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The First “STOOPIDEST WORDS OUTTA A HOUSEWIFE’S MOUTH” Award… Goes to…   HAGFACE KYLE RICHARDS!! Yes, Hagface Kyle actually said THIS… in reference to her hubbend, MO-Ree-C-O: “He did not deserve to be sucked into this… …and he didn’t sign … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Preview: Kim Richards “Racing”… Yolanda “Posing”… Carlton “Bikini Posing”… Brandi/Joyce “Stupid”

How nice of DrunkOtis to pay homage to StoopidHousewives!!  DrunkOtis calls DumbJoyce “stupid” among other words… and the usual “Shut The F Up!”   AND… how many phony scenarios are they gonna throw Kim Richards into??  OOOPS… almost forgot… the ever-cutesy ta-ta Cheerio LisaWhoLivesInAVanDownByTheRiver appears… BLEEEEECH!!


BRANDI GLANVILLE: DrunkOtis’ House Gets Burgled!!

Finally!!  A new phony story line!!   On the next RHOBH… DrunkOtis get a call;  someone broke into her house!  And one of her dogs is missing! (The missing dog story line was done before…)  Watch as DrunkOtis shows her very bad acting skills…HagfaceKyle acts stunned… and listen to the new melodramatic music in the background!   NOTE:  The burglars busted a bathroom window and nothing was missing… phony, fake and more phony!


UPDATE:  According to the phony police report, the thieves took DrunkOtis’ Stella purse and her toaster!!!


rhobh brandi drunk otis mohamed stella bag arrow

Brandi Toaster arrow

KIM RICHARDS, KYLE RICHARDS: Kim’s Stolen Palm Desert House Now For Sale!


The long debated Indian Wells, CA house… which Kim Richards stated on the first season of the RHOBH that her sister and her husband, MO-Ree-C-O stole from her… just can’t help it…

… is now available!

YOU could actually live in a house in which HagfaceKyle and Kim Richards took a shower… and more (use your imagination)!

Indian Wells really is the Beverly Hills of the Desert complete with the home of a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards.   NOTE:  No mention of Kim!!

Fabulous Triple Fairway Views highlight this great Indian Wells Country Club home that has no HOA fees, 3 Bedrooms and 2 Baths all for under $500,000.   More at

Kyle stole Kim’s house in Aug 2004 for $420,000.   Asking price is a low $495,000!


John Turturro is not the listing agent, but will probably get a cut of the sale proceeds… somehow!

john turturro mauricio pg

NOTE to KimRichards:  Sneak in your stolen house this weekend and remove all the copper wiring!  Heard that’s where the money really is in these houses!!  While you’re at it, grab that phony Picasso, too!   (See the “Picasso” included in photos from!)



(Thanks to SH reader “fenpan”!!)

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS… PREVIEW: Part II… Joyce Giraud and Kim Richards Prepare For Palm Springs

The RHOBH are off for a TWO-day trip to Kim Richards’ stolen house in Palm Springs.  DumbJoyce selects frocks and KimRichards shops for stuff she doesn’t need.  Guess these two had to be crammed into the episode somehow…

We’re givin’ this RHOBH preview 38374,939847,9384 YAWNS…

yawn gif

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS… PREVIEW: Part III… Kyle Richards Meets Carlton Gebbia To Shop For Palm Springs Trip To Kim Richards’ Stolen House!

HagfaceKyle and CarltonTheDoorman meet up at a store called “stretch”… where the attendant lays on compliment after compliment about bell-bottomed HagfaceKyle’s small butt.  Apparently this store is the ONLY store in Beverly Hills that has an employee who didn’t know about the three month’s work of plastic surgery done on HagfaceKyle!  According to HagfaceKyle, her kids steal all of her clothes… lil FrontPorcha musta been ransacking Kyle’s store at the time of filming!

We’re givin’ this preview 387463,99384,387343 eye rolls!

eye roll gif

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS… PREVIEW: Part IV… Carlton Gebbia Tells Kyle Richards Why Kyle Pisses Her Off…

The shopping at “stretch” continues… CarltonTheDoorman tells HagfaceKyle why Hagface pisses her off.  HagfaceKyle uses the old “I didn’t have any help that day” excuse.   CarltonTheDoorman explains that she didn’t want to tell HagfaceKyle all the reasons for her bein’ pissed off in front of all the other Housewives.  WHAT!?  When did politeness enter into the producers dictionary?


We’re givin’ this preview 993847,38734,29283 Kens…



KIM RICHARDS: Kim on WWHL… How Did RHOBH Affect Kim’s Sobriety??

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While everyone is happy, happy, happy about Kim Richards’ bein’ alcohol free, let’s face it… that was the only thing she had going for her!  Kim refused to participate in anything Housewives-related early on.  While her fellow castmates had their … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Recap: Season Four, Episode Five… “Star Of The Family” By Sandi Duffy… With A VERY Special Introductory Recap Of “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”!!

