Who Will Tell FELONTeresa About Juicy’s Latest Cheating?

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Joe and Teresa’s oldest daughter, Gia, is the unfortunate victim of her parents’ bad behavior yet again. After Joe was caught out on a date with another woman while Teresa’s behind bars, Gia will reveal the humiliating news to her mother … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM REVEALED! Who’s The HouseHusband?

From CDAN… December 24, 2014

This husband of a NJ Real Housewife has been silent on the issue, but a secretary that he has been hooking up with for the past year told her employer she would not be returning to work after the holidays because she was moving in with the husband.  




NOTE:  Juicy’s former business partner, Joe Mastropole, told SH the following back in March 2011:

“i am not surprised joe is fooling around that will never change nor will his getting drunk and acting like a 20 yr old some people never grow up and can never do the right thing by anyone not a partner wife or friend he will rot in hell.”

(Thanks “chameleon”!!!)


TREE JOODICE… JuicyJoe’s NJ State Lawsuit Dropped… MEH

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The other shoe has dropped in the New Jersey lawsuit filed by Juicy’s ex-business partner Joe Mastropole against JuicyJoe Joodice. Joe Mastropole claimed Giudice forged Mastropole’s signature on a mortgage document for an apartment they owned together and took his … Continue reading


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES… Three Years Ago 2010: Teresa Giudice Bankruptcy… Tree Screams In Court Hallway… Joe Giudice Says, “I’m f**king tired of this TV sh*t!”

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The recent 41-count Federal Indictment against Teresa and Joe Giudice didn’t just happen.  Da Joodice’s legal problems have been hanging over them for over three years. The following, re Tree screeching at Monica Chacon in a NJ Court was originally … Continue reading

TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: JuicyJoe In MORE Driving Trouble!… Ticketed For Driving Old “Un-Inspected” Maserati… And “No Insurance”



Joe Giudice, 43, Italian immigrant, Towaco resident, star of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and soon-to-be maybe “going away”…  was pulled over in Montville and issued two summonses earlier today, November 26.

“Guidice was operating a Maserati on Hook Mountain Road and was observed with no inspection sticker.

Mr. Guidice was directed to the inspection unit and issued two summonses by Montville Police,” said Montville Police Capt. Rudy Appelmann.

“The summonses were for failure to inspect and expired insurance card.”

NOTE:  No wonder the Maserati wasn’t inspected!!   The Maserati JuicyJoe was driving was “sold” to him years ago by Joe Mastropole… when JuicyJoe and Joe Mastropole    were still on good terms as business partners.  Joe Mastropole was NOT paid for the car and is still waiting to be paid… for the car and for the lawsuit he won in court!  Yes, the same lawsuit which Tree Joodice states on the RHONJ that Mastropole was paid…     

Perhaps JuicyJoe was driving the Maserati to a used car dealer… need that cash to pay all those legal fees piling up!


TERESA GIUDICE: Are The Signatures The Same???… Federal Indictment Charges Stem From 2009 Bankruptcy Case…

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There has been plenty of chatter about Teresa Giudice and her 39-Count Federal Indictment.    NOTE:  You can read the 39-count indictment at:    Some of what has been said include: Tree will be given “special” treatment because she’s a mother … Continue reading



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MARCH 3, 2012  9:50 am   UPDATE MARCH 3, 2012  6:45 pm NOTE:  It was brought up in comments as to what Juicy has been doing lately…  After getting rid of that pesky pizza place, which was simply for the … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Coming Up On The Next RHONJ… and Andy Cohen on The Soup

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   They just gotta bring up the damn bankruptcy!!!  You BETTER run, Milania! Don’t know if it’s the producers or if it’s Tree and Juicy who are treating their bankruptcy so lightly, but in this clip for the next episode … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Joe and Teresa Giudice… Dinner and More of Tree’s Big Bankruptcy Lies

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On Sunday’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Giudice made Teresa, his lovely wife, a picnic dinner in their living room. And what was on the menu????  Tree’s famous “Devil’s Shrimp.”  The only recipe that Tree demonstrates when she goes … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa and Joe Giudice… Court Docs and Reports Different Than Tree’s Memory

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On last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice tried to play the innocent victim when she talked about her bankruptcy issues.  SH has been following the Joodice bankruptcy from day one.                … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: While the Manzo’s, Laurita’s and Giudice’s Were at the Catskills, the Gorga’s and the Wakile’s Were Here…

While all the wildness was goin’ on up in the Catskills at Teresa’s cabin on Vedder Mountain Road, Greene County, NY… well, it used to be Teresa’s cabin before it was transferred over to Joe’s dad, Frank (Francesco Giudice), and … Continue reading

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa and Joe Giudice… What’s Juicy Doin’ ?

Last week, the scammer/bankruptcy queen who still appears on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Tree Joo-dice, heard some talk about Juicy having a very private dinner with a younger version of herself and she immediately took to her Fake-a-licious Fabulicious site to post that she and Juicy are more in love than ever… quick, grab me a bucket!

When you leavin’, Tree?  You don’t wanna disappoint yer fans… howz about leavin’ now, just so ya git there in plenty of time… naw, Tree, two days won’t be too early…

Anyway, out of curiousity, just rechecked her site to see if she had posted any further gag-inducing ‘love, love, love’ crap about her and her million-dollar bankruptcy buddy and found that she and Juicy are off to a mini-honeymoon in the Poconos.  Or so I thought.   Tree is actually off to the Poconos by herself.  According to her schedule, she will be cooking her mother’s recipes from her latest cookbook and, of course, staying to sign books for the nitwits that really think that her book is somehow unique… probably the same people who actually paid to sit in the audience at the Learning Annex where she gave advice on how to live.

So what if I took Bethenny’s ‘skinny girl’ idea… you have to read my cookbook… you can’t read a drink, Danielle.

Since she wrote her rebuttal to the Juicy-being-seen-out-with-a-cuter-Tree rumor, there has been no mention of Juicy on her site.  S0… where’s Juicy gonna be while Tree’s at the Mt. Airy Casino pumping these poor individuals for their cash?  Out with Tara D or G or F?  Why do the rumors about Juicy hit a distinctive nerve with Tree?  Maybe someone who is familiar with Juicy could speculate intelligently about Juicy’s activities.

                                                     …yeah, I changed it to: “Happy Wife…Goodbye Happy Life”   NO!  He’s just kidding.  Right, Joe?  Ain’t that right, Joe?  Joe?

So, here is what Joe Mastropole, Juicy’s ex-business partner who was almost screwed out of over $500,000 in the Joo-dice’s ongoing bankruptcy case had to say about Juicy and his private activities:  “i am not surprised joe is fooling around that will never change nor will his getting drunk and acting like a 20 yr old some people never grow up and can never do the right thing by anyone  not a partner wife or friend    he will rot in hell.”

Well said, Joe… well said.

Tree’s Rebuttal Post:   HERE

Thanks to Joe Mastropole…

Real Housewives of New Jersey: KimG… How Teresa Giudice Gets Away With (Not) Buying Stuff

Real Housewives of New Jersey ex-cast member, Kim Granatell now writes a weekly tribble for  This week she’s writing a first-hand account about a scammer ‘acquaintance’ of hers… but it’s so obvious that she’s writing about Treetrunk Joo-dice.

So, here’s the question:  Why is she writing this now?  This is such old news… about two years old, at least.  Everyone knows this is how Tree rolls and we all know about how she and Juicy built their marble mausoleum.  So why now???  And why the secrecy?  Why not just come out and name names?  And, really Kim, is this all you got about Tree and Juicy???  How about answering the question about who TaraD is???  Now that would be some interesting stuff!!!  The best person to have any say whatsoever about the Joo-dice’s marble mansion would be Joe Mastropole, the guy they ripped off to build their place…

granatellKIM013111_optBY KIM GRANATELL

I so often talk about this subject and wonder about two things:

1) How does one sleep at night and

2) How do they get away with it?

I took the title, “Catch Me If You Can,” from a real life story of a man who, before his 19th birthday, successfully conned millions of dollars from people by posing as a Pam American pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer. His primary crime was check fraud; he was so good at it that eventually the FBI turned to him for his help to catch other check forgers. The movie’s worth watching if you haven’t seen it!

I have, throughout my life, been surrounded by people who have committed fraud and scammed others. Not that these people were my friends, but people I have known and come across.   I actually was approached by a guy to invest in a business that I found out later never existed. He was just so convincing. I saw the lifestyle he had: several homes in all the right zip codes, a private jet, a fleet of luxury cars in a parking lot the size of a mini mall… (and all with other peoples hard earned money). But I was too smart and way ahead of his game, playing him like he was playing others.

These people want what other people have. They basically do not want to work for it or do not have a strong business sense to succeed on their own. Instead of being happy in their own skin, they desire to excel, but at the expense of others…and get away with it!!!

They are Pros. They have a lot of self confidence and feel they are above the law. In many recent conversations with my girlfriend, who is a high powered attorney, I have discussed this topic with her. Some people skirt the law with their actions… often worse than morally bankrupt. They are morally empty.

The example(s) I am about to cite are true and committed by basically one family or person. I have left out the names to protect the Not-So-Innocent individual’s family. The story may be familiar to you. So, here’s how it goes.

It starts with the little things. In one instance, this person went into a local boutique and took (I can’t say bought) hundreds of dollars of clothing for her children, and said “oh I will be back to pay you,” and never went back. She did this on several occasions throughout many boutiques in the area, not just for the children but for herself also.

                                                                                Pay ya later…

From there she graduated on to bigger and better things. She had “wild” spending on credit cards, racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars without a thought in mind to ever pay them. She built an add-on million dollar house (of course not in the right zip code) and bragged about how many more millions it was worth and that it was, indeed, brand new. So not true. It was built on swamp land with a major highway in the backyard.

Further information states that “privacy and tranquility reigns” at the Joo-dice digs but we have to wonder how much tranquility there really can be at a property that backs up to I-287, an extremely bizzy, 4-lane highway out in the middle of nowhere.  She gave minimal deposits to all the contractors on the job and when the time came to make the final payment after the jobs were completed, these guys were “you know what” out of luck.


Can you hear the echo???

Like herself and so many others, she felt a sense of entitlement with her brazen ways and personality, not ever thinking about the people she scammed and the consequences of her actions. In her eyes, she did no wrong and continued to shove it in people’s faces by driving around in brand new cars, designer clothes, etc. etc. without a conscience or any kind of remorse.

In the eyes of the victims and so many others, they look at her and some say “crime pays”. She got away with it and will continue to until the law finally catches up and does something.  And that may take years.  Or it may be sooner than she thinks.

In the meantime, she continues to cruise around like “I did nothing wrong”, continuing to be something that she never was. Something she will never be.


NOTE:  Tree and Juicy’s bankruptcy case continues in July.  Judge Morris Stern has done a great job so far of seeing through these two scammers and, hopefully, will continue to do so…

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Giudice Bankruptcy Update…Paying Attention Kim G???

Yesterday, December 14, 2010, was the last day to file objections to the sale of Teresa and Joe Giudice’s fabulous property, the same property that was to be auctioned at the A.J. Willner Auction Company in Springfield NJ (

The auction was called off and a deal struck for the Joo-dices to keep their furnishings and household items for a mere $54,405.00.

teresa.joe_.giudice.court_-490x540.jpg                                                                    Teresa and Joe Giudice on their way to court…

If none of their creditors filed an objection yesterday, Joe and Tree will keep their property for their agreed to payment of $54,405.00.

However, if someone wants to pay more than $54,405.00 for the Joo-dice’s stuff, they were required to submit their request to purchase along with their stated higher bid in writing to the court yesterday, December 14.

kim-ggg.jpg                                         Tom (the “celebrity magnet”) and Kim gardening at her home

Part-time RHONJ pot-stirrer, Kim Granatell, was going to purchase all of the Joo-dice’s fabulousity when it was up for auction.  Hopefully, Kim kept up with the bankruptcy particulars and submitted a bid by yesterday’s deadline.

Note to Kim:  Did you remember to call your attorney to place a bid yesterday???  I hope that Tom isn’t consuming ALL of your interests…

Here are the documents pertaining to the sale of the Joo-dice’s items:



District of New Jersey, MLK Jr Federal Building, 50 Walnut Street, Newark, NJ 07102


John Sywilok, Trustee in the above-captioned case, proposed a private sale of certain property of the estate to the persons and on the terms described below.

If any creditor or other party in interest has an objection to the sale, the objection and a request for a hearing on such objection shall be in writing, served upon the person named below, the Trustee, and the Clerk of the United States Bankruptcy Court.

Such objection and request shall be filed with the Clerk and served upon the person named below on or before December 14, 2010.

In the event an objection is timely filed, a hearing will be held before the Honorable Morris Stern on:

DATE: 1/3/11                        TIME: 10:00AM                      COURTROOM: 3A

If no objection is filed with the Clerk and served upon the person named below on or before December 14, 2010, the sale will be consummated on or after the fifth day following the last day to file objections.


The Household Furniture as set forth on Exhibit “A.”

The proposed purchasers are Giuseppe and Teresa Giudice, the debtors herein.

The Sale Price is $15,000.00.   Said sale to be free and clear of liens, with liens, if any, to attach to proceeds.  The debtors are entitled to exemptions and have asserted those exemptions totaling $39,405.00.

Any higher bid would have to be the amount of the offer plus the allowed exemption of $39,405.00.   Any offer thus must exceed the sum of $54,405.00.

Higher or better offers may be submitted to the selling party no later than the date set for objections set forth above.   Request for additional information about the property to be abandoned should be directed to the Trustee at:  John Sywilok, Godlesky & Sywilok, 51 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601

If Kim G let the opportunity to own a fine piece of Joo-dicery slip through her hands, I would hope that ONE of these fine creditors just ONE as there are more would have placed a bid… these are some of the people and/or companies that the Joo-dices ripped off were unable to pay because the main source of their income dried up and they were unfortunately forced to file for bankruptcy for a ‘fresh start':

The following entities were noticed by first class mail on Dec 01, 2010.

db/jdb +Giuseppe Giudice, Teresa Giudice, 6 Indian Lane, Towaco, NJ 07082-1005

aty +Bruce H. Dexter, 90 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601-7176

aty +Godlesky & Sywilok, Esqs., 51 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601-7088

smg U.S. Attorney, 970 Broad St., Room 502, Rodino Federal Bldg., Newark, NJ 07102-2534

smg +United States Trustee, Office of the United States Trustee, One Newark Center, Suite 2100, Newark, NJ 07102-5235

auc +AJ Willner Auctions, LLC, 560 Springfield Avenue, POB 1012,Westfield(Springfield), NJ 07081-5012

cr +America’s Servicing Company as servicing agent for, Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg, PC, 400 Fellowship Rd Ste 100, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054-3437

cr +America’s Servicing Company, servicer for HSBC Ban, Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg PC,400 Fellowship Rd Ste 100, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054-3437

cr +Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburg, c/o 1125 Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401-4806

intp +John A. Testa, Mizzone & Testa, P.A., 245 Paterson Ave, Little Falls, NJ 07424-4629

intp +Mizzone & Testa, P.A., Mizzone & Testa, P.A., 245 Paterson Ave, Little Falls, NJ 07424-4629

cr +Putnam Leasing Company LLC, 300 Main Street, Stamford, CT 06901-3032

cr +Wachovia Bank, National Association, McCarter & English, LLP, Four Gateway Center, 100 Mulberry Street, Attn. Sheila E. Calello, Newark, NJ 07102-4056

cr +William C. Sarasino, Esq. on behalf of Joseph Mast, c/o Bavagnoli & Bavagnoli, LLC, 12 Furler Street, PO Box 147, Totowa, NJ 07511-0147

