PMS Talks And Says Nothing…

PumpMyStomach chatted with Extra earlier today… and said nothing. Mario is taking a page from the KelseyGrammer book of Housewives, pushing for his wife to join RHOBH.  Obviously, PMS doesn’t keep up with news re Kimmerz:


LisaVanderPumpMyStomach BUY MY STUFF!! Now In Clearance Aisle!!

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PumpMyStomach really tried to sell her “brand”… but, PMS is not immune to the Housewives “BUY MY STUFF” curse! PMS’s “lifestyle” items are now deeply discounted, but PMS is not selling the remains of her stuff via EBay as so … Continue reading

PMS Hasn’t Contacted Kimmerz; No Butt Implant; DrunkOtis Bad Tipper

From YahooStyle:

Another HW who swore she wouldn’t be back for another grueling season, but found that the monetary gains were too easy to give up!  The cutesy PumpMyStomach says that she doesn’t have a butt implant (who cares?); she hasn’t contacted Kimmerz (who cares?) and DrunkOtis is a bad tipper (who cares!!??!?)…

Kimmerz not fond of PMS either!


MissAndy Says The Housewives Shows Are Not Staged… No One Believes Him!

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MissAndy is going full-on HFKyle and is insisting that the Housewives shows are NOT staged!  (NOTE: In every interview she’s done, HFKyle would be asked if the RHOBH is real.  Of course, HFKyle would respond that HER show is really … Continue reading

PMS Wants A Baby…

In this scene from the ‘lost’ RHOBH episode… PumpMyStomach wants a baby.  Perhaps PMS could grab FrontPorcha and give her lessons in the clenched teeth cutesy English accent so she could procure more acting jobs!  Instant baby for PMS and extra income from FrontPorcha’s acting jobs…


KIM RICHARDS: DrunkOtis Playing Switzerland… Straddling Both Sides

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Several sources involved in the production of the show tell TMZ … Kim’s protestations last season that she was sober were laughable. Cast members Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster learned to just look the other way to avoid … Continue reading


DrunkOtis’ BravoBlog… Messages For Everyone!

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NOTE:  DrunkO’s brief BravoBlog was obviously submitted before KimRichards’ arrest… Hey Bravo Fans, Today was a fabulous day–t was my baby Jake’s birthday. We got his favorite Oreo ice cream cake, and for our family celebration, it was perfection. I … Continue reading


PumpMyStomach’s SmokeAndMirrors RomanceNovel BravoBlog

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  Whilst awaiting Kimmer and HFKyle’s BravoBlogs, PumpMyStomach has submitted an entry… which may be one of eloquence, yet says nothing.  More smoke and mirrors from a Housewife!! And here we have it…the final episode as the curtain drops on … Continue reading


RHOBH Reunion: Let The “KimBashingFestival” Begin!!

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This is NOT a recap. NOTE:  Whether KimRichards is sober is beside the point.  The point here is this:  One person was unfairly and brutally bashed on the RHOBH reunion.  That person was KimRichards.  While Loada can simply walk away … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview: LugNutLips Boasts About Doing Playboy Seven Months Pregnant


The RHOBH reunion show was another 42 minutes of sheer vomit inducing dreck.   The reunion wasn’t enough… there’s at least one more show!  LugNutLips Rinna (is she really a man??) boasts about her Playboy spread.  What a pig.  Wasn’t the Playboy magazine scene already done with Camille and FayeRancid?


RHONY Ratings… Season Premiere LOWER Than Lead-In RHOBH

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THIS IS NOT A GOOD SIGN FOR THE RHONY…just proving that no one cares about Frankle’s return. “The Real Housewives of New York City,” Bravo Media earned its best Tuesday night of the year to-date among all key demos, according … Continue reading

From November 2014: PumpMyStomach On Kingsley…

From November 2014:  PumpMyStomach chimes in on the “Kingsley Bit Me” issue.  As usual, PMS stays true to her passive/aggressive personality saying that pit bulls are “wonderful” animals…BUT… “I think they are instinctually fighting dogs.”  And, “maybe for Kim, that’s not the best breed.”  Gee, thanks PumpyLumpy!  LumpyPumpy should know that there’s a reason that pit bulls are banned in Britain and in many US states.

RHOBH Reunion Preview: The Moronic Housewives Classy Side

The following is the “smoking gun”???  Once again, MissAndy’s attempt at a bombshell dropping is a huge fail.

An extra!!  LugNutLips stated that she would never be a Housewife… it’s just too much drama for her!


HFKyle’s BravoBlog…She’s A Pre-Menopausal Martyr!!

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I’m so sorry about not writing my blog last week. My kids have been on spring break, and the last thing I wanted to do was think of the reunion and all of the emotions that I felt that day. … Continue reading

KEN VANDERTODD FACED “SCARY” PROCEDURE… It Was Just Another Hip Replacement!

According to BravoTV, Ken VanderTodd faced a “scary” procedure two days ago!!

Ken Todd faced a potentially scary procedure this week when he underwent surgery to have his hip replaced. After a successful surgery, Lisa Vanderpump is happy to report that he’s doing much better.

PumpMyStomach’s HouseHusband tried out his 2013 “SCARY” hip replacement on the RHOBH:

(Thanks “Darryl”!!!)

PumpMyStomach’s Barren Sex Life BS

Does anyone actually believe all the cutesy crap PMS comes up with about her alleged barren sex life with her elderly HouseHusband?

We give PMS, her cutesy anecdotes and her sex life BS 99374663535389997777 Kens:

RHOBH Preview: HumongousLipsLisa Sends Kim Threatening Texts… Then Cries


RHOBH Reunion Preview…

The RHOBH reunion show was simply awful.  This preview of the next and last reunion show looks to be not much better:

From The SH Archives: First Look At New RHOBH… Yolanda’s Birthday Present to Husband, David Foster

From three years ago, April 2012.    Here’s Yolanda Foster’s gift to present husband, David… a video!  “FOZAir” is David Foster’s jet..

NOTE:  The AmazingLoada was diagnosed with ChronicFatigueSyndrome/Lyme/MentalConfusion/Can’tReadWriteOrWatchTV two years prior, but despite all of her medical issues, could arrange and perform her birthday video to KingD!   Loada didn’t start her “stick an IV in me” tour or her daily LymeFace selfies until after she was given her role on the RHOBH.  “If This World Were Mine” was recorded to perfection by LutherVandross…  

RHOBH Reunion Preview…

It’s “Everything Eileen”!  Watch as Eileen smirks when MissAndy asks her how it was working without a script, because she knows that just ain’t true!  Everyone knows the story lines are planned well in advance:

DrunkOtis should have used one of HFKyle’s lines:



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NOTE:  The RHOBH BravoBlogs are up (here), except Kim/Kyle’s… all are predictable.  DrunkO’s ghostwritten BravoBlog was selected as it is the most ghostwritten!! Hello Bravo and Housewives Fans, I was almost out the door to watch my littlest actor perform … Continue reading


The Total BS Crockery Of LoadaTheMartyr’s BravoBlog: Next Step Sainthood … Martyr Loada Now Lives In Apt With KingDavid And Kid

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NOTE:  What a martyr!  After four months of lounging in bed, the chronically ill LymeLoada rolled out of her LymeBed to share with reunion viewers her agenda… and then she ran like FloJo from the RHOBH reunion couch before she’s asked … Continue reading

RHOBH Reunion: Max Living In Poverty… Preview Of Next Week’s Episode

 Max is probably hangin’ over at Cedrics house until Mommy pays the electric bill.

Preview of next week’s reunion show: