FROM THE SH ARCHIVES, JANUARY 2011: RHONJ Teresa Giudice Babbles at Learning Annex… “Builds Fans Via Twitter and FB”… “Loves Kardashians And Wants Daughters To Grow Up Like Them”… “Does Not Regret Anything”… “Says Dina Manzo Getting Her Own Cooking Show”

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ORIGINALLY POSTED JANUARY 11, 2011 … RE-POSTED OCTOBER 23, 2013  Yes… this IS a SH **EXCLUSIVE**!!!!   **EYE ROLL** NOTE:  While searching for another item, came across THIS re Tree Joodice… from over TWO years ago!  This is the very … Continue reading



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Several SH readers have sent me this item from HuffPo… …regarding Jacqueline Laurita’s claims that the New Jersey Housewife was NEVER a stripper.   I have issues with this particular item for a few reasons. From Rob Shuter at HuffPo: Now, … Continue reading

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa and Joe Giudice… What’s Juicy Doin’ ?

Last week, the scammer/bankruptcy queen who still appears on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Tree Joo-dice, heard some talk about Juicy having a very private dinner with a younger version of herself and she immediately took to her Fake-a-licious Fabulicious site to post that she and Juicy are more in love than ever… quick, grab me a bucket!

When you leavin’, Tree?  You don’t wanna disappoint yer fans… howz about leavin’ now, just so ya git there in plenty of time… naw, Tree, two days won’t be too early…

Anyway, out of curiousity, just rechecked her site to see if she had posted any further gag-inducing ‘love, love, love’ crap about her and her million-dollar bankruptcy buddy and found that she and Juicy are off to a mini-honeymoon in the Poconos.  Or so I thought.   Tree is actually off to the Poconos by herself.  According to her schedule, she will be cooking her mother’s recipes from her latest cookbook and, of course, staying to sign books for the nitwits that really think that her book is somehow unique… probably the same people who actually paid to sit in the audience at the Learning Annex where she gave advice on how to live.

So what if I took Bethenny’s ‘skinny girl’ idea… you have to read my cookbook… you can’t read a drink, Danielle.

Since she wrote her rebuttal to the Juicy-being-seen-out-with-a-cuter-Tree rumor, there has been no mention of Juicy on her site.  S0… where’s Juicy gonna be while Tree’s at the Mt. Airy Casino pumping these poor individuals for their cash?  Out with Tara D or G or F?  Why do the rumors about Juicy hit a distinctive nerve with Tree?  Maybe someone who is familiar with Juicy could speculate intelligently about Juicy’s activities.

                                                     …yeah, I changed it to: “Happy Wife…Goodbye Happy Life”   NO!  He’s just kidding.  Right, Joe?  Ain’t that right, Joe?  Joe?

So, here is what Joe Mastropole, Juicy’s ex-business partner who was almost screwed out of over $500,000 in the Joo-dice’s ongoing bankruptcy case had to say about Juicy and his private activities:  “i am not surprised joe is fooling around that will never change nor will his getting drunk and acting like a 20 yr old some people never grow up and can never do the right thing by anyone  not a partner wife or friend    he will rot in hell.”

Well said, Joe… well said.

Tree’s Rebuttal Post:   HERE

Thanks to Joe Mastropole…

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… After the Annex

Tree Joo-dice’s class at the Learning Annex on Tuesday must have opened the flood gates for her to resume posting on facebook and twitter.

Tree hadn’t posted on facebook since January 4 and since last night, has posted 10 items (7 of them selling something)…including a post of Rob Shuter interviewing her before her Learning Annex class:


TERESA GIUDICE: REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY… FYI: Teresa Giudice Clearance Prices At Learning Annex…

Tickets for Tree Giudices’ Learning Annex class were going for $9.97 for members of ‘Goldstar.’

Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice Explains How to Have It All”

Hilton Hotel-Midtown Manhattan (New York, NY)

FREE – $9.97*

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Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is a best-selling author and successful businesswoman, a great cook and a mother of four. In this seminar, moderated by Popeater gossip columnist Rob Shuter, Teresa will give the juicy details on Real Housewives and tell you how to have it all — whether you want to get on a reality TV show, write a book, start and run a business or change careers, she’ll point you in the right direction.”

Teresa Giudice: Real Housewives of New Jersey…TREE AT LEARNING ANNEX…JANUARY 10, 2011…Countdown to Class Begins Now!

Teresa Giudice has scheduled ‘An Evening With Teresa Giudice‘ at the Learning Annex tonight beginning at 7:00 pm.

