SH **EXCLUSIVE!! KimG’s Private Message To Da Joodices…

Allegedly KimG has graciously offered to take care of da Joodice girls while Tree and Juicy are “away”!!

RHONJ Teresa KimG pg



NOTE:  If you were at all wondering… Tree’s allocution (A recollection in her own words of her crimes and her “I’m sorry” statement)  in Judge Esther Salas’ courtroom on July 8 will be public record.  


KIM GRANATELL On Giudice Deal…They Shoulda Gotten MORE! KimG Blasts Tree On Twitter!

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NOTE:  If there’s anyone from the RHONJ who has REAL cash to back up her words and actions, it is Kim Granatell.  KimG is the richest of all those denizens of FranklinLakes, thanks to her ex-husband who owns a chemical … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Which Housewives Are Talkin’??… All RHONJ Muzzled By Bravo!… No One Talkin’, ‘Cept KimG!

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After a quick perusal of the latest goings with the sub-human New Jersey Housewives, the NJ Wives are silent not only re the Joodice case, but none of the Wives are chatting it up on twitter.  The RHONJ have been … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: The NJ Outcasts (Kim Granatell and Danielle Staub) Keep Tryin’ To Get Themselves More Than Their 15-Minutes…Oh, Tree Joodice, Too

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Real Housewives of New Jersey RECAP: Season 3, Episode 10… “There Arose Such A Clatter”

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                              Didja see me wit Andy?  My boss??   I got a big bonus check from Bravo for that lap dance he got.   Git away from … Continue reading


Real Housewives: Stoopid Housewives Stuff: 7-1-11… Update

Ramona’s blog… here.   Ramona’s blog is about three paragraphs… nothing to say, other than this: “I was very surprised by the way Jill was speaking about Simon in reference to the negative Facebook posts and Tweets. Was Jill … Continue reading

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 3 – Another Posche Fashion Show

Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita stop by the Posche Boutique before the fashion show.

Tree gets her jabs in about KimG…

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Somebody Alert Andy… Phony New Jersey Housewife and it Ain’t KimG!

Well, isn’t this something!

Isn’t it considered a felony crime to describe oneself as an ‘upcoming Real Housewives of New Jersey star’ without kissing Andy Cohen’s ring and receiving his blessing first?

                                                              Uh, it explicitly says right here in your contract, that you signed, Taylor, that you must kiss my ring before your show airs.  I only let you slide this long ’cause your mouth is so huge I thought I’d just have an elbow left…

This blurb was on a local Louisville KY site:  “Playboy centerfold and upcoming “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Annika Bruggeworth will attend Saturday night’s shindig with her husband, Dr. Scott Bruggeworth.”

Here’s what… this ‘upcoming’ self-proclaimed ‘star’ of RHONJ is an attention diva and her husband is a dentist.

So, the following scenario probably takes place during the next season of Real Housewives of New Jersey on a “very special episode” of RHONJ

“Albie made all by himself a yummy surprise for his mommy... her favorite chocolate walnut cheesecake, which took him two days to make ’cause he was studying hard for a place in next year’s law class at Phoenix University of Online Law.   Albie knows that as a lawyer, he must understand and follow the letter of the law and he applied that understanding to the cheesecake recipe.  The recipe said to grind walnuts for the bottom crust and since the recipe assumed that everyone knows to not use the shell, that was not fully explained in the recipe and, of course, Albie ground the walnuts for the cheesecake crust, shell and all.

                                                Albie, you idiot… look what you did to Tree and lil Milania… make sure you wrap the rest of that rock-riddled cheesecake for Juicy…

“All the Manzos and Joo-dices are seated in their giant king and queen diningroom chairs, fully sated from the meal they just devoured when Albie enters with his masterpiece chocolate walnut cheesecake… it’s especially special ’cause even Chris can see that Albie didn’t swipe it from the Brownstone.  All the ooohs and aaaahs are over and before Jackie can get a forkful, Tree and little Milania have already attacked the cheesecake and began screaming.

“Forks drop and everyone covers their ears from the eerie sounds coming from little Milania amplified by Tree’s shreaking.  Little bits of white tooth chips are landing on their dessert plates and blood is dripping from their lips.  Caroline has seen this before (when Lauren beat the hell out of Christopher and Albie ’cause they told her she would never be flight attendant…) and knew a dentist was needed.  Big Albie and Caroline whisk them off to the nearest dentist, (Juicy wasn’t there… he had to attend an ‘important meeting’ at the apartment over the pizza shop) which is the above-named ‘upcoming star’ of RHONJ‘s husband.   As they rush into the dentist’s office, they are met by the ‘upcoming star’… her screen time lasts for five seconds.”

                                                Danielle warned about havin’ a non-Manzo on the show… losing teeth won’t make ME quit…

And that is why this particular fame-seeking wife of a dentist thinks she is the next ‘upcoming star’ of RHONJ… try as she may, poor thing will never be another Kim G.

                                                Yo, dental assistant… keep your drill and suction equipment out of Franklin Lakes… this is MY town, honey.  Got it???