The FEBUS Cheating Scandal… The WORST Ever PR Item!! TeresaGiudice Blamed For Spillin’ The Info To Producers!!

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Apparently, the FEBUS spinoff show isn’t doing too well.   If it were, there would be no reason for planting this “explosive” cheating item at ROL… …from the infamous “mystery source”! While filming the season 5 finale last year at the … Continue reading


HOUSEWIFE NEWS: Kyle Richards… Mauricio Umansky…Kim Richards’ Nephew…Paul Nassif, Terry Dubrow… Yolanda Foster, David Foster…

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YIKES!!!   And to think that the paps were paid to take her pictures!  HagfaceKyle should destroy the digitals! See more photos of HagfaceKyle Richards at TheDailyMail… Speakin’ of HagfaceKyle… her husband, MO-Ree-C-O cannot unload Barry Bonds’ house!  The house … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN”… More REAL Stuff… And… Reader’s Questions!!

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More stuff that is much more interesting than those moronic Housewives! One of the messages received was the horrific headline… “NIH Stopped Treating Children with Cancer” Could this possibly be true?  Well, it is partially.  Included in the government shut … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES STUFF: Tweet Reward… RHOM Fading Fast…Yolanda Foster Selling Malibu House; Asking $27 Million… Andy Cohen’s West Village Shack… New Bravo Show With Rihanna!

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JTG is offering five bills for anyone who can produce his kid-bashing tweet: In response, a tweeter asked: NOTE:  Think JTG should shell out the measly $500 for fake tweets!  A REAL tweet should get $5,000, but payin’ that 5K … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Let’s Look Back At What Was Goin’ On In April 2013… JTG Tweets…

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Originally posted April 5, 2013… Now that we know that the Ridgewood StilettoGate was phony, it’ s interesting to look back to see what was happening at this time… From RidgewoodPatch:   NOTE:  The story going around is that JohnnyTheGreek said disparaging … Continue reading


LAURITA: BubbaJax’ BIZZARO BravoBlog… Bubba Goes After JTG and Penny For Not Having “INTEGRITY”!!… AND Goes After The “HATERS”!!… Throwin’ Around All Kinda “Super Scary” “BS” Legal Crap…

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Bravo… DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!   NOTE:  “Drama” created by Sirens/Bravo… Kim D. told me I had actually been in Penny’s presence a couple of times in the past in quick passing at her store and at one of her events, … Continue reading


HOUSEWIFE NEWS: Peggy Tanous “Knew” That Night!…Carole Radziwill…Cynthia Bailey Book…PT Housewife HouseTour…Melissa Gorga New Management.. PeteGiudice Pissed!

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Former Orange County Housewife, @PeggyTanous, just “had that feeling” when she shared the BravoClubhouse with MissAndy and Sean Avery!   (See Sean and Peggy’s June 2011 appearance… ) KKKelly Bensimon is sick and tired of BFrankel’s BS!  “I just want the record … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY Preview: Penny Points Da Finger…

Bravo  Penny finally gets herself some air time and JTG finally gets mentioned!  Penny points the finger at Tree… “Butch” is bleeped…

Speakin’ of MeGo… her SISTER will be appearing in “MyBigFatItalianWedding” for a few days in October.  Had no idea she was a “healthy food blogger”… but, really, WHO CARES!

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Let’s Take Another Look At Those “Damn Melissa Emails”… From TWO Years Ago!… The Source Of Numerous Items On Various HWs Sites

NOTE:  The relationship between Melissa Gorga, Penny Karagiorgis and her husband, Johnny “The Greek” Karagiorgis,  and Posche Boutique owner KimD is further explained in these emails received two years ago.  

The emails also are the source of numerous items on various Housewives sites…


While looking for something else, came upon THIS very interesting post.  

Let’s take a look back to almost a year ago… before Melissa Gorga hit the big time… before her Housewife fame hit.

                                                                                Which one of you bitches called me bitch… bitch?

Melissa Gorga the newest Housewife on the Real Housewives of New Jersey has a lot to say about Tree, Caroline, Jackie and Kathy, but her real reason for signing on to RHONJ?  It’s all about her singing career.  (Interesting that the email sent to SH (below) that caused such a brouhaha said that Melissa’s whole intention for getting on RHONJ was to further her singing career.)

But, if Melissa is such a world-class singer, why would she go through the constant ‘heartbreak’… now there’s a drinking game… take a drink every time you see a video of the cast of RHONJ and they say ‘heartbreak’ or ‘heartbreaking’… you’ll be looking like this in a matter of minutes….of a reality TV show to get her singing showcased?

                          Did someone say ‘heartbreak’ again?

Are the rumors true that Melissa was pissed with Tree JOO-DICE for not acting like la famiglia and ‘sharing the wealth’ with Melissa and her husband, Joe during the first two seasons of RHONJ by way of introducing Melissa and Joe and allowing them some screen time?

During last season, Danielle states that it was Melissa who was feeding her information to use against Tree… not just to inflame Tree, but to also get Melissa noticed by the Bravo producers.

                           Don’t hurt my Juicy!!

According to Danielle, it was Melissa who told Danielle to bring up Tree’s nephew at the reunion, as there were problems brewing between Tree and Melissa and Melissa knew that bringing up the subject of not recognizing her nephew would really steam Tree.  Of course, there’s still that rumor out there that the nephew is not Melissa’s son, but a baby that Juicy’s ‘side’, Tara G or T, had.  Who knows?  It’s difficult to piece this relationship together.

Are both Tree and Melissa playing a huge game on RHONJ viewers?  Tree is a pretty sneaky biatch and Melissa can’t be too far behind her in that department… Melissa has been in the family for almost 10 years.

                                  Melissa is very serious about her music.  You always stand by a piano if you want your audience to think you’re serious…

So, with that in mind, here’s a scenario:   Melissa thinks she is a fantastic singer.  Tree says to Melissa that RHONJ would be a great springboard for you, but no one will watch you if all you do is sing.  There has to be a really good back story to the reason that you would participate in the show.  Melissa and Tree confer and come up with the tried and true story of competing women.  Yeah, let’s really hate each other on the show… since we know each other so well, we could really make it believable.

Melissa would only have to suffer through such ‘heartbreak’ for one season and Tree would come out of it a little bruised, but a lot of viewers would have such sympathy for her that they would want to see her back and would even buy cookbooks 3 and 4  “Sauce or Gravy” and “Cumin, Dinner’s Getting Cold:  Fast Meals if You Don’t Make it to the DinnerTable.”

After Melissa has her singing career off the ground and she’s relocated to LA, there will be a spot left open for another RHONJ… this time it might be one or two of Caroline’s estranged sisters… now that would be a show!

Melissa has a chat with HubPages and explains how she got on RHONJ and her plans… here.

                                                                                 You can book Melissa here.

Melissa also had an interview with an Atlanta radio station… and chatted about how she overcame being the ‘new girl’ on RHONJ.  Melissa says that she, Caroline, Jackie and Kathy get along well.  Teresa just cannot stand any attention being taken away from her.   AND…  Melissa’s singing is just gonna blow everyone away!

Radio Interview…


May 11, 2011  9:54 pm

Received the following email:

“Melissa is a complete faker. Worse than Teresa b/c she never even intended to live in her “dream house.” It was a construction model her husband built, and they are staying there (illegally) until their construction loan balloon payment becomes due next year. They want to look rich for Bravo, but they plan on bailing on their house and moving to LA when it’s due next year (to pursue 31-year-old, mother of 3 Melissa’s dream of being a “pop star”).

To build their “dream house,” Joe & Melissa Gorga got a “construction loan” — meaning a short-term loan to build the property to sell it for profit to a buyer, what builders do. It’s not a mortgage. You’re not supposed to live in your own house. It’s totally scamming the system. They had the house up for sale, but when they got cast on RHONJ, they pulled it so they would look like they were rich (they are not!) Next year, Joe & Missy will have a $2 million balloon payment due! They can’t pay it and are screwed!

