RHONJ Preview: Marcheses Get Da Boot!

Amber steals Tamballs’ white eyeliner and SaintZina steals the TopChef tagline…when she asks the Marcheses to pack their stuff and leave!

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RHONJ Deleted Scene: Amber LocksLips With HouseHusband…SaintZina Picks Her Nose!

The only reason to see this is to witness SaintZenDina pick her nose…

NOTE:  They all watch with amazed looks on their faces, when everyone knows that they would ALL do the same if the script called for it!  Which of these new HouseHusbands will get the required butt shot for MissAndy??  JoeyOrgan is out, as he’s already happily done the butt shot… twice!

RHONJ HouseHusbands In A Tiff

It’s hysterical to see MeGo as the designated “voice of reason” on the RHONJ!  When will she break out her auto-tune machine and resume her lifelong passion of singing?   Would rather watch JuicyJoe tackle JoeyOrgan … or did JoeyOrgan tackle Juicy?  Whatever.  Would rather watch the two Joes go at it than watch this badly acted tripe:

Just for the hell of it… a little reminiscing of MeGo’s singing:



RHONJ Car Dealer Ripoff…

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Remember those high-end automobiles in which MeGo was posin’?  The dealership owner thought that having a Housewife associated with his wheels would bring in customers.  He was wrong.  In fact, BobbyKhan, the owner of Emporio Motors in Ramsey NJ not … Continue reading

Whatever Wednesday: Whatever Happened To Sex Tips From Da Gorgas?

Whatever happened to da Gorgas being the sex couple on the RHONJ???   Watch as da Gorgas give their personal sex advice back in September 2013 on Dr Oz… a far cry from this season’s MeGo being the innocent know-nothing when it comes to raunchy sex:


Let’s Compare And Contrast: RHONJ At Grocery Store vs Milania At Corrados

Which is worse?  The RHONJ adult subhumans grocery shopping in Florida in early 2014 or Milania ripping it up at Corrados back in 2011??


Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.40.17 AM


MeGo’s Preposterous-You-Gotta-Be-Kidding BravoBlog: Says Da Gorgas Haven’t Let This Whole “RealityTV” Thing Take Over Their Lives!

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Hi Dolls!  MeGo reverting back to “Hi Lovers” is not far off! Such a great time on WWHL with Andy last night. Joe and I always have a blast and love being there. The Bravo family is such a great … Continue reading

RHONJ Preview: More Of The Same BOOOOORING Story Lines

SaintZenDina shows again why she’s no SaintZenDina…BigGayRosie returns… another scene with OrientalBubbaJax…and viewers are supposed to care about the ridiculous HouseHusbands feud:

Gorgas On WWHL…

Gorgas on WWHL… giving reasons as to why the RinoRumor isn’t true.

We’re givin’ the RinoRumor 33886643,0083747346 Kens…

RHONJ Preview: HouseHusbands In FL


Who the hell cares about what the HouseHusbands are fighting about?  Have the producers run out of Housewives problems?  It’s hysterical to see MeGo transition from JoeyOrgan’s sex slave to a laughable stab at being the “proper” Jersey wife…



From September 2013… How could such talent be denied???  How could she have given up her life’s passion so quickly??


JoeyOrgan… The Michaelangelo Of Home Builders!

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Is there any further proof needed to show that JoeyOrgan is a victim of his own ShortManSyndrome and NapoleonicComplex?  In this disturbing RHONJ preview, da Gorgas meet with their architect to chat about the plans for their brand new Michealangelo-built, … Continue reading


Gorga’s Scammin’SerialSquatter … Outta The Beaver-Infested Gorga House! Says He Owes JoeyOrgan Zip!

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The serial squatter who has been taking up space in Melissa and Joe Gorga’s marble mausoleum says he will end his fight and move out.  Interpretation:  Patterson could not come up with money for attorney’s fees, let alone a lump payment … Continue reading


RHONJ Housewives Refuse To Film With HouseHusband… Another Planted PR Item

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Another “SHOCKING” allegation re the RHONJ subhumans fed to ROL to create more interest in the dump of a NJ season.  This is in addition to the disgusting spoon-fed item describing the allegation from yesterday of a “raunchy sex scene” … Continue reading


JoeyGorga v SerialSquatter Update… Squatter Has 24 Hrs To Pay $23,477

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From TheDailyRecord: Superior Court Judge Stephen Taylor, sitting in Morristown, conducted a bench trial Tuesday and Wednesday on the Gorga’s complaint to evict tenant Kai Patterson for non-payment of rent for the 13,000-square-foot mansion on Pond View. The judge ultimately … Continue reading

Problems Unloading The Gorga’s Marble Mausoleum

Gorgas trying to unload their marble mausoleum for $3.8 million in 2013…but, no one’s biting!   JoeyMarcoGorga says the house could have sold for over **eye roll** SIX million a few years ago… MeGo says that they’re moving because of Tree:


MORE Of Gorgas v Serial House Squatter… 2012 House Tour With MeGo!!

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From TheDailyRecord: Patterson owes $192,557 as of Sept. 1 and going back to March 1. The sum includes both monthly rent payments of $10,000 and $10,000 each month toward purchase of the home, plus $100,000 that Patterson was supposed to … Continue reading


The Fakery Continues On The RHONJ…

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Filming for the finale of the RHONJ is over, and rumors are spreading that Bravo allegedly used DullDina’s charity event for the last episode of the season. The NJ sub-humans and the HouseHusbands allegedly did not respect her ladybug cause and … Continue reading


“Experts” Weigh In On The Life Of Tree’s “Brand”… WHY Tree Has Following?

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ORIGINALLY POSTED AUGUST 2013… Branding “experts” predict that Tree’s brands will weather her legal storm.   The second “expert” asks what everyone has been thinking:  Why does Tree have such a huge, rabid fan base?       NOTE:  Here’s … Continue reading