REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Party Time!!… Adrienne Has Her Party… Lisa Talks About Her Party… Brandi Parties With Martin…

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Marisa Zanuck and MO-reese How Many “A-MAAA-ZINGs”!!… Yolanda Foster “Name Dropper”… ScammerShana and Accomplice ASSPam Dana Wilkey “My Dress Is A Mess”!!!

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Marisa Zanuck and MO-reese meet up at Marisa’s mother-in-law’s house… for the phoniest scene ever on the RHOBH! We all know that MO-reese was never going to be a part of the sale, which Marisa confirmed: MO-reese says “A-MA-ZING” three … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: flipit/Ronnie’s “BS of the Day”… Shana’s BravoBlog… Kyle Richards “Walkin’ Down The Street”… Dr. NoSocks “Shrink” To ANOTHER “Celeb”…

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Ma boo, flipit/Ronnie from TVGasm, with his “BS of the Day”!!! ************************************* Shana’s BravoBlog…. Shana is so sad… “Seeing everyone fighting at dinner brings up feelings of sadness for me. Everyone has strong opinions of the Adrienne/Paul/Brandi fight. I have … Continue reading


KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle Says BeverlyHills is “REAL”… Other Housewives Shows “LightlyScripted”… VIDEO

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October 21, 2012  8:10 pm     “MY show is totally REAL… nothing is producer-induced. NOTHING!”  Did I say everything right, Mr.ProducerGuy??? Kyle Richards has a little chat with some chick who asks Kyle HOW does she possible do it … Continue reading