VICKI GUNVALSON, BROOKS AYERS: Crooks “Borrowed” $50,000…Vicki’s Twitter and FB **cough, cough** “Hacked”


Vicki Brooks Slade RHOC pg

According to ROL, Crooks sold approximately 17 share of “Vicki’s Vodka” to Williamson for $50,000:  $22,500 payable upon closing on March 6; $5,000 forgiveness of debt for money that Brooks owed Robert Williamson; $3,000 to cover future expenses for Brooks’ visit to the Kentucky Derby; $8,000 before March 31; $11,500 before April 15  (probably to cover any money owed to the IRS!).

AND… there was a reason for Vicki’s twitter and FB disappearing.  According to @VGunvalson, her accounts were HACKED!   Vicki’s attorney is now working on a response to her lawsuit…

Sounds like Vicki is covering for her Crooksy again.  We’re givin’ Vicki…

(Thanks to SH readers “DaPa” and “PMG”!!!)

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