LisaVanderpump Talks RHOBH… Same Old Stuff!!


LisaVanderPumpMyStomach is raving about the RHOBH.  Don’t forget that PumpMyStomach is an actress, too… that slap is ACTING!!

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RHOBH New Season Preview…

KingDavid makes an appearance with the clowns of Beverly Hills, who are just as ridiculously disgusting as their NJ subhuman counterparts.  Not even interested in watching this dreckish garbage…

KingDavid has said numerous times that his wife is ONLY on the RHOBH to slide into her own lifestyle show and that she is the voice of reason among the clowns with which she’s forced to appear.

RHOBH david yolanda clown pg mags


RHOBH Same Old Same Old: Kim v HagfaceKyle

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It’s time for the RHOBH to start their PR campaign to drum up interest in their next season premiering in January.   There will be tons of planted items based on that mysterious unnamed “inside source” and this is one … Continue reading

RHOBH In Amsterdam…

Killing two birds with one stone… the RHOBH are now filming in Amsterdam, which not only fulfills the required international trip for these chicks, but also is a free trip home for Yoda. HagfaceKyle and sisterKim got a trip to their PalmSprings house when the RHOBH filmed there recently.  The video is quite boring, filming the HWs walking to their van…. don’t expect much more when the new season airs!   NOTE:  Yoda’s lemon house is STILL for sale!!


RHOBH PR Blitz Has Begun… HagfaceKyle Comes Between NewFriendsForLife DrunkOtis And KimR

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The usual and expected PR blitz for the next Housewives show to premiere has begun!   The PR stories about the upcoming season start approximately six weeks before the franchise premieres; however, since the drop in ratings for the Housewives … Continue reading


KimRichard’s New Story Line… Substance Abuse Counselor

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”I wake up everyday and thank God for this amazing life,” Kim tells OKMagazine. “I’m still sober, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.” Kim, who has been open about her struggles with alcohol since entering rehab in 2011, hopes … Continue reading


KimRichards And DrunkOtis: The Latest YawnWorthy Housewives Fight

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The Housewives are just so predictable.  There’s always a claim of unrest between at least two of the Wives while they’re filming.  The latest to have gotten into an alleged brawl is DrunkOtis and KimRichards… according to that mysterious “inside … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM: Which Housewife Cut Off Her Daughter?

rhoc rhobh


This west coast Housewife cut off her daughter …

…because the daughter has been selling information about Mom to the tabloids.


(Thanks “chameleon”!!)


What’s Up With The RHOBH …

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The phony PR for the RHOBH has started.  You will be seeing more of this kinda stuff from those lovely ladies of BeverlyHills.  Yes, it appears that Mo-reetz-e-o is totally into his Housewife!     Brandi Glanville made her acting … Continue reading


DWTS Has Passed Their Expiration Date…

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Another show that should have gone out while it was still on top… and not suffer the embarrassment of staying too long over its expiration date:  Dancing With The Stars. The official announcement of the new season’s “celebrity” lineup from … Continue reading

WHATEVER WEDNESDAY: Whatever Happened To Kim Richards Clothes?

Kim is still pushing her clothing items, minus the “slut pig” pants, at


BeverlyHills New Season Fraught With Boredom! Looking For “Something Crazy”…

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NOTE:  Another “inside source” coming forth with info re the RHOBH!  Chalk this up to just another planted story to get the chaos started in hopes that these BS stories will garner viewers and for viewers to anticipate the RHOBH … Continue reading



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“Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Yolanda Hadid and Brandi Glanville are each earning the most at $500,000,” a Bravo insider reveals. “Kim Richards and newcomer Lisa Rinna will be making $450,000.” “Bravo loves the nucleus of these four women, even when … Continue reading


A MUST SEE! The Hotwives of Orlando…

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Question: How does one successfully parody a show which has already become a parody of itself?  Answer: You study the cast of each franchise and pick the best of the bunch and write a very funny SCRIPT… and then you … Continue reading



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We’ve done extensive research to find which Housewife tweets smarter than that of a 4th grade reading level.  The 4th grade level… unfortunately… is the average reading level for those who use twitter! SMOG AFTER an analysis of 1 million public … Continue reading


Joyce Giraud And CarltonGebbia OUTTA RHOBH! Got Da BravoBoot!

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For those of you who were huge fans of the pageant queen and the devil worshipper… Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia… please grab a kleenex and sit down.  According to the media magazine of the HWs choice, USWeekly has divulged … Continue reading

Kim and Shana Go Shoppin’ For Big Lips!

Kim and Shana are shopping for new lips… why, why was this cut out???  It’s not booooring at all…  yawn.


Yoda Tries To Wiggle Out Of Her “RHOBH Are Clowns” Statement

What a load of total BS!  Yoda tries to make light of her statement that she’s working with a bunch of clowns!

THIS is exactly what was said on December 4 2013… and SH was the ONLY site that had this “clown” story loooong before it was picked up by others:

David reveals that the REAL reason Yolanda is doing the RHOBH is:  “… She’s doing it for a specific reason, and her reason is that she wants to have a … lifestyle and fitness show.”

David continues:  “She’s also been sick with Lyme disease for going on two years now, so she’s battling that, and she wants to tell her story. So she thinks — and she’s right —that (the) Beverly Hills housewives show is a platform for her to tell her Lyme story and to get her point across and then to catapult her to the show that she ultimately wants to do.

“The Beverly Hills show, like she says, is JUST A BUNCH OF CLOWNS trying to make a living,” he adds.




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Yes, Shana and Bhuler are now officially married.  They exchanged vows earlier today.  The delay in posting this item was in finding the definitive WHO and the WHY! We knew that Shana and Bhuler weren’t going to splash THEIR money… … Continue reading


CreepyCarlton’s BravoBlog… Totally Eviscerates HagfaceKyle!

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  I’d be lying if I didn’t say thank god this Reunion is finally done! Unfortunately couldn’t get a bloody word in edgewise, so I may as well put it down here. Oh and by the way what I say … Continue reading