THE KILLER: Time For An Update… Trial Date Postponed… What The Killer Is Being Fed In Joe’s Jail

This gallery contains 1 photo.… Had to do a quick check on the latest goings-on with that killer chick. Her trial has been postponed… was supposed to take place last week and has been moved to October 4.  No reason for the delay was … Continue reading

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From   Shut up, Roy!  Bill Montgomery has already said that he’s seeking the death penalty.



JUROR #16 SPEAKS: Nurse Juror Says Back Off Other Juror’s Decisions… Feels Satisfied With Outcome

From… Nurse Marilou Allen-Coogan, Juror #16 speaks… does not give details re deliberation:


JUROR #6 SPEAKS: Killer Was “Disconnected”… Voted FOR Death Penalty Based on The Law and Evidence…Answers Twitter Questions… UPDATE: Jurors #6 and #17 On HLN’s Jane, Nancy and Drew

This gallery contains 2 photos.

UPDATE:  Originally, Juror #6 (below) and alternate Juror #17 (@tarakelley320) were to appear on HLN’s Dr. Drew show.  The Jurors are now scheduled to talk to Jane Velez-Mitchell, Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew on HLN starting at 7 pm EST. … Continue reading


WARNINGS FOR THE KILLER: From Arizona DOC Deputy Warden… How To Be A Good Guest At Perryville… The Killer’s Future Neighbor on Death Row, Angela Simpson

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This is what it will REALLY be like for the killer when she’s ensconced in Perryville Prison… by someone who knows, former Deputy Warden Carl ToersBijns.  You’re probably familiar with the first, “Rose Colored Glasses”… but, Deputy Warden ToersBijns created … Continue reading

THREE JA JURORS SPEAK OUT: Felt They Had Failed… Prosecution Table Would Not Look At Them

Three jurors from the slaughter of Travis Alexander trial: Marilou Allen-Cougan, Diane Schwartz and Kevin Spellman, spoke this morning about their deliberations with ABCNews.GMAcom.   All three voted FOR the death penalty:

(Thanks to SH reader “StaceyChris”!!!)

TRAVIS ALEXANDER UPDATE: Killer’s Aggravation Phase… Extreme Cruelty PROVEN By Prosecutor Juan Martinez

NOT ONE TEAR… NOT ONE!   The killer was sobbing when trying to manipulate the jury’s decision… but, when the verdict was reached and read… not one tear.  Court will resume tomorrow at 1:30 pm EST.


TRAVIS ALEXANDER: Murderer Update… No More Interviews…Inside Closed Custody… Petitions and Twitter…

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Troy Hayden visited the Estrella Jail’s closed custody (solitary confinement) area where the killer is now staying: The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office received an order from the Superior Court of Arizona and Judge Sherry Stephens that from May 14, 2013, … Continue reading


TRAVIS ALEXANDER MURDER: Killer Wastes No Time In Speaking To Media!… Wants Life In Prison… Juan Martinez Hid Evidence!

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WOW!  The amazing burglar balls of this chick! You would think that someone who was just handed a first-degree pre-meditated murder charge would be quietly contemplating her life… or sobbing in her cell, thinking of her crime.  But, this is … Continue reading


MURDERER Jodi Arias has been found GUILTY of first degree pre-meditated murder.  “No jury will ever convict me”… WRONG!!

Court will resume tomorrow for the aggravation phase of this trial.


TRAVIS ALEXANDER: Verdict Has Been Reached… Waiting At The Maricopa County Courthouse… What’s This Guy Got Against Nancy Grace?

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This attorney seems to think that changing her hair color and the placement of the license plate was no big deal… and has nothing to do with proving pre-meditation! Verdict will be announced in 35 minutes… 4:30 pm EST.   … Continue reading


TRAVIS ALEXANDER: Jury Has Reached A Verdict…

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A verdict has been reached and will be announced in court at 4:30 pm EST…  If the killer is convicted of first-degree murder, she faces either life in prison or a death sentence.  Jurors also have the option of convicting … Continue reading


TRAVIS ALEXANDER MURDERER: Jodi Arias’ Letter To Keep Nurmi As Her Attorney… Will Verdict Come Today?… Arizona Death Row

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Killer Jodi Arias wrote a letter to Judge Sally Duncan re the “precarious circumstances” of her legal defense, in which Jodi insisted that Kirk Nurmi continue representing her for the brutal slaying of Travis Alexander:   The letter continues at … Continue reading


TRAVIS ALEXANDER MURDER TRIAL: Juan Martinez Closing Argument Rebuttal… Jurors Given The Jodi Arias Case For Deliberation

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The trial for the brutal murder of Travis Alexander has finally come to a close. The State of Arizona started the case against Jodi Arias on January 2, 2013 and after four months of testimony, including 18 days of direct … Continue reading


TRAVIS ALEXANDER MURDER TRIAL: Defense Closing Arguments Have Begun… “Sex, Lies and Dirty Little Secrets”

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The trial for the brutal murder of Travis Alexander continues today with the defense attorneys of Jodi Alexander, Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Wilmott, presenting their closing arguments.  Court resumes today at 12 noon EST. Watch on your HLN channel… HLN … Continue reading


TRAVIS ALEXANDER KILLER TRIAL: TWO New Witnesses to Take Stand Today… Jodi Arias Makes HLN Ratings Soar… Who Is Living In Travis Alexander’s House?… Judge Stephens Instructions For Today: Stay Until We’re Finished… UPDATE: Who’s At Trial

This gallery contains 18 photos.

The Travis Alexander Vicious Slaughter by Jodi Arias Trial Continues Wednesday, May 1 at 12:30 pm EST. Watch on your HLN channel or live stream via Today will be a marathon in the court room: “Before closing arguments are … Continue reading


JODI ARIAS: Life or Death Sentence?… What Will Jodi Say When Her Time Is Up?

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Just like Jodi Arias, Richard Cobb, who was put to death by painless lethal injection, ADMITTED to killing the convenience store clerk whom he also kidnapped. Richard Cobb had been sitting on death row in Texas for ELEVEN years before … Continue reading


JODI ARIAS TRIAL: Dr. Kevin Horn, Maricopa County Medical Examiner… Jodi “Upset” As ME Describes Travis Alexander’s Fatal Wounds… The State Rests Their Case…Juror #8 Dismissed; Official Reason Sealed… Jodi’s Mother Reports Photo Taking In Courtroom

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The Jodi Arias trial continues today at 12:30 pm EST. Watch on your HLN channel or live stream via Court is in recess until Wednesday, May 1, 2013. The state has rested their case. Judge Stephens dismissed the jury… … Continue reading


JODI ARIAS TRIAL: Detective Esteban Flores Questioned… Jury Questions Asked

This gallery contains 17 photos.

Court resumes TODAY… Wednesday, April 24 at 9:30 am… 12:30 pm EST.    Prosecutor Juan Martinez continues calling rebuttal witnesses ahead of closing arguments.  There is a FB page for the “Travis Alexander Legacy Fund“…  “this page is dedicated to fundraising … Continue reading


JODI ARIAS TRIAL: Dr. Janeen DeMarte Rebuttal Witness… Says Jodi NOT A “Battered Woman” Does NOT Suffer PTSD… Dr. Lenore Walker on Nancy Grace “Battered Women Fearful For Their Life” Not Yet Heard In Jodi Arias Trial…

This gallery contains 57 photos.

The Travis Alexander MURDER case resumes today, Thursday, April 18 at 9:30 am Arizona time… 12:30 pm EST. Watch on your HLN channel or live stream via   Jodi had another migraine yesterday… Judge Stevens dismissed court early because … Continue reading