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Recap Season Four Episode Five…  “Star Of The Family” By Sandi Duffy Before I begin my recap, a brief review of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, which was on last week.  How big a of prick is … Continue reading


RHOBH: “Hair Wars” Between Kyle Richards and Joyce Giraud Is Real!… But, SH Readers Knew About “Hair Wars” For A Looooong Time

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Didn’t we tell you there was gonna be “HAIR WARS” between HagfaceKyle and new Housewife DumbJoyce??    “HAIR WARS” is NOW officially sanctioned by Bravo (Gee, wonder where they got that idea from?!)… and Yolanda gets in some digs!  Yolanda … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: What’s On Tonight’s Episode… David Foster Gets Walk of Fame “Star”…Preview

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*** Yolanda Hadid Foster’s mother and brother visit from Holland, just in time to see Yolanda’s husband, David Foster, get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.    NOTE:  Kinda looks like Dr. Phil is gloatin’ all over… like he’s … Continue reading


KYLE RICHARDS: Mauricio Umansky Caught ManHandling HagfaceKyle! Wants Out Of Bravo Contract!! HagfaceKyle Saved By Head Butt!

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YES!!  MO-Reese was almost hauled away after attacking his wife, HagfaceKyle, outside of the paps-filled restaurant hangout, Mr. Chows.  HagfaceKyle was near death … and was saved by her RHOBH “HairWars” rival, Joyce!  Well, actually, Joyce only screamed for her … Continue reading

FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: A LOOK AT THE REAL KYLE! … HagfaceKyle Has “Tabloid Editors On Speed Dial”… “Liar, Liar…”… WHY Was Father of “ANTI-Rumor” Tabloid Website Owner At David Foster’s Hollywood Star Ceremony??… UPDATE: Yo Answers!



Despite saying in her BravoBlog that she is totally naive about all those nasty and “untrue” tabloid “stories”…

“… After the lunch at Carlton’s that you saw last week, a story came out on the Internet. SOMEONE leaked what happened that day and talked about what Brandi, Yolanda, and Lisa had said and how upset I was. Most of the information was incorrect, as usual, but they were right about me being upset. The word bully was never mentioned in the article but that was the paparazzi’s (that Brandi ran into) interpretation of it.

Brandi and Lisa were clearly upset about the article and I was as well! The LAST thing I wanted to do was draw MORE attention to the lies in the tabloids…

When Lisa suggested I tweet something in defense of them I really was shocked. When the tabloids first came out Mauricio and I hired a lawyer to sue. We soon learned that it was not that simple. We were also advised to not give it any attention. That is what the magazines want.”

… HagfaceKyle writes as if this is her first time at the TabloidRodeo!

When we all know THAT is far from the truth!   HagfaceKyle knows EXACTLY the tabloid story game!

LOOK!!  Those paps just happened to be at HagfaceKyle’s house the ONLY day that she was wheelin’ out that garbage can… in a DRESS… in HEELS!  

How CONVEEEEENEEE-ENT that the paps were hangin’ around HagfaceKyle’s neighborhood on trash day!

RHOBH Kyle trash can garbage hair arrow

Let’s take a look back at February 2, 2012 and see what LisaVanDump’s EX-BFF, Cedric, had to say about HagfaceKyle having the TabloidEditors on SpeedDial!


Anyone with common sense knows that Kyle is the ultimate “player.”  Like Lisa, she has all of the tabloid editors on speed dial and she knows where many of their bodies are buried.  She cleverly stirs the pot and then gets out of the way as the other Housewives collide.

Once again, she “outed” a police report which was allegedly filed against someone who’s not there to defend himself (just like she did to me last year).

But Kyle is most interesting when she loses her cool   Her vicious, “rabid dog” attack on Brandi (early in season 2), revealed Kyle’s true nature.

LOOK!!!  Drunk Otis stole HagfaceKyle’s “call the paps ’cause I’m takin’ out my garbage” idea!

brandi garbage arrow

Talkin’ about tabloids… we have not heard a peep from the usually very prompt @YolandaHFoster!

RHOBH yolanda foster arrow

We asked her WHY Dr. Phil was front and center at David Foster’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.



The usually quick-to-respond Yolanda has finally responded.  Says Dr. Phil is a friend…defensively!  Could we be seeing another side (What’s your point?) to the usually “sweetly crafted” image of this BH Housewife?

RHOBH yolanda tweet dr phil a friend

As you all know… the **cough, cough** (hand me a bucket) “ANTI-tabloid” site…  “RumorFix” is owned by Dr. Phil’s son, as explained by Dr. Phil at the 1:30 mark:

OH!  You didn’t know the Dr. Phil connection??  Well, now you do!  You can see more… Dr.Phil giving self-congratulatory words re the “anti-tabloid” site at SH October 11, 2011.


LISA VANDERPUMP: LisaWhoLivesInHerVanDownByTheRiver’s BORING Quicky BravoBlog… YAWN

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And here we are again. . .another week has flown by. I think the circus was a brief respite from life’s chores, funny moments coupled with challenges. A bit of fun — but not one I would repeat. As we … Continue reading


KYLE RICHARDS: HagfaceKyle’s BravoBlog… More Lawsuits… MO-Reese Wanted To Sue… Everyone’s Against Poor Hagface!

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This week Mauricio and I have dinner with Joyce and Michael. We really like them both and have fun together. Michael and Mauricio are both golf fanatics so they instantly had that in common. Hearing “news” about my family on TV or … Continue reading


KIM RICHARDS: Kim’s Ghostwritten Bland BravoBlog… Jonathan Ruiz the “Walter” Of Beverly Hills…

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This week we get a peek into Brandi’s relationship with JR. I was proud of her for putting her foot down and realizing that the relationship was not going in the direction that she wanted. As a single mother myself, I … Continue reading


LISA VANDERPUMP: LisaV’s BravoBlog… BLAH, BLAH, BLAH… Dancing With The Stars… Blah, Blah, Blah… HagfaceKyle… Blah, Blah, Blah…

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And so the story unfolds… Thank you for all the supportive comments and understanding last week. I absolutely hate reliving that moment of weakness and unfortunately it spills over to beginning of this episode. It was a terrifying moment when … Continue reading


KYLE RICHARDS: HagFaceKyle’s BravoBlog…Skeptical of Lisa Vanderpump’s “Health Issues”… Brandi Glanville Is Always Right; Poor HagFaceKyle Is Always Wrong… Says ALL Stories About Her Are TRUE, Except For MO-Reese’s “Cheating”

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This week we get a glimpse into Joyce’s life with her family at home. Her boys are adorable, and her husband Michael couldn’t be nicer! Mauricio and I immediately liked both of them when we first met at The Beverly Hills Chamber … Continue reading


BRANDI GLANVILLE: DrunkOtis’ BravoBlog… BS Explanation For Phony Boyfriend… DrunkOtis Too Drunk To Spell Correctly…You HAVE To Watch To Find Out WHO The REAL Liar Is… BORING!

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Hi! First let me explain what was (and still is) happening between me and my on-again/off-again boyfriend JR. I’m sure one can only imagine the huge amount of trust issues I must have. Well, JR has a bunch too, so … Continue reading

RHOBH Preview: Kyle Richards Calls Brandi Glanville A Bully…**eye roll**

This is a real inducement to watch the next RHOBH!  HagfaceKyle calls DrunkOtis a bully.  KimRichards tries to be the peacemaker or the “let’s ignore that bully thing for now” person.

Like how old are these chicks??  Twelve??   Mommy, Mommy… HagfaceKyle called me a bully today at recess…  **eye roll**


HOUSEWIVES NEWS… SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: LisaVPump “Shows Off Chastity Belt In Public”!… “Fame Hungry” Shana…Lea Black “Hates Housewives”… Cynthia and Peter Thomas “Offer $5,000 Reward”… Black Stuff Finale

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That lil passive/aggressive Brit-accented Housewife who seems to get her digs in at everyone… but her “fans” seem to think it’s so cutesy when she says crap like dat ’cause she says it with her Brit accent… LisaWhoLivesInAVanDownByTheRiverDumpRumpPump has finally … Continue reading


KIM RICHARDS: Kim’s BravoBlog…Goes After Phony VanderLump… Got Her Dog From Nephew, Who Got Dog From Craigslist! … Kim Still Misses Ken!

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Well, I guess I have to start with Kyle’s lunch. . .HA! First of all, it was very nice and relaxed! I enjoyed seeing all the girls sitting around and laughing about talking about fun things, and then the BEE! OH … Continue reading


KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s BravoBlog… Says Yolanda Foster “Went Out Of Her Way To Be MEAN” to Kyle!… “Grateful” To Shana… “No One Can Imagine What We Have Gone Through”…

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Bravo… Just in case one Reunion wasn’t enough torture, here we go again. . . I was still in absolute shock that Yolanda went out of her way to be so mean to me. We had never had ANY issues. It … Continue reading


KIM RICHARDS: Kim’s BravoBlog…The RHOBH Reunion Show Part I… Just Few Days Late… Says Yolanda Foster Lying …

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Bravo…   DOES THIS SOUND LIKE KIM????  DO WE HAVE ANOTHER HOUSEWIFE WHO USES A GHOSTWRITER??   COULD KIM BE TRYIN’ OUT WRITERS FOR A BOOK???   HMMMMMM….. Hi everyone! Part 1 of the Reunion is here!   Note to … Continue reading


KIM RICHARDS: Kim’s BravoBlog… RHOBH Finale Show… Says Faye Resnick Is A “Good Person”… “In A Good Place” With Brandi Glanville…

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Bravo…  Kim writes a BravoBlog!!!   Hopefully Kim DID write this! Hi! I hope you’re getting off to a great week. And what a way to start with the finale and Part 1 of two reunions! Watching last night’s episode, … Continue reading