss in Eileen’s face…

RHOBH Preview: DrunkOtis And PumpMyStomach Have A Sit-Down To “Move Forward”

ANOTHER SNOOZEFEST AKA THE RHOBH AIRED.  Next week, it’s the long-awaited sit down with DrunkOtis and PumpMyStomach, as they talk about “moving forward.”  How many sit downs have there been with the same scripted dialogue?  Was hoping DrunkOtis grabs a pitcher full of water from the waitress and dumps it on PMS…

NOTE:  A good sign that the Housewives are dying are the number of tweets by each of the HWs to watch their show!  There were lots of them from the RHOBH!