FOR HOUSEWIVES KIDS ONLY: A New Court Decision…A New Legal Diagnosis “Affluenza”

A Texas judge gave a 16-year-old boy probation … and a stay at a $450,000 a year rehab facility… for plowing into and KILLING four people.

The attorney for the drunk at the wheel killer said that the child is suffering from “affluenza.”  AFFLUENZA:  Having wealthy parents who give their child anything they want.


NOTE:  Here’s an idea… put his parents on trial for afflicting their child with “affluenza”!   Also… this “child” was stopped last year for DUI with a 14-year-old girl, who was passed out, in his vehicle.  He was 15-years-old and was let off… not even any points taken from his driving record!  Moral of the story:  In the legal system… Money TALKS, all others go directly to jail!  Any questions, please direct them to Roy Black…


TAMRA BARNEY, EDDIE JUDGE: YIKES!!…And TRIPLE YIKES!… Eddie Judge Named In Lawsuit “Practicing Without A License”… “Unauthorized Practice of Law”… Adopted Father Says Unlicensed Edward “Is The Boss”

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UH, OH!  What’s the newly married Tamballs gonna do?  Will this affect the just-married ‘Beaner’ and ‘Cracker’ Judge’s honeymoon phase?  How will Mrs. Eddie Tamballs Torres Judge spin this?! A licensed attorney, who worked for TheJudgeLawFirm, is suing TheJudgeLawFirm for … Continue reading


JAX LAURITA: Latest In Signature Apparel Bankruptcy…

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November 29, 2012            I don’t care what you think, Columbo… I’m takin’ the fifth!  Any fifth… the liquid kind OR the court kind! As mentioned yesterday, there has been activity on the BubbaJax/ChrisLaurita/SignatureApparel bankruptcy case. … Continue reading


JACQUELINE LAURITA: Jax and Chris Laurita… Lied to Bankruptcy Court … ALL Apparel Licenses NOT Terminated…

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July 10, 2012  4:15 pm UH OH!  Not all going as Jax Laurita would like everyone believe when it comes to the Chris Laurita/RocaWear bankruptcy. In a letter to Judge Peck, it has been revealed that Laurita and his counsel … Continue reading