The proof is in the public records:

(A link to the Morris County Real Estate records was included; however, the link did not work.  I did find the information from the link and can verify its accuracy.  Actually, the balloon payment of $2.25 million is due July, 2012  Update:  Missy and Joe Gorga modified their mortgage and a balloon payment is not due in July.  Their mortgage payment will be $15,000 a month.)

Tax liens on Melissa & Joe Gorga’s house:  (There are liens also from the fireplace installer and garage door installer totalling approximately $30,000.)

They tried to sell house, and it was removed:
This also shows that Melissa lies about how big her house it. She repeatedly says it’s a 15,000 square foot house on the show (even the previews) just so she can make it seem so much bigger than Teresa’s, but as you can see from public records, it’s only 13,000 square feet.
Melissa has been jealous of Teresa since the day they met. Melissa was a plain Jane. Teresa has been fabulous and over-the-top since high school. Look at how Melissa has transformed herself into Teresa (I attached a picture–you can find them all on the web).
Melissa copies EVERYTHING Teresa does: where she get her hair done, which pediatrician she uses, she literally follows Teresa into stores. She wears the same shoes 2 weeks later… Here’s a classic example (so Leann Rimes/Brandi Glanville!): Teresa got a hot designer dress in Vegas with a feather skirt in Sept. She twittered it. The next month, Melissa showed up at Audriana’s birthday party in the same feathered dress.
Melissa copied the way Teresa set up her Twitter name: Teresa_Giudice and Melissa_Gorga. Who does that?  NOTE:  Melissa has since changed her twitter acct to @MelissaGorga.
Melissa’s new website is black with a diamond over the “i” just like Teresa’s Fabulicious logo on her site. And producers did know about Melissa for 3 years — they interviewed everyone of the Housewives friends and family every year for new blood, and they passed on Melissa every time. Then last year, Melissa and Joey got drunk and made a tape where they parodied The Godfather, sent it to Bravo, and promised they’d humiliate Teresa on TV. Bravo bit. Teresa didn’t know anything about it until they were signed! She was completely betrayed by Melissa, her brother, and Bravo. And unlike what was reported, Teresa was stuck in a 2-more-year contract, so she couldn’t get out of it and leave the show. She tried b/c she didn’t want to expose her parents or her kids to Melissa’s fame whore nonsense.
If Teresa always hated Melissa, why is Melissa Gabriella’s godmother? It’s Melissa who can’t stand that Teresa got famous, and now she wants what Teresa has. Missy is stalker scary.  NOTE:  The sender of this email is someone close to Melissa Gorga… only her family and close friends know that she is called “Missy”…
PS– One of the reasons Teresa does hate Missy now is b/c Missy & Joe have an “open” marriage, and Teresa thinks it’s disgusting. Missy leaves her kids with her 2 nannies all the time to go clubbing and hook up (she’s usually with an exflame called “Butch,”) and Joe sleeps with everyone in a skirt. Joe actually had charges pressed against him for rape back in the day, but his family pressured the girl to drop the suit. Look up the court records in Patterson, NJ though… the charges were filed….”  NOTE:  A thorough search was made for any information re the “court records” pertaining to these allegations made against Joe Gorga.  Nothing was found.  Also, the sender of this email incorrectly spelled “Patterson”… it’s “Paterson” with one “t”… NJ!


NOTE:  The following email was sent to SH eight months ago… November 9, 2011.  Knowing what SH readers and viewers of the Real Housewives of New Jersey now know about Melissa Gorga, this email may reveal further information regarding Melissa Gorga and her background…. if you choose to believe the author of the email!  In attempting to get someone to own up to writing the email,  a call to the person (Penny Drossos) named in the email on November 9, 2011 was placed.  That person denies knowing anything about the email.  

After reading, you may come to your own conclusions… 

Le Chateau Allure Salon is now closed… the phone number is now “Columbos” ***The IP address is blocked… there is no name on the bottom of the email, only twitter addresses, and they deny authorship.  SO… WHO sent the email??****  

Karma Kares

jerseybboy** to me
show details Nov 9
Stoopid Housewives:

I have detrimental information pertaining to BRAVO’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” franchise, specifically regarding Season 4 and Season 5 of the series. As you know, ever since Melissa Gorga came onto the scene, former friends Teresa, Jacqueline, and Caroline have been broken apart at the seams [for good this time]. As viewers and yourself will see next year, the 2011 POSCHE Fashion Show is the climax of all climaxes. I know this first-hand, as I was present and working at the show that very evening.

Had Melissa Gorga and her amateur pro-bono publicist not immediately went to the press and reality blogs, claiming Teresa Giudice and her friends tried to “set-up” Melissa – the cryptic housewife would have never ruffled the feathers of a woman who could very well be the biggest liability to Gorga’s simulated image.

The exclusive beauty director of the 2011 POSCHE Fashion Show was none other than Penny Karagiorgis, the owner of New Jersey’s full-service salon and euro spa, “La Chateau Allure.” Penny has a long history with Melissa, and knew Melissa long before her housewife days. In fact, when Melissa was casted for RHONJ, she actually called Penny [who she was not on good terms with her at the time] to boast. Penny, a well-educated former teacher turned businesswoman, was never a fan of Melissa ever since the self-proclaimed “Christian” worked as a stripper at her family-owned strip club [Looker’s Gentlemen’s Club in Elizabeth]. Melissa must have never took a moment to think about her own skeletons when she made it her mission to “…destroy Teresa Giudice…” As luck would have it, the minute filming began for Melissa she stopped speaking to anyone who knew her well, which included all of her best friends.

The reason being? Melissa has much more to worry about than her stripper past. There is a reason Teresa never liked her, but refused to “go there” on the reunion [for her brother]. One of the [many] reasons being cocaine…

However, the major difference between Teresa and Penny, is a filter. Penny is not Joe Gorga’s brother, and therefore has no reason to bite her tongue while simultaneously crying herself to sleep at night. This is evident in the recent Twitter war Penny and her husband [John] were in with Melissa and her unqualified publicist, who has since removed all of her tweets directed at the Bergen County family.

There is much more to Melissa than the Britney Spears character she tries to emulate. Joe did not meet Melissa in the romantic way of which they self-promote. Moreover, Joe Gorga was not even the man who Melissa was truly out for. In fact, the man [Mr. X] who Melissa obsessed over was a very good friend of Penny’s, who Melissa tried to strategically use to receive the approval of Mr. X and his family. That, and much more…

Any educated human being would think Melissa has some sort of psychological disorder for passive aggressively going after the one woman who knows more about her than she probably knows about herself. Maybe this is just the mentality of “Jersey rednecks.” After all, something many viewers, and especially none-New Jersey residents are not aware of, is that “Real Housewives of New Jersey” is not filmed in the area of the state where one would think the show would be filmed. Franklin Lakes, Montville, and Wayne – while all are safe, above-average communities to reside in – are certainly not [by any stretch of the imagination] the Manhattan (RHONY), Beverly Hills (RHOBH), Atlanta (RHOA), or even Orange County (RHOC) of New Jersey. In fact, Franklin Lakes is merely hanging on the border of Northern Bergen County [the wealthiest sector of the entire state].

The narcissistic Melissa and Joe Gorga may be coming after the Karagiorgis family in hopes that their bullying tactics will shut them up like it did Tre. However, this family is not stupid, nor desperate, and they know everything about Melissa from the manager who purchased her breast implants down to the hardcore drugs “Missy” and Joe Gorga used in the same party environment that their children were present in [multiple times].

The family’s twitter handles [where one can view the side of the tweet war which was not deleted] are as follow:


Pictures are enclosed as well.


LARSA PIPPEN: Larsa’s Husband, Scottie Pippen… Assault With A Deadly Weapon… His SHOE!

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TMZ is reporting that Scottie Pippen was charged with felony assault after he beat a man last night after the man asked Scottie for his autograph outside of Nobu restaurant in Malibu.  Scottie is being booked for felony assault with intent to … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: “Bloody Brawl” Update… All Reconciled… Suits Settled!… Another Housewives Franchise Stepped In!!

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The participants in the RHONJ totally set up “bloody brawl” … have all come to an agreeable agreement! There will be no Bravo cameras floating around that prissy Ridgewood NJ town! This amazing agreeable agreement was arranged by another knowledgeable … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Bloody Brawl UPDATE… JTG “Walked Into An Ambush”… Jax, Chris Laurita and Joe Gorga WILL Be Charged With “Assault And Terroristic Threats”… Gorga And Laurita’s Filed CounterClaim Against JTG…

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From “Three cast members from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”… Joe Gorga, Chris Laurita and Jacqueline Laurita… WILL be charged with assault and terroristic threats following a ruling last night by municipal Judge David Pfund. Judge Pfund determined … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: BRAWL UPDATE… JohnnyTheGreek’s Nose Broken… Complaints Against Joe Gorga, Chris Laurita and Jacqueline Laurita WILL Be Issued… Court Date April 18… JTG Did NOT Attack Autistic Boy; Melissa Gorga’s EX-Boyfriend Was Cause!

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From RidgewoodPatch:   NOTE:  The story going around is that JohnnyTheGreek said disparaging words about da Laurita’s autistic son. Never believed that story… do not believe that JTG would ever say a bad word about a child.   IF JTG … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: The Expected Brawl… Salon Owner Says “They’re so much nicer than they’re made out to be.”

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What would the RHONJ be without their expected brawl?  It all started with Teresa Giudice’s table flipping… then the RHONJ upped their brawling with Melissa Gorga’s christening of her child… which all lead up to the next big brawl!  For … Continue reading


BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!!… UPDATE: Housewife Revealed!!… FIVE Complaints Filed… “Assault” and “Terroristic Threats”!

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UPDATE:  Who ELSE could this Housewife be… but BubbaJax Laurita! Supposedly, the big finale brawl broke out over Easter weekend at Kim D’s store with JohnnyTheGreek, John Karagiorgis, being the person who was assaulted by BubbaJax’ heel. BubbaJax’ heel connected real good … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: We Got A Message For Juicy!… How To Avoid That Pesky Drivers License Charge!

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December 6, 2012 As you are well aware, Joe Giudice is still dealing with that drivers license boondoogle he got into when he got himself a New Jersey driver’s license using his brother Pete’s documents. Here’s the perfect solution for … Continue reading



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SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY PM: Atlanta’s New Housewives… Beverly Hills New Housewives… Teresa Giudice “TwitterRelations”… UPDATE: “Watch What Crappens”! Funny!!

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September 20, 2012  8:30 pm  UPDATE 11:40 pm Get on over to TVGasm!   The latest “WatchWhatCrappens” is now available! The whole gang is back! Ben Mandelker (, Matt Whitfield (Yahoo! TV), and Ronnie Karam ( had so much to … Continue reading


RHONJ… More From Twitter… JohnnyTheGrk “Kept Calm For Producers”… Lookers Manager “Account Suspended”… UPDATE: “Gorga Apology” To KimD

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                                                              The RHONJ… “You can leave now, LapBand..” Johnny The Greek … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: Posche Fashion Show “The Hair Goddess”… Miami Ratings “Over 1 Million”… Lookers Manager On Twitter… Photoshopped “Fat Melissa”… Bravo Producer’s “Nasty Email”

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September 15, 2012  10:00 pm    The fabulous, fantastic and now “famous” Posche Fashion Show… coordinated by Kim DePaola, owner of the Posche Boutique in Wayne NJ… is where all loose ends from each season of the the RHONJ seem … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: “You’re Sister-In-Law Used To Work For Me”… Preview…VIDEO

On the next Real Housewives of New Jersey…