REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Lisa VanderDump… DrunkOtis… Yolanda Foster… NiceGuy Daniel Throws A Party!

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REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS… All the Housewives News that’s so unimportant that it’s just all clumped together… LisaVanderDump takes her DOG, fully dressed, to the beach… RIDICULOUS.  So over Giggy… Is DrunkOtis’ ghost tweeter the same as dumbazz BubbaJax’???  DrunkOtis has … Continue reading


BRANDI GLANVILLE: Pushin’ New Book… Tweeters Aren’t Forgetting DrunkOtis “Molesting”… Tweets To “CO-Author”

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DrunkOtis is pushin’ her second book in the hopes that people will “learn from her mistakes”… … but tweeters are not letting DrunkOtis forget about her (in DrunkOtis’ screwed up brain) ‘very funny’ mistake… her “molesting” podcast… and are not buyin’ … Continue reading


BRANDI GLANVILLE: Whining… DrunkOtis Only Telling PART Of The Truth About Writing Her Book… Leaves Out Ghostwriter Leslie Bruce!

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DrunkOtis is steadfastly claiming that she wrote her books… which, technically, she did write.  Just like MessyGorga wrote HER book!  From @BrandiGlanville… Look at the ARROW… the RED arrow… DrunkOtis must have forgotten that she said “I wrote both my … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: What The Future Holds For AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey and “Head B*tch of BH” Brandi Glanville… Leslie Bruce, Brandi Glanville Book Ghostwriter… Top Super Secret RHONJ Construction

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   October 2011… ********************************* Were you wonderin’ who this “Leslie Bruce” is who wrote every word in every sentence in every paragraph of every chapter assisted Brandi in choosing the right words for her book?  Well, Leslie is a writer … Continue reading