HOUSEWIVES NEWS: LuAnnie Sellin’…Maloof’s Return?… Carlton v BFrankel… Slimey In Wretched’s Clothes…MORE!

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Countess LuAnnie has dropped the price of her Hamptons house from $9.995 to $8.995 million… Sheree Whitfield will be on WWHL with Kim Zolciak this Sunday… ANOTHER report of Adrienne Maloof’s possible return to the RHOBH… NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  Rod’s Kid is … Continue reading

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PORSHA WILLIAMS: FrontPorsha’s BravoBlog… ‘Splains BaileyBowlBrawl…Blames Kenya

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Hello loves, I hope you had an awesome weekend! My weekend was pretty epic. I was onWWHL Sunday with RuPaul, the queen himself! AMAZEBALLS, love him! I was so busy right up to the time I had to fly into NY … Continue reading


CYNTHIA BAILEY: DumbCynthia’s BravoBlog… Explains Charity Event… Takes The Fall For NayNay’s “Charity” FAIL… BUY MY STUFF!!!

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Hello everyone! Welcome back to another drama filled episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta! Let’s jump right on in! BAR ONE: KENYA’S CASTING As a wedding gift to NeNe for missing her gorgeous wedding, Kenya decided to host a masquerade ball/charity event in NeNe’s … Continue reading


NAY NAY LEAKES: NayNay’s BravoApologyBlog…Says She’s A Very “Rational Person”… Kenya’s Selfish

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WOW! What a show! I don’t have a lot I want to say, but I’ll start by saying I apologize for my behavior at the charity event. I definitely don’t want to teach young women that this is the proper … Continue reading

NAY NAY LEAKES: Production Reveals What REALLY Happened At PajamaParty… NayNay Says She’s The Star… NayNay Says She Made ATL!

From TheFameDriven:

RHOA naynay call me kimZ

What ALLEGEDLY happened between NayNay and Kenya at the RHOA!

“I work as a member of the production staff on BRAVO’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and I wanted to clarify for people what was not aired during the brawl in last nights episode since Nene Leakes has slandered us, the True Entertainment production staff, and editors of the show.

For one, Nene’s erratic behavior was simply because she felt Kenya’s tardiness to her event was a devised plan for the producers to make Kenya the new star of the show, and it was NOT!

Before Kenya arrived Nene was ranting, pacing, and cursing us out about how she is the star of the show, she is the relevant actress, she made “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” the success it is today, and she should not have to wait for Kenya to arrive to her event.   NOTE:  Here’s a wake up call for you, NayNay.  YOU were made by three gay white guys.  They can make you and they can make you go away… hopefully, they make you just go away.

Two PA’s were verbally disrespected and threatened by Nene when they simply tried to diffuse the situation by telling Nene that the scene could not wrap until all housewives (Kenya included) were present, we didn’t air any of that footage.

When Kenya arrived to the event Nene was already pissed, but we the producers told Nene beforehand that Kenya was going to be running late. Nene then reverted her frustrations towards Kenya and that’s when she thought to bring up the Christopher Williams and his “common law” wife rumor that Kenya stated at the winery, so that the room would gang up on Kenya, and it didn’t work out as Nene had originally planned.

Prior to that night, Nene and Kenya had no issues, it wasn’t until one of the housewife husbands blurted out at Nene’s pajama party that “we have to wait for the new star of the show to arrive”, which triggered Nene’s anger, and entailed what the viewers witnessed leading up to the melee.

We didn’t edit, manipulate, or conjure up a devious plan to sabotage Nene like she would want people to believe. We cannot provide or present footage that a housewife does not put out of themselves to be recorded. So for Nene to blame poor editing on the production and editing staff is the furthest from the truth, and showing no accountability on her end.”

nay nay tweet from fame driven

NOTE:  If the unaired footage is worse than this… spill it!!!

RHOA nene booting sheree off RHOA

NOTE:  Don’t care how many swear up and down that NayNay had no part in getting rid of Sheree… Sheree’s “dismissal” was, IMO, ordered by NayNay.   If you recall, NayNay was at the height of her soaring “career”… and all three of her gay white boys were firmly behind her, so she could call the shots.  NayNay was to be a huge Hollywood sitcom “star” and Sheree simply irritated the hell outta NayNay!

NayNay wanted KimZ gone and wanted Sheree gone… even MORE than KimZ!  Sheree was the only Atlanta Housewife who truly got under the blackKimZolciak’s skin.  Sheree was the only Atlanta Housewife who could speak to NayNay and pound NayNay down to her ghetto roots…NayNay had the power and NayNay chose to vote Sheree off the ATL.  

NayNay can deny, deny, deny and she would be correct in saying that SHE didn’t boot Sheree… perhaps a better question to pose to NayNay would be:  “Do you have any knowledge re Sheree no longer being a cast member of the RHOA”?  That would just be the first question…


(Thanks to SH reader “HudsonCoGirl”!!!)

KENYA MOORE: Kenya On BFrankel Show… “Fighting And Violence” Is Not RHOA Brand!… Says NayNay Started PajamaBrawl

WHAT!!!!???  Has Kenya been watchin’ her own show???  Kenya tells BFrankel that the RHOA ain’t into fighting… and says that NayNay started the pajama brawl…


Kenya ‘splains her African boyfriend… no mention that he’s an “oil tycoon”!!



NOTE:  As for the ATL ratings… how about if Bravo switches the ATL with the RHOBH or the RHONY and see if those ratings still stand.


SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: What Housewives?!… KimD… Brand New “WhatWhatCrappens”!!

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Received this video from SH reader “DSP”… thank you!  If there were a way to change carriers to Illinois Valley Cellular, IMO, everyone should.  Illinois Valley didn’t wait for someone else to do the job, they did it themselves and … Continue reading

SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: RHONJ Fight Is Ratings Winner… Kenya Moore “Trump Checks”… Brandi Glanville “New Book”… NJ Gov Loves “Reality Shows”… Worst Singer

TheWrap:  For great ratings numbers… keep those black hair spray fights comin’!!!

USMagazine:  Twirler Kenya Moore gets $600,000 for next season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta…  NOTE:  Kenya’s “eviction” was purely a story line…



Enstarz:  Brandi “DrunkOtis” Glanville says her next unfiltered book is about ‘Drinking, Dating and Medicating.‘   NOTE:  WHAT!  No LeAnn and Eddie!

Roofies On A Plane…


AP:  New Jersey Gov Chris Christie says “reality” shows “give a positive image to New Jersey.”    NOTE:  As long as the state is getting money from all those permits the “reality shows” are required to obtain LapbandChris will LOVE them!

RHONJ cast AGuz pg

(Thanks to SH readers “PDM” “BlueIvy” “PMG” and “Cathy”!!!)

KENYA MOORE: Kenya’s “Eviction” Caught By Bravo Cameras… What Else Is New?


Twirlin’ Kenya Moore has been havin’ issues with her landlady for a few months… the landlady has taken steps to evict Kenya from her Roswell house.  This is nothing new… these Atlanta Housewives been evicted or have had housing problems in the past.  However, Kenya’s eviction is all a part of her story line for the next season of the RHOA.  Bravo made sure to have those cameras recording Kenya’s “eviction”… all over a shortage of $848 by Kenya!  PUH-LEEEEZE!!



SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Sheree Whitfield on “Necessary Roughness”… Kenya Moore Eviction Update “It’s Absurd”… Porsha Stewart “$5,000 A Month Alimony”… Danielle Staub “Buy My House” PUH-LEEEEZE!!!

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The “highly educated” Housewife from Orange County, Heather Dull-BRO ain’t the only Housewife snaring those hard-to-get TV guest roles!   NOTE:  One would think that acting chops would be somewhat germane to snagging a guest role; however, it appears that … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Teresa Giudice “Nene’s Bridesmaid”… Kim Zolciak Pregnant “Wants A Girl”… Kenya Moore “Rent Overdue”… LuAnnie and PT Housewife… AND… A Brand NEW “Watch What Crappens”!!!

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  And they say that none of this “reality” stuff is planned!!!  It’s just the “reality” star’s life… with cameras following them around! Who’s being invited to NayNay’s official Bravo-endorsed wedding par-tay aka “I Dream of Nene”… and who ain’t? … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA REUNION RECAP: Season Five, Episode Twenty-Three … “Reunion, Part III”

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA REUNION RECAP:   Season Five, Episode Twenty-Three … “Reunion, Part III” by Sandi Duffy This will be bare bones because this season was horrible…and I am ironing my daughter’s dress for her chorus concert tomorrow morning. … Continue reading


PHAEDRA PARKS: Phaedra’s BravoBlog… PP Busy With Her Spinoff AND “Phaedra SPARKS” StunGun… Says Kenya Moore’s Threats Define Kenya As “Unstable”… Phaedra Defines “True Bloggers”!… Phaedra Defines Kenya Moore As Made of “Plastic Surgery”…

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Bravo… Another in a short list of Housewives whose BravoBlogs are amusing!  Phaedra’s words, which seem to be Phaedra’s original voice, are calm, collected and well thought out… and sting in all the right places!  Bravo, MissPhaedraParks… bravo!!   The … Continue reading


KENYA MOORE: Kenya’s BravoBlog… Kenya Pays Homage To Vanessa Williams, Hattie McDaniel … Kenya Takes On Phaedra Parks… Says “Smear Campaign” Was Epic Failure… Kenya Calls Phaedra A LIAR!…

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Bravo… NOTE:  Cannot explain, but for some inexplicable reason, which cannot be defined or unlocked, uncorked, undulated, undetermined, unfathomable, whateva … find Kenya Moore and her words… entertaining and amusing!     YOU CAN’T BREAK ME ICONIC VANESSA L. WILLIAMS … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Reunion Part II Preview… Nene Leakes Calls Phaedra Parks “Low Down and Dirty”… Phaedra Tried To Get Dirt On Nene Through Nene’s Half-Sister(s)… Nene Says She Got Dirt on Phaedra… Phaedra Fades…

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Bravo…  On the RHOA Reunion Show Part II… NayNay calls out Phaedra Parks for doin’ some sneaky maneuvering behind NayNay’s back! Apparently, Phaedra had some words with NayNay’s half-sister or sisters, tryin’ to get some dirt on NayNay. This is … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA RECAP: Season Five, Episode Twenty-One … “Reunion, Part I”

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA RECAP   Season Twenty-One … “Reunion, Part I” by Sandi Duffy I am not looking forward to this reunion.  How much more of my time will be wasted on the dueling workout videos that no one … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA REUNION PREVIEW: It’s Kenya Moore v Phaedra Parks… “Stallion” Booty v “Donkey” Booty!!

Bravo  While ever so eloquently discussing their dueling booty videos, Kenya is flippin’ that fan!!!    AND… shut up, NayNay…


SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Kyle Richards Ex-Boyfriend Sued For Fraud!… Lisa Vanderpump “MOM on DWTS”…Kenya Moore “Message To Porsha Stewart”… Kathy Griffin/MissAndyCoop Talk Show… Adrienne Maloof Says She Ditched RHOBH Reunion Show “To Leave With Dignity”… Brandi Glanville “TruthTeller”!!… Yolanda Foster “TickWarning”!… New “WatchWhatCrappens”…

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Kyle Richards old boyfriend, C. Thomas Howell, is being sued for defrauding a movie investor. From TMZ: Blackacre Entertainment filed the suit in L.A. Monday, claiming Howell and two other defendants asked them to invest $220,000 for a film called “Bite” …  … Continue reading


KENYA MOORE: Kenya’s BravoBlog… Interest in ATL Housewives Wane… Kenya Moore’s Words Always Amusing!!… Calls Walter Jackson “Horrible Person” and “Stalker”… Kenya Takes On Phaedra Parks…

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NOTE:  While the RHOBH have overshadowed the ATL women, as can be proven by the number of comments posted at each of the RHOA BravoBlogs at, for some reason, Kenya Moore’s words are always amusing!   If you’re wondering about … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Preview: How Dumb Is Porsha Stewart?… Porsha’s Throwin’ Some “Malice Content” At Kenya!!… Nene Leakes Goes After Wendy Williams…

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Bravo…  Soon-to-be-divorced-dumb-as-a-boxa-rocks Porsha Stewart gets herself all ready to attend Kenya Moore’s par-tay as BAP Halle Berry… Kenya kicks soon-to-be-divorced Porsha Stewart outta her par-tay. Poor lil Porsha!  Porsha has very obviously NOT chatted with local celebrity legal expert “My … Continue reading