Real Housewives of New Jersey: Danielle Staub Fired!

Oh, what a shame!  Danielle Staub, host of  the trainwreck, goat rodeo show “Social” was fired… finally someone actually watched the show and saw how awful she was. I’m the new Robin Leach… Remember when Danielle Staub dissed the original … Continue reading

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Danielle’s Big Social Faux Pas…

The Real Housewives of New Jersey have been in the news the past few days, which reminded me of ex-RHONJ Danielle Staub and her show, ‘Social.’  I wasn’t planning on watching Social or recording it, but noticed that it was airing last night again at 11 pm and decided to give it one last chance.   So, for your enjoyment (because the majority of people do not have access to Wealth TV), here is the latest episode of the show that promised to take the place of Robin Leach and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.  IMO, I cannot think of a worse show on television at the present time… even Danielle should be ashamed of herself for being associated with this waste of digital imagery:

NOTE: I don’t ever remember Robin Leach interested in a kitchen backsplash or ever being in a kitchen or being in a kitchen that came from IKEA… Robin Leach should get a restraining order against this production company in the event his name is ever again mentioned in the same sentence as this disaster…

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Danielle Staub’s New Show… Oh, The Humanity!

A very special treat… the WORST EVER show on television.

Danielle… please track down Robin Leach and beg him for some pointers…

The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Danielle Staub has hit a new low for participating in the worst show on TV. For all who do not receive Wealth TV, here is the very latest ‘Social,’ with host, Danielle Staub… words do not describe the depths of how abominable, awful, atrocious, substandard, and just plain bad TV this is… oh, it’s bad:

Social… Outcast

Social, the ex-Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle Staub’s new project on Wealth TV debuted three weeks ago.  After it’s first airing, I was surprised to see that Social turned up the following week as this program is a slap in the face to ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,’ the series to which Social was compared and attempted to replicate.

The Original Giude to the Luxury Lifestyle, Robin Leach

Robin Leach, the host of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous lives in Las Vegas and has remained uncharacteristically quiet about this variation of his luxury lifestyle production.  This only says to me that Social is so alarmingly awful that Robin wants zero association with the sleazy Social.

Danielle… the poor, distant cousin trying to fit in with her rich relatives

Evidently, not all cable packages include Wealth TV… so for all who have been deprived of Danielle’s big jump up from reality TV to her own show, here is the latest episode of Social:   (**** Note*** Please look past the imperfect recording (my drapes are showing in the middle of the screen!) and audio.  This is the first time I’m using my Mac for this application…)  Here we go…

As you can see, the videos above are far from perfect, but that just fits in with Danielle and Social...

Social… on Wealth TV

The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s ex-cast member, Danielle Staub premiered her new show, Social, last night on Wealth TV.  To say that ‘Social‘ is a mess is a compliment.  When Danielle showed up at Sir Ivan’s castle, ‘the Playboy mansion of the Hamptons‘, a cell phone was ringing in the background and no one shut it off.  This was just the beginning of a half hour of awfulness.

In a dress more suited for a 12-year-old girl than an over-40 woman, Danielle is met by “Sir Ivan” Wilzig, the son of a holocaust survivor who rose to become a wealthy banker in New Jersey.

Sir Ivan and Danielle

Sir Ivan takes Danielle on a tour of his castle…. the many views from the castle, his themed bedrooms, his pool, his billiard room and his dungeon.

If only Sir Ivan had pushed Danielle into the pool… there may have been a reason to watch Social.

Sir Ivan keeping Danielle caged up in the dungeon and leaving her there would have been another reason to watch Social.

After visiting Sir Ivan at his castle, Danielle and Sir Ivan met up at Georgio Gucci’s black tie gala where he is introducing new products and Danielle pronounces that she is ‘Italian Glamour.’

A real Italian and ‘Italian Glamour’… this is the only contact Danielle had with Mr. Gucci… he didn’t even give her a wallet.

Social was promoted as a reincarnation of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and Danielle another Robin Leach… but I’ve seen Robin Leach, and Danielle, you are no Robin Leach… and Social is not even a poor cousin of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Three thumbs down….bleech.

Separated at birth…Sir Ivan and Jon Lovitz…

NOTE:  The entire time I’m watching Social, I couldn’t think of who Sir Ivan looked and sounded like…  but I finally figured it out… Sir Ivan IS Jon Lovitz.  If you get Wealth TV, when you watch Social, thinking of Jon Lovitz while watching Sir Ivan will get you through this waste of 22 minutes.

Social is produced on a low budget with one camera by Cary Sandoval Films.  I’m really shocked that this program was picked up by Wealth TV as their normal programming has much better produced and informative shows.

PS:  The photos are bad on purpose… they are indicitive of how bad the show was.

Social on Wealth TV:

Sir Ivan’s Bio:

Danielle Staub… Her Show’s a ‘GO’

I had serious doubts re Danielle Staub‘s show, ‘Social’, saying that I would believe it when I see it.  Well… ‘Social’ is now listed on Wealth TV’s programming schedule.

“Social” with Danielle Staub on WealthTVSocial with Danielle Staub’ premieres Wednesday night, February 9th at 8pm…

Danielle Staub

From WealthTV‘s website:

most controversal reality TV start is back, and only on WealthTV!

n Social, former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub introduces the viewer to one of the most fascinating celebrities in the world with an exclusive personal tour through their amazing home. Danielle and the featured celebrity guest conclude each episode with a lavish “invitation only” evening out on the town.”

Danielle with Dee Snider on Episode Four of  ‘Social’


Watch the very short video… Danielle says she is ‘Italian Glamor':


Her four episodes are summarized here: