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LOOKIN’ BACK AT THOSE MAURICIO UMANSKY CHEATING RUMORS!.. Toldja That Mo-Reese Cheating Would Be Storyline… Kyle Says That Cheating ONCE Is OK, Just Don’t Tell! VIDEO

ORIGINALLY POSTED APRIL 3, 2013… RE-POSTED OCTOBER 25, 2013   NOTE:  Let’s take a look back at those MORRIS CHEATING RUMORS… as predicted, Morris’ “cheating” will be HagfaceKyle’s storyline on this season of the RHOBH. […]

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KYLE RICHARDS: Mauricio Umansky Answer To Recent Blind Item… Says He’s Married, BUT “Strays Once In A While”… We’re Givin’ This A HUGE Eye Roll!!… Kyle on “TheView” During Book Tour Says If He Cheats, Just Don’t Tell!

According to ROL… The answer to the recent blind item about the “so in love” Beverly Hills couple… who in REAL life, REALLY aren’t “so in love”due to the HouseHusband’s cheatin’ ways… is MO-Reese! “A […]

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KYLE RICHARDS: Marisa Zanuck “Hall Pass”??… Kyle Says “That’s Stupid”!… BUT… That’s NOT What Kyle Said While On Her Book Tour!… Kyle Says It’s OK To Cheat ONCE… And Only If You Don’t Tell!

On last night’s RHOBH… CameraHagfaceKyle said that Brandi’s suggestion to Marisa Zanuck of giving her husband a “hall pass” was “stupid”… However, that was exactly what HagfaceKyle was espousing during her book tour when she […]

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