510169953 +Americas Servicing Company, P.O. Box 10328, Des Moines, IA 50306-0328

510169955 Amtrust Bank, P.O. Box 742579, Cincinnati, OH 45274-2579

510523953 +Athenia Mason Supply, 72 Mina Avenue, Clifton, NJ 07011-1838

510310900 +BEP, LTD, c/o Robyne D. LaGrotta, Esq., 77 Jefferson Place, Totowa, NJ 07512-2614

510169956 Bloomingdales, Department Stores National Bank, MCCS- Central, P.O. Box 81113,Mason, OH 45040

510523954 Celentano, Stadtmauer & Walentowicz, LLP, PO Box 2594, Clifton, NJ 07015-2594

510169957 +Citi Cards, P.O. Box 6500, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6500

510169959 +Citicorp Credit Services, Inc., P.O. Box 653095, Dallas, TX 75265-3095

510169960 +Community Bank of Bergen County, 210 Rochelle Avenue, Rochelle Park, NJ 07662-4111

510523955 +Crosstown Plumbing Supply, 196 South Grove Street, East Orange, NJ 07018-3913

510169961 +Dan Ban Construction, LLC, c/o Michael Walker, Esq., 14 Countryside Lane, Suite 102, Ringwood, NJ 07456-2742

510169962 +Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburgh, 201 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, New York 11211-6206

510310902 +Dominion Financial Corporation, 1245 Hewlett Plaza, PO Box 261, Hewlett, NY 11557-0261

510654794 +Dominion Financial Corporation, c/o Dominion Management Company, 200 Madison Avenue 24th Floor, New York, NY 10016-4001

510310903 +Elliott Glass Co., Inc., c/o Gaccione, Pomaco & Malanga, PO Box 96,Belleville, NJ 07109-0096

510169963 Excelsior Lumber Company, Inc., 140 Hamburg Turnpike, P.O. Box 817, Butler, New Jersey 07405-0817

510221482 ++FORD MOTOR CREDIT COMPANY, PO BOX 6275, DEARBORN MI 48121-6275 (address filed with court: Ford Motor Credit Company LLC, Dept 55953, P O Box 55000, Detroit MI 48255-0953)

510310904 +Ford Motor Credit Company, LLC, One American Road, Dearborn, MI 48126-2701

510310905 +GMAC, c/o David R. Lyons, Esq., PO Box 1269, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054-7269

510237075 +HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A., Bass & Associates, P.C., 3936 E. Ft. Lowell Rd, Suite 200, Tucson, AZ 85712-1083

510169966 HSBC Card Services, PO Box 80084, Salinas, CA 93912-0084

510523956 +Hackensack University Medical Center, PO Box 48027, Newark, NJ 07101-4827

510169964 Home Depot Credit Services, P.O. Box 689100, Des Moines, IA 50368-9100

511142474 ++INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, CENTRALIZED INSOLVENCY OPERATIONS, PO BOX 21126,PHILADELPHIA PA 19114-0326 (address filed with court: Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Centralized Insolvency Operation, PO Box 21226, Philadelphia, PA 19114)

510169967 Jersey Central Power & Light, 76 South Main Street, A-RPC, Akron, OH 44308-1890

510227477 +Jersey Central Power and Light et al., 331 Newman Springs Rd., Building 3,Red Bank,NJ 07701-5688

510169968 +John Fellgraff, A.I.A., c/o Rubenstein, Meyerson, Fox, et. al., One Paragon Drive, Suite 240, Montvale, New Jersey 07645-1744

510169969 +Joseph Mastropole, c/o Sarcino & Sarcino, L.L.C., 500 Union Boulevard,Totowa, New Jersey 07512-2579

510523957 +Matarazzo Engineering, LLC, 575 Route 46 West, Fairfield, NJ 07004-1907

510169971 +Michael P. DeMarco, Esq., DeMarco & DeMarco, 912 Belmont Avenue,Haledon, New Jersey 07508-2550

510169972 Neiman Marcus, P.O. Box 729080, Dallas, TX 75372-9080

510310906 +New York City Department of Finance, Parking Violations, PO Box 3600,New York, NY 10008-3600

510549515 +New York City Department of Finance, 59 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038-4613

