Blind Item REVEALED! It’s Kim Richards…

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From CDAN July 19, 2012: Over the past six years I have told you some awful stories of people. There have been plenty of good people too. This story though is about someone who probably suffered the most as a … Continue reading


Kim’s life coach called it!!

The extended scene… from January 2013:

MissAndy says he never revels in Housewives misfortunes… RIIIIIIIGHTTTT and a big PUH-LEEZE!!

andy kimr tweet

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KimRichards Arrest Explained By BeverlyHills Police …

The BH police were called to assist the BH Hotel security after Kim was acting out in the PoloLounge.  IntoxicatedKim asked to use the rest room, where she stayed until she was carried out by the police.

KathyHilton And Richards Sisters: Helping The BUMS of BeverlyHills… The “Reality” Pilot

HFKyle, Kim and KathyH are out to help all the Homeless “Don’t Call Them Bums” BUMS of BeverlyHills in this 2009 “reality” pilot, which obviously never sold.  Around the 9:40 mark, HFKyle notices a gaggle of paps and stops to chat with them; HFKyle is disappointed that they don’t know who she is.  Offers to the bums from HFKyle for a mani/pedi are turned down…

NOTE:  Job offers of a dishwasher or working at Fatburger?  How about RickHilton offering DianaRoss a job as a real estate agent???

(Thanks “B3″!!)


KimRichards First Post-Arrest Photo!! Kim’s Arrest Due To “Stress”

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Sources very close to Kim as well as sources connected with “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” tell TMZ, she was unable to cope with some pretty terrible things going on in her life. — Her ex-husband Monty, who still lives … Continue reading


DrunkOtis’ BravoBlog… Messages For Everyone!

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NOTE:  DrunkO’s brief BravoBlog was obviously submitted before KimRichards’ arrest… Hey Bravo Fans, Today was a fabulous day–t was my baby Jake’s birthday. We got his favorite Oreo ice cream cake, and for our family celebration, it was perfection. I … Continue reading

KimRichards Loves Bathrooms!!

In the bathroom during GameNight:

January 2012:

NOTE:  This is but a very small sampling of KimRichards segments, which shows that Kim does love bathrooms! 



KIM RICHARDS ARREST… FURTHER DETAILS: Refused To Leave Bathroom; Signs Of Intoxication; Kicked Officer

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Kim Richards of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” fame was arrested for allegedly trespassing and resisting arrest after police say she refused to leave a hotel bathroom and later tried to kick an officer in the groin. The ruckus began … Continue reading



kimr arrested


(Thanks “3Bs” “anon” and “DAOL”!!!)


KIM RICHARDS ARRESTED! Fighting At Beverly Hills Hotel…

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KIM Richards was arrested early Thursday morning at the Beverly Hills Hotel, E! News confirms. According to officials, the Beverly Hills Police were called around 1:30 a.m. by security in response to a reported fight, where Richards was described as belligerent … Continue reading


HagfaceKyle’s “Side Of The Dog Bite Story” BravoBlog… HFKyle Does Some Deep Deflecting… Questions Still Remain

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I don’t want to write this blog. I didn’t even want to watch this reunion, to be honest. There. I said it. But here I go…. Let’s just dive right into the text message from Lisa Rinna to Kim. I … Continue reading


HFKyle Says NOTHING Was Resolved At RHOBH Reunion

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The RHOBH is over, but HFKyle is still milking it!   Kyle Richards tells Us Weekly exclusively that unfortunately, her relationship with her sister Kim Richards is still strained. “Unfortunately nothing was resolved at the reunion,” Richards said while catching … Continue reading


PumpMyStomach’s SmokeAndMirrors RomanceNovel BravoBlog

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  Whilst awaiting Kimmer and HFKyle’s BravoBlogs, PumpMyStomach has submitted an entry… which may be one of eloquence, yet says nothing.  More smoke and mirrors from a Housewife!! And here we have it…the final episode as the curtain drops on … Continue reading


RHOBH Reunion: Let The “KimBashingFestival” Begin!!

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This is NOT a recap. NOTE:  Whether KimRichards is sober is beside the point.  The point here is this:  One person was unfairly and brutally bashed on the RHOBH reunion.  That person was KimRichards.  While Loada can simply walk away … Continue reading


RHONY Ratings… Season Premiere LOWER Than Lead-In RHOBH

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THIS IS NOT A GOOD SIGN FOR THE RHONY…just proving that no one cares about Frankle’s return. “The Real Housewives of New York City,” Bravo Media earned its best Tuesday night of the year to-date among all key demos, according … Continue reading


Kimmerz Does Not Respond To HFKyle “Nat’l Sibling Day” Proclamation! HFKyle Has Black Brother… And Her Kid Has A Firearm!!!

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Perhaps Kimmerz is keeping to her request of HFKyle to discuss their disputes privately, as Kimmerz has not yet responded to HFKyle’s recent Instagram blurb about her sisters on the ridiculous ‘NationalSiblingDay’…  HFKyle has a black brother… No one knows … Continue reading

From November 2014: PumpMyStomach On Kingsley…

From November 2014:  PumpMyStomach chimes in on the “Kingsley Bit Me” issue.  As usual, PMS stays true to her passive/aggressive personality saying that pit bulls are “wonderful” animals…BUT… “I think they are instinctually fighting dogs.”  And, “maybe for Kim, that’s not the best breed.”  Gee, thanks PumpyLumpy!  LumpyPumpy should know that there’s a reason that pit bulls are banned in Britain and in many US states.

RHOBH Reunion Preview: The Moronic Housewives Classy Side

The following is the “smoking gun”???  Once again, MissAndy’s attempt at a bombshell dropping is a huge fail.

An extra!!  LugNutLips stated that she would never be a Housewife… it’s just too much drama for her!


HFKyle begs in her BravoBlog for people to go easy on her and her kids on social media.  Yet, HFKyle continually puts out info and photos for the public to disseminate.  Kim’s daughter, Whitney, asked AuntHagface to take down the hospital photos she put up… AuntHagface refused.  

SHUT UP, LugNutLips!  If there were ever a HW who deserves to get slapped down through the TV screen, it’s buttinski LugNutLips…


HFKyle’s BravoBlog…She’s A Pre-Menopausal Martyr!!

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I’m so sorry about not writing my blog last week. My kids have been on spring break, and the last thing I wanted to do was think of the reunion and all of the emotions that I felt that day. … Continue reading


It’s been over three years (February 2012) since Kim spoke with MissAndy about AA and rehab.

Who’s the actor who never showed up at AA again??  Could it have been HARRY HAMLIN?  Is this the big secret about HarryHAMLIN which prompted LugNutsLips to smash the phony stunt wine “glass”??