SH EXCLUSIVE!! RancidRichie In Secret Talks With MissAndy To Save RHONJ!!

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In stark contrast to all the phony baloney tears and sympathy now being shed and shown by the NJ Housewives toward Teresa, here’s how they REALLY felt…

THE RHONJ: A Tour de Force of Their Anguished English…

In yet another display of their intellectualism, the RHONJ manage to mangle even more of the English language as they rehearse their scenes…


Reaction To FelonTeresa’s Sentence… Sobbing, No Tears!

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Those brilliant sound effects technician people at Bravo threw in some major sobbing for ChineseBubbaJax!  Watch as she breaks down after hearing that Teresa will be spending time in the clink… but, no tears!!

KomaKathy Says To Teresa … “Write My Blurb”!!

As if the RHONJ could not get any more boring than this season… along comes the deleted scenes!  KomaKathy is pissed that Teresa’s having problems writing a blurb for her dessert tome!

FIRST LOOK AT RHONJ REUNION SHOW: TeresaGiudice Walks Off… Says It’s Her Last Reunion Show

The HouseHusbands even have to muck up the reunion shows… what, no BigGayRosie?  Lovely Bride of Frankenstein hair on SaintZina!  Melissa calls out SaintZina on her “family” values…

Will VictoriaGotti crash the reunion show waving the “truthful” results from her polygraph test??

RHONJ Finale Preview: Twins Tell TeresaG To Stop Gossiping… And Call Her Stoopid!!

Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky!!!  The RHONJ is finally over!!  SaintZina’s reason for returning to the RHONJ gets some attention… instead of the PoscheFashionShow, the finale brawl takes place at a booooooring Ladybug event where the twins confront Teresa about her gossiping and call her stoopid!!!    KomaKathy and MelissaGorga make their useless cameo appearances…

Teresa And Joe Giudice Walk Into Court … Opinions Overflow!

RHONJ Preview:  Everyone has an opinion re the Giudices… RancidRichie and KomaKathy look especially sympathetic!  Noticeably absent from commenting on the Giudices are ChineseBubbaJax and CrookedChris…

How YOU Can Be Just Like The RHONJ …

The low-IQ subhumans of New Jersey think very highly of themselves.  The most laughable of this crew is SaintZina who gives “sex” tips.  Did SaintZina get her “advice” from interactions with Tommy or from listening to 50ShadesOfGrey on a continuous audiobook loop?


The Gorga Characters Which BravoTV And SirensMedia Want YOU To Forget!

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   Do the brainiacs at Bravo and the low intelligence producers at SirensMedia really think viewers are equally dumb?  Apparently the answer to that question is a huge “YES”! Their spoon-feeding of Joe and Melissa Gorga as the “mature” and … Continue reading

A Past Look At The Future! With FelonTeresa And KomaKathy!

Stumbled upon this while looking for something else!!  Who says that Teresa won’t be able to do her own hair when she goes away??


RHONJ Preview Part I: BigGayRosie Wins In ‘Marry, Shag, Kill’… KomaKathy Makes Kanolli; RancidRichie Is Crude… Melissa Lunches Ambien

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RHONJ Preview Part I:  In this scene filmed after the real filming of the RHONJ stopped to include the come back of AsianBubbaJax to boost ratings, everyone meets up at KomaKathy’s house to discuss AGAIN the never ending Mommy rumor. … Continue reading


RHONJ Preview Part II: Bobby’s Intentions For Nicole … AsianBubbaJax Has Another CryFest… Gang Up On TeresaGiudice

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Part II:  Bobby tells of his intention to marry Nicole… or is it Ta-Ressa?  After their first encounter at Dunkin’ Donuts, Bobby says that he cannot imagine his life without her.  Is this for real or is Bobby tryin’ to … Continue reading


KomaKathy Lures RiderU Students To Book Signing… 100 Dessert Cookbooks Given Away!

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KomaKathy’s PR team was in major MAJOR overdrive publicizing her October 3 book signing at Rider University… KomaKathy and her purse carrier, RanciRichie showed up at the appointed 8 pm time and had a short Q & A with all … Continue reading

RHONJ Preview: NJ Twins Tell Their Tale To ChineseBubba And KomaKathy!

The “Rino slept with Santa” story line has passed the point of simply BOOOORING, has hurdled over being a YAWNFEST, has vaulted past being a SNOOZEFEST… and has sprinted to the finish line of being the most TRITE, TIRESOME, TEDIOUS AND TREMENDOUSLY TASTELESS Housewives SNOW JOB of a SAGA… EVER!!  (This scene was obviously shot after filming wrapped on the RHONJ to feature ChineseBubba’s comeback!)

RHONJ KomaKathy Still HouseBuilding

OH… LOOK!  Kevin Jonas makes a guest appearance as KomaKathy’s head overseer of house building.  Kinda like when SuzanneSomers popped into the RHOBH…just a quick cameo to let people know that they’re still around!


KomaKathy… Bad Influence On College Students

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KomaKathy is expanding her cookbook audience and invading the minds of the under-21 group when she drops in at Rider University on October 3.  KomaK will be there to sign copies of her collection of dessert recipes… BUT, you must … Continue reading

GO BACK THROW BACK THURSDAY: KomaKathy Wheels Her Way To Corrados

A never-again-seen phony scene from October 2012:  KomaKathy says that people either love her pig-of-a-husband RancidRichie or hate him… and then KomaKathy hops on her bike and legs it to Corrados where she oohs and aaahs over some free samples.  KomaK waving to neighbors on her way to Corrados is a nice touch.  Watch as the “experienced” bicyclist wobbles when she gets back on her bike with a full basket of groceries.  No one has seen KomaK’s bike since!



Let’s Compare And Contrast: RHONJ At Grocery Store vs Milania At Corrados

Which is worse?  The RHONJ adult subhumans grocery shopping in Florida in early 2014 or Milania ripping it up at Corrados back in 2011??


Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.40.17 AM


The Miseducation Of KomaKathy And BubbaJax… RHONJ Ratings Celebration Premature!

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KomaKathy and BubbaJax are givin’ each other high fives for a slight jump in ratings for Sunday’s RHONJ. Viewers tuned into the RHONJ this Sunday for one reason and one reason only: CURIOSITY   Viewers wanted to see for themselves … Continue reading