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SHANA: Says Brandi Glanville Is Reason For RHOBH Decline

From X17Online

Does this chick ever shut up???  AND… is she serious??

Shana says that DrunkOtis is the reason the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stinks.   Shana also says that she still has friends from her RHOBH days… including YODA!

NOTE:  Shana flashes her “engagement” ring… and is braggin’ how there is a matching necklace.  Her fiance, Beuller, stayed silent when asked about a firm wedding date… only to say that it will be spectacular.  IMO, Shana and Beuller are goin’ the Wretched and Slimey route… they’re lookin’ for a network to pick up their “story”!  A “love” story… how they met; how Beuller was screamin’ on the phone at Russell’s babyMamas; how Beuller left his wife and kids; how doin’ the “reality” circuit is easier and pays better!!  Who wouldn’t want to watch that???


Now we know what the initial attraction was between Shana and Beuller… they’re both drunk!!  What a surprise!! 

The most surprising part of this… Shana has an agent!!

Dr. Jenn says that Shana’s drunken “issues” will be addressed on next week’s episode.


(Thanks to SH readers “lamb” “CMHR” and “BlueIvy”!!!)


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS PHOTO RECAP: Season Three, Episode Eight… “Unsolved Mistresses”… READ IT…IT’S FUNNY!!

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