Tree Joo-dice

Whether Tree proceeds with this ‘learning’ event is being questioned by online rumors. Tree has been hit hard with news regarding her and her husband, ‘juicy’ Joe’s bankruptcy; the latest is that Joe has been ordered to pay his former business partner, Joe Mastropole $260,000.

Joe Mastropole, bankruptcy victim, owed $260,000

Also, Tree has been keeping a very low profile.   Tree has been a prolific tweeter, facebook updater and website promoter of her books. However, not a word has been heard from her since December 28, 2010, except a short blurb asking readers of her facebook page if they will be attending her ‘event.’

I just spoke with a customer service representative 30 minutes ago at the Learning Annex and was told that Mrs. Joo-dice’s event is a definite ‘GO.’ Mrs. Joo-dice’s event is NOT sold out… the customer service rep said there are many tickets still available. When asked how large the room will be, I was given a non-answer: “It will accomodate everyone.”

When pressed about the room, the rep said that ticket sales were around 100 and the room will be big enough for that many people.  When asked why the price of admission, originally $49.95, is now $19.95, my customer service rep could not explain, but did say that anyone who paid $49.95 will be credited the difference in price if they call the Learning Annex and ask for a credit.

So, anyone reading this who paid $49.95 to attend Tree’s ‘learning’ event, call the Learning Annex and get your $30.00 back!  (Contact info below.)  Also, you CANNOT purchase tickets at the door.  If you still want to attend this fiasco, you need to call the Learning Annex or register online.

Class Info:

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice Advice for Under 50!


Tree Joo-dice is ‘teaching’ all she knows at The Learning Annex from 7 to 9 pm in midtown Manhattan on January 12, 2011 for $44.95!


Tree will be ‘instructing’ attendees how to:

  • become a reality star
  • be a faithful wife,
  • know the difference between marble and onyx,
  • be a dependable friend,
  • walk the red carpet,
  • avoid jail time,
  • lift recipes,
  • hide stacks of cash in a Fendi clutch,
  • pose cockheaded,
  • live your entire life with abnormal eyes,
  • throw away cookies given by your relatives,
  •  cover your hairline,
  • make your children look better with humongous headbands,
  •  scream,
  • attack your boss,
  • make millions with a stucco company,


  • fake your degree,
  • get free trips to It-ly,
  • sign real estate documents,
  • avoid court-ordered auctions,
  • make your husband think he’s handsome,
  • get free clothes,
  • believe your husband’s DUI stories,
  • sprint in a country club,
  •  hide your parents in the basement,
  • know your tanning machine settings,
  •  make pizza dough,
  • accept a canary diamond ring,
  • scam the federal government,
  •  make your friends babysit,
  •  try to speak I-talian,
  • avoid bill collectors,
  •  drive an architect insane,
  • get discounts for paying cash,
  •  find hideous door ornaments,


  • cheat a business partner,
  • smile while your car is repossessed,
  • be your sister-in-law’s worst nightmare,
  • know the exact time of the month to crush tomatoes,
  • hide a canary diamond ring,
  • get your ‘fans’ to buy anything,
  • max out credit cards,
  • deny knowledge of owning property,
  • start a fight,
  • lie through your teeth on a daytime talk show,
  • let your friend take the blame for starting a fight,


  • build an ugly house,
  • keep calm when your 6-ft vase shatters,
  •  push out a baby by saying ‘ouch’,
  • think you can model clothes,
  •  copy another reality star’s book title,
  • make your friends walk up Mt. Vesuvius,
  • dress your children in distasteful but expensive clothing,
  • correctly walk into a courthouse,
  •  show off your designer dinner plates,
  • announce that you will be appearing on Dancing With the Stars (but you know you won’t)
  • …and much more.


Tree’s seminar will be moderated by Rob Shuter of Popeater, Tree’s personal PR puppy. I’m sure Tree needs a ‘moderator’ to ‘evaluate’ the questions before presenting them for Tree to answer… you know, all the really good stuff that you would pay almost $50 to ask Tree, like what’s going on with the bankruptcy, is Joe drunk all the time, did he like jail and does he have a love child?… those types of questions will be tossed out by the ‘moderator’. However, she WILL be sharing some details about what goes on behind the scenes of RHONJ….WOO-HOO!

According the The Learning Annex, “Teresa is a hero to modern women because of her fabulous style, her positive attitude, and her effusive love for her family. Even in the chaos of childrearing, working, and filming a television show, she still makes time to make homemade meals.

Well, Tree must have some brain for time management, because I cannot understand how she will do all this in a 2-hour period! If anyone can shed some light on how she does all this, please share.

Tree’s Learning Annex class… here.