510310907 +Norman Barna, 12 Ravine Court, Clifton, NJ 07013-1417

510169974 North Hudson IVF, c/o Pressler & Pressler, LLP, 7 Entin Road,Parsippany, New Jersey 07054-5020

510169975 +North Shore Agency, Inc., 270 Spagnoli Road, Melville, New York 11747-3516

510169976 Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, P.O. Box 785063, Orlando, Florida 32878-5063

510396451 +PYOD LLC its successors and assigns as assignee of, Citibank, c/o Resurgent Capital Services,

PO Box 19008, Greenville, SC 29602-9008 510523958 +Passmore Cook Landscaping, 84 Main Avenue, Montville, NJ 07045-9572

510169977 +Phelan Hallinan and Schmieg, P.C., 400 Fellowship Road, Suite 100, Mount Laurel, New Jersey 08054-3437

510310908 +Putnam Leasing Company, LLC, 300 Main Street, 6th Floor, Stamford, CT 06901-3032

510895714 Ronnie R. Sanchez, 399 Lexington Ave. #3, Clifton,NJ 07011-2391

510169978 +Ruby Persha and Stacy Persha, c/o Andrew H. Graulich, Esq., 17 Academy Street, Suite 111, Newark, New Jersey 07102-2923

511030141 ++STATE OF NEW JERSEY, DIVISION OF TAXATION BANKRUPTCY UNIT, PO BOX 245, TRENTON NJ 08646-0245 (address filed with court: State of New Jersey, Dept of Treasury, Division of Taxation, PO Box 245, Trenton, NJ 08695)

510523959 +Tungol, 425 McBride Avenue, Paterson, NJ 07501-2595

510310910 +United States Elevator, Inc., 1275 Bloomfield Avenue, Bldg 9, Unit 81, Fairfield, NJ 07004-2736

510310909 +United Telecomp, LLC, c/o Connell Foley, LLP, 85 Livingston Avenue, Roseland, NJ 07068-3736

510169980 +Victoria Wozniak and William Wozniak, c/o John E. Keefe, Jr., Esq., 830 Broad Street, Shrewsbury, New Jersey 07702-4215

510169983 ++WACHOVIA BANK NA, PO BOX 13765, ROANOKE VA 24037-3765(address filed with court: Wachovia Bank, N.A., 301 South College Street, Charlotte, NC 28288)

510169983 ++WACHOVIA BANK NA, PO BOX 13765, ROANOKE VA 24037-3765 (address filed with court: Wachovia Bank, N.A., 301 South College Street, Charlotte, NC 28288)

510310912 ++WACHOVIA BANK NA, PO BOX 13765, ROANOKE VA 24037-3765 (address filed with court: Wachovia Bank, National Association, Mail Code VA 7628, PO Box 13327, Roanoke, VA 24040)

510169981 Wachovia, P.O. Box 6549558, San Antonio, TX 78265-9558, Attn: Loan Service Customer Support

510169984 Wachovia Bank, National Association, c/o McCarter & English, LLP, Four Gateway Center, 100 Mulberry Street, Newark, New Jersey 07102

510310911 Wachovia Bank, National Association, c/o McCarter & English, LLP, Four Gateway Center, 100 Mulberry Street, Newark, NJ 07102

510392499 +William C. Saracino, Esq. on behalf, of Joseph Mastropole, c/o Bavagnoli & Bavagnoli, LLC, 12 Furler Street/PO Box 147, Totowa, NJ 07511-0147

510392495 +William C. Saracino, Esq. on behalf, of Joseph Mastropole, c/o Bavangoli & Bavagnoli, LLC, 12 Furler Street/PO Box 147, Totowa, NJ 07511-0147

510412501 +Williams, Caliri, Miller & Otley, P.C., 1428 Route 23, Wayne, NJ 07470-5826

510169985 Williams, Caliri, Miller & Otley, P.C., 1428 Route 23, Wayne, New Jersey 07470-5826

Some photos of Tree Joo-dice…. just for the hell of it

teresahousewives.jpg  YIKES!!!



Before and After Nose and Boob Surgeries






RHONJ Teresa Juicy arrow


giudice teresa