KandiBurruss Announces The Cancelation Of Her Play…Blames Lack Of Ticket Sales On Promoter

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Kandi Burruss has made it official. Kandi announced that her stage play “A Mother’s Love” has been canceled.  Kandi can blame the cancellation on the producer/promoter or blame it on a bad case of whatevereritis… make up any excuse you’d like. … Continue reading


ANOTHER Housewives Product To Push…

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The Housewives will attach their name to anything that comes their way.  The latest product?  Shoes in a vending machine. Which Housewife will be pushin’ the $19.99 shoes?  Kandi Burruss… Flat Outs have been endorsed of by a host of … Continue reading

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Kandi Burruss’ Backstage Rider… No KFC!

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According to TMZ, Kandi Burruss wants only Popeye’s chicken served in her dressing room.  The rider reads: “Please do not substitute for KFC or Churches, we know the difference.”  Kandi wants only Popeye’s chicken, but she still wants something from … Continue reading


Housewives Ratings: RHOA Is NOT Number One

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During the first part of NayNay’s appearance on last night’s WWHL, MissAndy made sure to point out that the ATL was #1 in the ratings department.   This is total BS. The ratings results for RHONJ’s premiere episode (2.1 million) … Continue reading


Housewives Invading DWTS…

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  According to reports, some Housewives are set to appear on the 19th season of ABC’s Dancing with The Stars. One of the rumored future dancers is “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Housewife, Kandi Burruss. Other future cast possibilities for DWTS are … Continue reading

RHOA Reunion Preview: NayNay Goes Ghetto… Schreeches Over Kandi … MissAndy Does Nothing

On tomorrow’s RHOA Reunion Show:  NayNay regresses back to her ghetto roots as she shouts over Kandi.  This is where Sheree woulda stood toe-to-toe with NayNay.  As usual, MissAndy does nothing…would someone pul-leeeeeze rip off NayNay’s blonde wig!?

Kandi Talks (?) About The RHOA Brawl… And Cast Changes

Kandi Burruss chats with TMZ about the ATL reunion brawl and some other stuff.  Did TMZ expect Kandi to spill anything??  Everyone knows that none of these Housewives can say anything per their ironclad Bravo contract… the ONLY subject Kandi does confirm is re her wedding spinoff.  DUH!

MamaJoyce Talks To Counselor About Todd And Kandi…

On last night’s RHOA… MamaJoyce gets some counseling.  Todd had to quit his job as a production assistant on the RHOA… how could he be a PA when he’s now part of Kandi’s story line?  This “MamaJoyce Clinging To Kandi… and Don’t Like Todd” is the only friction that producers could come up with and the “friction” will continue on Kandi and Todd’s spin off show.  BOOOOOORING…


NOTE:  Getting counseling is now added to the list of routine interchangeable story lines being used by all Housewives franchises….along with “psychics,” fighting trips, weddings, recommitment ceremonies, gay support, engagement parties, lunch meetings to blab about the party which one of the lunching Housewives missed.  The list could go on and on… these shows are just so predictable and frankly, SH readers have written better story lines!!

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Preview: Todd Confronts MamaJoyce

On tonight’s RHOA… we get down to the bottom of the MamaJoyce/ToddTucker issue!!  It’s all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!  MEH.

Besides, Kandi and Todd were married yesterday.  


How about some RESPECT for viewers of these no-longer-attached-to-reality and now-turned-to-drivel DocuSoaps!  Would rather listen to Aretha!!



Even BETTER than Aretha… some Rodney Dangerfield!!



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After observing several comments on this site, am somewhat saddened that people are STILL so personally invested in these producer-driven characters whose personalities/lives/families are served up on a phony baloney “reality” show.  Would LOVE to go back to when the … Continue reading

Apollo Says “Everybody Cheats”

On last night’s RHOA:   Big discussion about how EVERYONE cheats… PUH-LEEZE!!  Phaedra says Apollo don’t know what the hell he’s talkn’ about…


NAY NAY Says MugshotMarlo Was “NOT Bravo’s Brand”… Backtracks on DWTS … GreggLeakes’ Court Records

From ESSENCEMagazine… You told Jimmy Kimmel that your exotic dancer background would give you a little bit of an edge. Has it? [Laughs] Well, I thought it would give me a little edge. It didn’t give me not a thing. … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: LuAnnie Sellin’…Maloof’s Return?… Carlton v BFrankel… Slimey In Wretched’s Clothes…MORE!

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Countess LuAnnie has dropped the price of her Hamptons house from $9.995 to $8.995 million… Sheree Whitfield will be on WWHL with Kim Zolciak this Sunday… ANOTHER report of Adrienne Maloof’s possible return to the RHOBH… NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  Rod’s Kid is … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN”… Housewives And Other Stuff That We Really Don’t Care About…

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NayNay’s last gasp at bein’ a big Hollywood star and gettin’ outta Haterville will soon get that cancellation notice.  GLEE’s ratings have dipped to a new dismal low…  Hope NayNay uses that private number of TylerPerry!! Kandi Burruss gets her … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN”… All The Housewives News That Isn’t That Important…BUT Ya Gotta READ!!

Oxygen Media disguises famous faces in pop culture on the hilarious new hidden camera series “Celebrities Undercover.” The half-hour series will feature two celebrities concealing their true identity with the use of prosthetic make-up to find out what unsuspecting fans … Continue reading


BEFORE NayNay Was An Atlanta Housewife…”Choking Out” KimZolciak POLICE REPORT

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While looking for something else,  came across this October 7, 2008 interview with Nene Leakes BEFORE the Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered… …AND an interview with Nene AFTER the RHOA premiered. NOTE:  In the aftermath of the fallout from the “Saving Our Daughters” Charity … especially NayNay Leakes’ involvement , … Continue reading

KANDI BURRUSS: Kandi’s Mother Leaves Phone Message… MamaJoyce Is Gonna Kick Someone’s Azz!


Look out… MamaJoyce is gettin’ in on the Atlanta “kick azz” action!

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Preview… DumbCynthia Gets All Finger-Waggin’ In Kandi’s Face!

RHOA Preview Part II:  DumbCynthia gets all finger-waggin’ up in Kandi’s face…after allegations of ToddTucker bein’ an “opportunist” starts flyin’!  Kandi is correct… no matter which words were used by whom, they’re still calling Todd an “opportunist”!  Go on witcha bad self, Kandi!!

NOTE:  Carlos King had better STOP watchin’ the RHOBH and come up with somma his own ideas!  Carlos knows that HagfaceKosherKyle and KimRichards did that finger-waggin’-in-your-face first!


YOU’RE A SLUT PIG, DRUNK OTIS!!                                                                                           AND STOP STEALIN’ ALREADY-BEEN-DONE-ON-BEVERLY HILLS STUFF, CARLOS!! 



KANDI BURRUSS: Kandi’s Mother Just Wants The Best For Kandi…

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MamaJoyce clears the air about Kandi and Todd in this interview from FoxAtlanta… and MamaJoyce states that Kandi’s father still owes her child support.  Kandi’s father tells FoxAtlanta that he’s fully paid up on his child support responsibilities.   NOTE: … Continue reading

KANDI BURRUSS: Kandi Lookin’ For Talent… Kandi Suffers Ear Bleeds

On the next RHOA:  Kandi is tryin’ to find some good vocal talent in ATL.    Note to Kandi:  There’s a “singer”  from New Jersey that you might wanna audition!  She comes with her own auto-tuned songs!!


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Preview: Kandi Burruss’ Boyfriend “Opportunist”… Says Peter Thomas!

On the next RHOA… “Pot meet kettle”!  Peter Thomas calls Todd Tucker an opportunist…

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Preview… Next Episode Is Real TearJerker… Everybody Cries!

On the next RHOA:  Kenya’s father visits…  KimZolciak MichaelJackson NayNay makes FrontPorsha cry…  Kandi cries:


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES… TAKIN’ A LOOK BACK: What Was Goin’ On In December… One, Two and Three Years Ago!

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While looking for something else, got lost in the past! These are some of the interesting items discovered from around this time three years, two years and one year ago around this time, which you may have totally forgotten about… … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Camille Grammer… Brandi Glanville… Kim Richards…Phil Robertson Suspension Lifted…Kandi Burruss… “Skinny” Drink Sales Down

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Camille Grammer ain’t messin’ with her EX-boyfriend, Dimwitri.  Camille has filed court papers for a permanent restraining order which would prevent Dimwitri from being able to come anywhere near Camille indefinitely. Kandi Burruss ain’t goin’ the bikini-photo route… but, does issue … Continue reading


GUESS THE HOUSEWIFE!!… And YOU Could Win A “Gimme Pizza You Old Troll” T-Shirt!!… HOUSEWIFE Revealed… Winners Announced!!

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WHO THE HELL IS THIS HOUSEWIFE??? ONE… or maybe TWO… correct answers identifying this Housewife who was caught cavorting casually (no paps were paid **cough, cough**…)  in the cresting waters of the man-made waves at SixFlagsWaterPark ocean will be chosen … Continue reading