THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI REUNION PART II RECAP: Lea Black, Ana Quicksand, Adriana de Moura, Karent Sierra, Alexia Echolandeau, Lisa Hochstein, Marysol Patton, Was Anyone Else There?… OH! MissAndy!

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The second part of the two-part Real Housewives of Miami reunion show aired last night.  What a waste of an hour… or make that 44 minutes! The production company, Purveyors of Pop, took a show which was not intended to … Continue reading


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: Andy Cohen… Andy Prepped Real Housewives Of Miami For Failure!… WHAT REALLY HAPPENED!

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ORIGINALLY POSTED April 7, 2011 RE-POSTED September 13, 2012  5:00 pm NOTE:  In anticipation of tonight’s RHOM second season premiere… on Bravo at 9pm… just a quick look back at what happened with the Miami Housewives, season ONE.   AND… this … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES: Guess The Housewife… The Housewife’s FEET!!… UPDATE… Housewife Revealed!!!

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April 21, 2012  9:20 am Which Housewife is wearin’ these shoes????                                          NOT DonCaro… NOT MugshotMarlo… NOT Larsa Pippen… IT’S ONE … Continue reading



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POSTED MARCH 1, 2012  11:30 am Lea and Roy Black’s annual event, “The Black’s Annual Gala” was a highlight during the first season of the Real Housewives of Miami…  Adriana de Moura-Sidi, Marysol Patton and Alexia Echevarria… goin’ to Lea’s … Continue reading



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POSTED FEBRUARY 23, 2012  11:30 am                                                  Marysol Patton… From TheMiamiHerald: The owners of two local chains … Continue reading



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POSTED FEBRUARY 20, 2012  8:10 pm As mentioned on SH February 8, 2012… the Real Housewives of Miami have been given the green light to start filming their second season… HERE. Marysol Patton, one of the stars of Bravo network … Continue reading



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Real Housewives of Miami: TWO Miami Housewives Got Da Bravo Boot… Shooting Begins Soon

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The undeservedly much-maligned Real Housewives of Miami is ready to start filming their second season for Lord of the Housewives, Andy Cohen… minus TWO of the original Miami Housewives.                        … Continue reading


Andy… Talkin’ ‘Bout Stuff

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Do you know who I am? Yeah, you’re Randy Rowan… my second cousin.  I’ve already told you that nine times. OK, guys… we can’t take her out of all the footage, let’s just try to make RHONY good enough so … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Miami Before on the After Show

Lea Black, Alexia Echevarria and Adriana de Moura were on WWHL with Andy Cohen before their season of the Real Housewives of Miami began.  It’s interesting to see the RHOM then as compared with now… now that their season is … Continue reading



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                   Real Housewives of Miami….”We’re going to find that Andy Cohen and when we do….” It’s done and over with, but the Real Housewives of Miami‘s first season and reunion show is … Continue reading


Andy’s After Show… Part II

If you watched the Real Housewives of Miami Reunion After Show, which was posted on, you were watching an extension of the LIVE reunion show… the Miami Housewives continued their squabble for almost ten more minutes, with Andy acting … Continue reading


Andy’s Experiment Gone Awry…

Andy Cohen right in the middle of the mess he made… nothing personal, Miami Housewives… From Andy Cohen’s Blog on, April 6, 2011: “The Great Live Reunion Experiment of 2011 is over and the results were…interesting.  On the one … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Miami Reunion LIVE!…What a Mess

The highly anticipated LIVE! Real Housewives of Miami reunion that took place in Andy Cohen’s clubhouse did not live up to its hype.  It was a disaster.  Andy at times looked satisfied with himself when the Housewives began sniping with … Continue reading


What You Need for Tonight’s Miami Reunion Show…

Won’t it be great to see Andy in his house when we go to NYC?  It was so nice of him to invite us to stay and…   Uh, excuse me, Larsa… but we’re going to Andy’s CLUBhouse, not his own house … Continue reading


Crispy…Too Awesome for Black’s Gala… and More Awesomeness

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Oh, that Crispy!  She is so awesome!  And she wants everyone to know just how awesome she is… Real Housewives of Miami star Cristy Crispy Rice is by no means shy and retiring and took pleasure in showing off her … Continue reading


The Black’s Gala… Crispy Was a No-Show

Marysol (wearing Andy’s favorite ‘nude illusion’ style dress), Lea, Adriana, some guy Pitbull and Alexia… no dangling wires or bulging mic packs… a sure sign that there will be no season two… When you’ve got the cream of Miami society … Continue reading

Real Housewives of Miami… Recap

Venue | Marzo - Abril 2011Screw William Levy… this is my magazine and I go front and center on the cover…

How could it be that this episode of the Real Housewives of Miami is #5 and the finale is next week?  Well, it is and just a note:  there was NO sighting of Elaine Lancaster this week…elaine1b Summer Splash Wednesdays at PlungeElaine, you got robbed.    On to the recap:

Marysol and Phillipe got married on an Aspen mountaintop.  Marysol PattonThey look so cute together… I didn’t realize until I looked up his mug shot that Phillipe is 6′ 5″… Yo, Marysol… let’s get married…

The justice of the peace read the wedding vows they wrote for each other… and back at home in Miami, Phillipe surprises Marysol by installing his ‘wine cellar’ in Marysol’s apartment, which Marysol isn’t too happy about.

A wine refrigerator, Phillipe…

William Levy stops by Alexia’s magazine for his second feature in and cover on her magazine and she just looooves William Levy.  Understandable, Alexia, understandable… Herman or William… your infatuation with WL is totally understandable.

Venue | Julio - Agosto 2010 Hey… got the cover again… I’m much prettier than the owner-chick…

Larsa stops by her favorite restaurant with her friend Tara to speak with the chef at Martarano’s to arrange a cooking lesson with owner Steve Martarano… a brute with a whisk and knife skills… sexy!  At least Larsa thinks so…

I can whip yo azz, whip you into shape or whip up a souffle… take your pick.

Alexia is in a car wreck on the way to the fashion show and calls Crispy Rice to let her know that she won’t be able to model, so Crispy takes over Alexia’s modeling job.

Alexia Gets Into a Car AccidentHmm… Alexia walked away from this in one piece… come on, she could’ve made her modeling gig…

Crispy let’s everyone know that Alexia’s clothes don’t fit her properly because Alexia is bigger than she is… slap!  Crispy always give backhanded compliments or outright digs at her fellow housewives… what a biatch.

E18158standAlexia would never fit her huge-ness into my ‘meet my kids’ teachers’ outfit…

After the cooking lesson with chef Steve, everyone begins to dine on their creations. Marysol passes around her wedding photo and then Adriana mentions Crispy’s slow payment for attending the Mayor of Miami’s annual gala… really, Adriana… why?  It’s just too boring to rehash this again…

An Upset Christy Looking at AdrianaCrispy givin’ Adriana the death stare…

Marysol Is NOTE:  Is Kim Zolciak aware that Marysol knows Kim’s Miami host, Thomas Kramer… or does he just pose for photos with everyone?   Yeah, he poses with everyone… just like Shana/Taylor.

Real Housewives of Miami… Clearly a Producer-Induced Episode

Not even a cameo of Elaine Lancaster in this episode of the Real Housewives of Miami… what a shame!

The revolving dinner party on the Real Housewives of Miami has landed this week at Alexia’s house.  But, before the dinner party, Alexia had to go to the slaughterhouse “pig farm” to assist her husband, Herman, and her stepson Nelson pick the pig.  As Herman is walking toward the entrance, he spots Alexia and asks Nelson why Alexia would want to come to the pig farm.  Great question, Herman!  Obviously, the producers requested that Alexia assist in procuring the pig because she clearly did not want to be there… she complained about everything about the pig farm from the time she got out of her car.

Rings, Pigs and Fashion on 'The Real Housewives of Miami'Joo producer guys din tell me dat the pigs smell… and joo tole me it was a farm…

The pig wasn’t the only pet segment in this episode… the first five minutes were at Larsa and Scottie’s house where Larsa explained that she likes to give her kids pets as rewards for doing well in school.  Larsa further explains that neither she nor Scottie like to actually take care of the pets, so they leave the pet duties to the kids’ nannies.  Note to Larsa:  maybe that’s why your house is the one with the revolving nanny door… if you want to make yourself, the nannies, your kids and the animals happy, you should really look into hiring a vet assistant to care for the non-humans in your home.  If you don’t like that idea, give Camille Grammer a call… she can tell you everything there is to know about the nanny game.

The Real Housewives of Miami S01E03 Optical Delusion HDTV XviD-MOMENTUM screenshotWe just buy the little animals.. and then the kids take them to their rooms and then, uh… the nannies take care of them… yeah, the kids cry a lot ’cause lots of their animals visit their animal cousins in the country and don’t ever come back… Oh well

Marysol and Phillipe get engaged; Phillipe bought the engagement ring from Marysol’s mother, Elsa and when Marysol showed Elsa the ring, Elsa pretended that she never saw it before.  Oh, that Elsa!  Marysol and Phillipe make plans to elope and get married in Aspen.

Elsa, the airplanes are terrified of YOU…

Lea goes to Blumarine with Lourdes, her friend and Jason, who is from ‘Lea’s team.’  Lea hates shopping, but hates using a dressing room to try on clothes even more.  Lea tries on piece after piece of clothing, one on top of another…  Lea did buy a dress for $1,000, mentioning that she could buy a lot of jeans and t-shirts for that $1,000.  Let’s stop here for a second.  Lea walks into Blumarine carrying a $15,000 Birkin bag and then she makes a very flimsy attempt at frugality/humbleness at the cash register when she’s paying for her $1,000 dress?  This shopping trip made no sense at all, so it was probably another segment ‘suggested’ by a producer.  It was apparent that Lea didn’t want to be there, her friend, Lourdes was getting frustrated because Lea wasn’t into shopping and Lea seemed embarrassed that she paid $1,000 for a dress… I wonder how many dresses Lea really buys when the cameras aren’t keeping track of her purchases.  Lea is no Tree Joo-dice…

The Real Housewives of Miami Recap: Touch the PigLea only bought the dress ’cause the paper bag was thrown in…

Back to Alexia’s producer-induced dinner party… Herman wants everyone to admire his cooking skills as he finishes grilling the splayed porker.  Everyone is impressed except Lea, who is a vegetarian; Lea first reaction was of total surprise to see a pig on a barbeque grill, so again, was this another producer-induced scene?   Producer:  Alexia, what’s the biggest animal that you can legally snag, catch or acquire in Miami?  Alexia: Well, we Cubans like porko, is that big enough?  Why?   Producer:  You’re penciled in to host the next dinner party and Lea is a vegetarian, so let’s see her reaction when she sees that you’re serving a whole pig…

While enjoying cocktails (what’s with the giant martini glasses?) before dinner, Adriana’s boyfriend Frederick appears and he seems very happy to see someone…

During dinner, Phillipe announces his and Marysol’s engagement and Lea makes some rude remarks about Phillipe marrying Marysol because he needs a green card and how long they will stay married, which Lea actually thinks are not rude remarks, but jokes.   Note to Roy Black:  Next time Lea asks you to attends a dinner party with her, you should go.

Marysol PattonLea, not to worry!  I already bought my green card… Elsa got me a really good deal on one…

More time is burned with Elsa going to Marysol’s apartment to watch Marysol model wedding dresses…

This is how Elsa sees Marysol in her wedding dresses… and why she thinks Marysol looks like Caroline Grimaldi

…and then Alexia and Cristy preparing to model for a local designer:

Cristy modeling her version of evening wear…

And even more time is taken up by Cristy going over the entire gala crashing with her friend, Liqui… Cristy did make one comment that was interesting:  that she could have taken a check to the gala and given it to Lea right there, but what would Lea do with her check, put it in her bra?  Very bad excuse, Cristy… very bad, ’cause had you given Lea a check, she would have certainly found a place for it… even put it in her bra.

While Adriana and her son, Alex, are delivering Lea’s portrait, Adriana explains that show with Marcos wasn’t as profitable as expected… Hmmm… could the problem be that the subjects of the artwork didn’t buy their paintings as Adriana had expected?  Well, at least Lea paid for hers, which IMO, was overpriced at $10000.  After Lea expresses her embarrassment at having a huge portrait of herself hanging in her home, Adriana tells Lea that everybody has a self portrait, that even Adriana has a self portrait of herself.  Uh, Adriana… a ‘self portrait’ is a painting that the artist paints of himself… Lea’s painting is not a ‘self portrait,’ it’s just a portrait, ’cause Lea didn’t paint it, Marcos did.  Did Adriana really go to art school… the Sorbonne yet… really??  And she doesn’t know the difference between a ‘portrait’ and a ‘self portrait?’

Adriana… this is NOT a self-portrait… it’s not even a portrait… it’s a painting of Lea, a bad painting of Lea…

Lea wants to have a talk with Adriana and asks Adriana ‘what is going on with you?’  Lea asks about problems at home and Adriana says that everyone has problems.   Lea says that Adriana looks stressed out and why is she partying until 2 am and asks about Adriana’s ex-husband and she says that he doesn’t pay child support.  Since Lea’s son, RJ and Adriana’s son, Alex, go to school together, Lea asks if Frederick will pay for school? Adriana says that Frederick will pay for half.  Lea suggests that there are ways to raise money for Alex’s school tuition, but Adriana almost chokes when Lea suggests a fundraiser to get the other half of the $30,000 tuition.  Lea says that her situation is not of her doing and if Adriana wants someone to sit and commiserate about her problems, she got the wrong girl.  Lea suggests that Adriana move on and think about the future.   Adriana is scamming Lea.

Marysol and Phillipe are at the Sky Hotel in Aspen.  While Marysol is speaking English, there are subtitles running across the screen!  There are a few other people on this show that could use the subtitles, but adding the subtitles in this particular scene was unnecessary, but funny…   Reality is setting in for Marysol and she’s panicking about her upcoming nuptials.  She should be panicking about how bad her hair extensions are showing…

Here’s hoping your extensions are fixed soon…

Scottie Selling Stuff… Old Stuff

Scottie Pippen met Larsa and off to Miami he went… leaving behind all kinda fabulous, great stuff at his former home in Chicago.  You can view, touch and even purchase some of Scottie’s rejects at an estate sale being held this Saturday and Sunday.

Wonder if any of the Real Housewives of Miami will be there to see how and where the ‘old’ Scottie Pippen used to live… let me answer my own question:    HELL NO! Could you just see Cristy goin’ through Scottie’s 20-year-old stuff…

Scottie’s crappy old house in Chicago

Scottie scribbled his name on doors in the house


Larsa Lookin’ to Relocate…

Another ‘How To Make $ millions’… Real Estate! (See Lisa Vanderpump:

house pictureLarsa wants to move…

Former basketball superstar Scottie Pippen and his wife, Larsa, have listed for sale a six-bedroom, 7.5-bath home at 2571 Del Lago Drive in Fort Lauderdale for $16 million…they bought it for $1.3 million…

Address Subdivision Last Sale Amount Last Sale Date
2571 DEL LAGO DR FORT LAUDERDALE , FL 33316-2303 DEL LAGO ISLE $1,340,000 10/16/2000
Barbara Panton of Panton & Co. Realty has the listing.  The Pippens paid $1.34 million for the property in Oct. 2000.  The 9,782-square-foot house in Barrier Island was built in 2004.  (They’ve been trying to unload their property since 2008 and have upped the list price from $14 million to $16 million… not too smart!)

She’s not kidding…she say she gonna do a Nene on me if Scottie don fin her another house… come on, Lars, really… you scarin’ me


Mr. Pippen is a retired NBA player widely known for his time with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s. The Bulls made the record of 72 wins during the 1996-97 season and Pippen was named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History.    On July 15, he became an ambassador of the Bulls and on Aug. 13, he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.  (Which means RHOM was actually filmed almost a year ago…)

Mrs. Pippen is a cast member of the reality series the Real Housewives of Miami, which premiered on Feb. 22 on Bravo.

Listing Site:


If you want to know who the Pippen’s neighbors are:

Alexia… Poor Lil Piglet

Alexia likes to eat, but when her husband, Herman, asks her to help out in the kitchen she freaks out… on the next Real Housewives of Miami:

NOTE: Apologies for the extra click… working on correcting it.

RHOM Recap… Kinda

After days of writing the Real Housewives of Miami recap, I’ve decided to run over shards of glass in my Bentley, get a flat tire on purpose, hop in a cab and drive away from my belabored recap.  Why do I find RHOM so boring?  They spent 15 minutes on Alexia’s son, Peter, getting a real ‘talking to’ about the value of a dollar, which just went right over his head and another 15 minutes with Larsa buying her brother, Sammy, a Toyota… like did we need to go on the test drive with him?  The most interesting part about the entire episode was how many times I counted the left-at-the-altar Miami Housewife, Elaine Lancaster, show up in various scenes.

RHOMElaine.jpgElaine Lancaster and her fans…

The rest of this episode showed Adriana late for her own luncheon and her own art gallery opening.  What is wrong with her???  Lea was right when she told Adriana that she doesn’t look any different when she does her own makeup.  Is Adriana that insecure that she really needs almost two hours to put on makeup and get her hair done?  I’m a licensed aesthetician and I could have her ready in 10 minutes… out the door… done.  Is she being charged by the hour for her hair and makeup… or does she like to chat while being prissed over??

Cristy doesn’t want to hear nothing about crashing Lea’s Gala and just wants to dance; Lea is turning into a helicopter adoptive parent with Adriana, ’cause she’s all up in Adriana’s business, why she doesn’t have her kids homework done and why she’s dancing with men at 2 in the morning… and she’s invoiced Cristy for the crashing.

Marysol and her fiance, Phillipe, visit Marysol’s mother, Elsa, and while visiting, Elsa admits to stealing flowers from her neighbors in Cuba; that she married a gringo for real flowers; she likes men who wear girly shirts; she’s a witch; she likes her wine and she’s drunk.

RHOM's Elsa PattonKeep those paper flowers away… an don’ touch my wine.

Adriana’s art show, after she finally shows up, is a success until a second artist begins his presentation and she gets into a shouting match with the first artist’s friend/manager.  In this episode, Adriana yelled a lot and if yelling indicates smarts, then Adriana is one smart Brazilian.  Why? Because she commissioned the artist to paint portraits of local Miami celebrities and we know that at least one of the paintings was sold… to Lea!  Smart move, Adriana… the subjects of the paintings are known to the people attending the showing or they are the subject or they know someone who knows the subject of the paintings.  Easy way to sell art…

RHOM3a.jpgWho else is gonna buy this, except Lea???  Nice goin’, Adriana…