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November 16, 2012 EX-Housewife, Kelly Bensimon, has been taking her ex-housewifery status well.   Kelly is not calling the paps to photo her walkin’ down the street; Kelly is not demanding to know why MissAndy fired her; Kelly is simply … Continue reading

Scary Island… Real Scary

Who can ever forget Scary Island?  The episode of the Real Housewives of New York when ‘Koo-Koo’ Kelly Bensimon was reported to have had a nervous breakdown, which Kelly herself later called a (cough, cough) ‘breakthrough?’

During a recent appearance, Bethenny Frankel-Hoppy took questions from the audience and was asked about Scary Island…

… and Bethenny did go into detail about it…

She says it was “SO MUCH WORSE” than what we saw on TV, and said that Kelly was experiencing “truly, in what seemed to her, producers and others as a complete medical breakdown, meltdown, she just needed professional help,” she said.

Andy swore to me that there would be no chefs at this villa; he’s trying to make me look insane.

Bethenny continued… producers placed security guards outside her (Bethenny’s) door, until they “removed Kelly from the Island.”  Bethenny also said that Kelly was “chanting”… one of producers is named Matt, and Kelly starts “chanting” Matt-matt-matt-matt, over and over, up in his face.   They were all freaked out, scared and worried about Kelly’s behavior and health.  They finally got Kelly off the Island the next morning.

Yeah, Andy, the island was great.  Let’s stop the bulls***… either I get my own show or I spill everything that went on during that trip AND I sue you and Bravo for attempted assault, malicious intent and I’ll even try attempted murder…

And, FYI… if anyone is following Bethenny’s new show, Gina no longer works for Bethenny.  Gina had undergone a partial hysterectomy and needs to take care of herself and other personal issues.  However, Bethenny speaks with Gina all the time.  Bethenny now has a nanny, not a live-in nanny, but she’s there 4 days a week, 8am to 5 pm.