From 2011: Glimpse Of Kim And Kyle Richards When They Were Kids… At Grandma’s House On LongIsland

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                                                                       Kim Richards NOTE:  Whilst looking … Continue reading

SH WITTY WEEKEND! Caption This…HagfaceKyle CAPTIONED!!


“Subhuman” will receive HagfaceKyle’s tear-stained Kleenex direct from the RHOBH reunion show!!  FinePrint:  A substitute prize will be announced.  We’ve learned that HagfaceKyle has sold her soaked Kleenex for $6.83 on EBay… like any good Housewife!!


RHOBH PRE-REUNION PREVIEWS: Which EX-Wives To Come Back? Trading Places With Which Franchise?

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Which EX-Wives would the present RHOBH like to return?  No mention of CarltonTheDoorman or Joyce… or Scammin’PamDana OR Adrienne!  AND… with which HWs from other franchises are these HWs friends? With which franchise would the RHOBH trade places? Of course, … Continue reading



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On the RHOBH, the phony prince Mario-Max says his AUNT is the Danish queen. Hmmmm… according to the phony prince, he is the COUSIN of the Queen: TV-Presenter, Model, Actor, Dr. Prince Mario-Max son of His Highness Prince Waldemar zu … Continue reading

RHOBH FINALE PREVIEW: Last Day At Palm Springs; Last Ride On SwingSet

HFKyle and Kim finish up their sister talk.  HFKyle says that their mother told them to never air their dirty laundry in public.  Which is exactly WHY they are both on a “reality” show.  HumongousLipsLisa show what a perfect fambly she has, after revisiting the HorrorsInHolland dinner where she lunged at Kim and broke a stunt glass because Kim mentioned her husband, HARRY HAMLIN.  Do her girls look like HARRY HAMLIN or their mother?  How much plastic surgery will they go for in a few years?

RHOBH Finale Preview Part II: HFKyle Shows Off Her Store… Hamlet Impostor Crashes!

The amazing Loada has forgone her “stick an IV in me” selfies to attend the book launch. No HouseHusbands, so MO-ritz-eo’s mother brings a Danish “prince”.  Camille crashes… no one cares if twitter blockers Eileen or HumongousLipsLisa show up. BOOOOORING! 

RHOBH Reunion Preview…

If these are the highlights from THREE episodes… the RHOBH reunion shows are sure to be another dragged out typical reunion!!

MissAndy brings up Diving With The Stars to Kim ONLY???

kyle diving arrow

From 2013: Danger Diving… With The Stars!!

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GO BACK THROW BACK THURSDAY: “You Stole My House” Explained …


July 2014: HagfaceKyle And MO-Reese Buy $2.3 Million Palm Springs House…

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Originally posted July 7, 2014… HagfaceKyle and MO-REESE bought themselves a Palm Springs house for $2.3 million. Kyle says that KimRichards will be detained 500 yards from the front door if she tries to claim half of the house! Kyle … Continue reading



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NOTE:  Whilst awaiting either KimRichards or HagfaceKyle’s BravoBlog, DrunkOtis has gifted readers with her insight into the further goings on with “The Horrors In Holland” by submitting another of her ghostwritten tomes! Hi Guys, It’s a new week and a … Continue reading


ADRIENNE MALOOF: Taking A Look Back At Adrienne’s Promotion Parties! From 2012… Which Housewives Were There?? Look… It’s HumongousLipsLisa!!

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ORIGINALLY POSTED September 26, 2012  3:33 am   RE-POST March 20, 2013 … March 18, 2015  NOTE:  Mentioned recently on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was the complaint vocalized by several of the RHOBH about Adrienne Maloof’s constant “PROMO … Continue reading

RHOBH Finale Preview: More Blah, Blah, Blah

All one can hear is BLAH, BLAH, BLAH… KIM!  BLAH, BLAH, BLAH… KIM!  One would conclude that with all the experience HumongousLipsLisa has had with addiction/sobriety and her being personal friends with HagfaceKyle, SHE would have the upper hand in how Kim’s issues should be approached.  Dear HLLisa:  Great acting… and you remember your lines well.  However, CarltonTheDoorman could have done just as well.   

RHOBH Finale Preview…

Kim Drops In On Adrienne…

Kim had to go to Hollywood to chat with AdrienneMagoof about the Horrors In Holland…

RHOBH “You Stole My House” Part Deux

On tonight’s RHOBH:  Pull out the checks, HFKyle… let’s settle this house thing.

HagfaceKyle Still Says She’s “In Bed Two Days” After RHOBH Reunion!

HagfaceKyle STILL thinks that viewers believe her when she insists that everything on the RHOBH is REAL.  Even after she talks about her “story line”!!  HFKyle is still clinging to her story that after the reunion taping, she stayed in BED for two days!   (The interviewer needs subtitles…)

HFKyle was dining with PumpMyStomach after the RHOBH reunion show… HERE.

kimr yelling gif

(Thanks “anon” and Mcrivin”!!!)


RHOBH Preview: HFKyle Spills It! What DrunkOtis Is Saying Behind Kim’s Back…

Looks like HFKyle doesn’t have dry eyes!   HFKyle is dramatically whining because of what DrunkOtis is saying behind Kim’s back … that Kim needs an intervention.  Big deal. 

NOTE:  Kim’s daughter, Whitney Davis, had a birthday party last night.  HFKyle did not attend.  Kim looked stressed even with makeup!

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Kyle’s REAL Reason For Pushin’ Frozen Foods!

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Were you wondering why a line of low-calorie frozen dinners would choose HagfaceKyle as a spokesperson… especially after she tweeted about donuts a few months ago? We mentioned that HagfaceKyle was pushin’ ArtisanBistro two weeks ago… and you know that these … Continue reading


WATCH HagfaceKyle At Paps Hangout MrChows… AGAIN! Swears The Phony Wine Glass Wasn’t Phony AGAIN!

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From TMZ: HagfaceKyle is hanging out at MrChows… AGAIN!! HFKyle had to tell the paps… who are stationed 24/7 at MrChows… that there is no truth to the FACT that the wine glass smashed by the very-bad-acting of very-bad-actress LipsLisa … Continue reading


The 11th Hour RHOBH Reunion Secret… Is KimRichards Leaving?

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What could MissAndy possibly be hinting?  Could it be that KimRichards announces that she’s finally done with being a Housewife? Kim has been very quiet… not even tweeting the obligatory “watch my show” tweets that all Housewives are required to … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN”… Weekend Edition!

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MissyGorga is really pushing her stuff!   Someone is begging Missy to “write” another book!   And, not to be outdone by any dog-loving Housewife, Missy got herself one! Promise for a brighter day coming our way #SpringTime #HopefulAndDetermined #LymeDiseaseChallenge … Continue reading


A STRANGE PLEA FROM TREE FANS TO STOP THE MADNESS!! Why Were They Asking HagfaceKyle For Help?? What’s Going On With Lil Gia??

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NOTE:  It’s all great to support your incarcerated relative… and get them a “millions” followers…but, what does that prove or do for them?   The last sentence in this diatribe is perplexing… to say the least!   Is there a … Continue reading