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FROM THE SH 2012 ARCHIVES, MELISSA GORGA: MeGo Was The FIRST “Fake It ‘Til You Make It” Housewife…Said In 2012 BravoBlog…’Splains How She Got On RHONJ… And Says She and JoeyMarcoGorga Own Four or FIVE Houses! REALLY???

  Melissa Gorga who first admitted to bein’ a “fakin’ it” Housewife in her BravoBlog from October 2012!   After reading MeGo’s 2012 BravoBlog, found it so interesting that ALL of her words are worthy […]

TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s Final “BravoBlog”… Tree Says FEBUS “Not As HONEST As She Pretends”… “A FAKER”…”She puts on a front and her and Albert were really miserable the whole time” … JOE GIUDICE: Juicy’s Monday Conference To Set Trial Date For Forgery…

According to several sources, Joe Giudice will have a trial date set on Monday for his driver’s license forgery charges.  Will wait until Monday to share details… if there are any!   Neither Joodice… Tree […]