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WRETCHED ROSSI, SLADE SMILEY: More “Reality”… FEBUS’ Husband, Their Business And Tommy Sued By Waitress… Waitress Claims “hostile work environment” AND “hourly wage violations”…

How the hell does this happen?  Marriage Boot Camp on WE has signed up Wretched BLEEEECH!! Rossi and her “fiancee” SladeSlimey… details from USMagazine.com.  Apparently the contestants don’t have to be actually married to participate. […]

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TAMRA BARNEY, EDDIE JUDGE: YIKES!!…And TRIPLE YIKES!… Eddie Judge Named In Lawsuit “Practicing Without A License”… “Unauthorized Practice of Law”… Adopted Father Says Unlicensed Edward “Is The Boss”

UH, OH!  What’s the newly married Tamballs gonna do?  Will this affect the just-married ‘Beaner’ and ‘Cracker’ Judge’s honeymoon phase?  How will Mrs. Eddie Tamballs Torres Judge spin this?! A licensed attorney, who worked for […]

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VICKI GUNVALSON, BROOKS AYERS: Vicki’s Lawsuit… Hacked Twitter And FB Are Back…Vicki Responds To Crooks’ Tweets “I’m Smart And Guarded”… Pushin’ EBay Clothes… Brooks On New Show!!!

Crooksy and Vicki are supposedly distancing themselves away from each other… the latest is that Vicki was served legal papers for that “frivolous” lawsuit while waiting outside her Las Vegas hotel for a car.   […]

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