TeresaGiudice Making Videos For Kids To Watch While In Prison… Watch As FEBUS Makes Prediction

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The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, who is set to serve 15 months in prison for fraud, has reportedly been working on videos for her four daughters — Gia, 13, Gabriella, 10, Milania, 8, and Audriana, 5. “She wants … Continue reading

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JoeGiudice Whacks Courthouse Cameraman


Teresa And Joe Giudice Walk Into Court … Opinions Overflow!

RHONJ Preview:  Everyone has an opinion re the Giudices… RancidRichie and KomaKathy look especially sympathetic!  Noticeably absent from commenting on the Giudices are ChineseBubbaJax and CrookedChris…


Joe Giudice Takes Plea Deal In NJ License Case… 18 Months! Juicy Walking Into Court…

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Joe Giudice has talked it over with his attorney and has agreed to take the plea deal… despite claiming that he’s innocent! Under terms of the plea, Giudice will serve 18 months on the unlawful use count to run concurrent … Continue reading


JoeGiudice Rejects Plea Agreement In NJ Driver’s License Case! Wants Trial… Says He’s Innocent! Is Juicy Attempting To Lay “Mentally Incompetent” Groundwork?

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NOTE:  Is Juicy trying to establish that he’s mentally incompetent?   Joe Giudice was caught driving with a suspended license and was thrown in jail for ten days.  After being released from jail and unable to legally get behind the … Continue reading


MORE Court News: JoeGiudice Sentencing Today For Phony Driver’s License, PleaDeal Expected… From 2012 Juicy Talks About DL Case

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Joe Giudice will be at Passaic County Superior Court in Paterson NJ today for a hearing.  JuicyJoe was caught using his brother Pete’s marriage license and birth certificate to get his New Jersey driver’s license.  JuicyJoe is expected to take a … Continue reading


PrisonPrepper Now Distancing Herself From TeresaGiudice…

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THEWendyFeldman is now distancing herself from TeresaGiudice… but, not before she drops more names.  : FelonFeldman included LindsayLohan, JudgeSalas and her ENetwork show in her short twitter conversation, which is not surprising, as FelonFeldman is heavy into self promotion.  FelonFeldman’s … Continue reading

Giudices Living Separate Lives? Kids Don’t Lie…

Little kids don’t lie…


TeresaGiudice Shopping For New Attorney? Ridiculous!

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Can we talk?  (Missing Joan Rivers!)  Can we?  Specifically, let’s talk about these ridiculous items re Teresa Joodice.  This item claims that Teresa is “shopping” all over the NJ tri-state area for a new attorney! Even the low-IQ rabid fans … Continue reading


Teresa And Joe Giudice: Resitution On A Payment Plan… Must File ALL Tax Returns…

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“Real Housewives” star Teresa Giudice has paid the federal government the $200,000 in restitution she was ordered to have at sentencing, the U.S. Attorney’s Office confirmed to ABC News. The $200,000 will go toward the $414,588 in restitution that Giudice … Continue reading


Giudice Sentencing: Judge Recommends Rehab For Joe, Two Years Supervised Release… Teresa “New Debt Restrictions”, Prison Close To Home, Two Years Supervised Release

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ORIGINALLY ON SH OCTOBER 9…  Joe Giudice could be sent to either Fairton or Ft. Dix located in New Jersey.  Both locations offer residential drug treatment programs:   New Debt Restrictions ( definition from another Federal case):  You are prohibited from … Continue reading

How YOU Can Be Just Like The RHONJ …

The low-IQ subhumans of New Jersey think very highly of themselves.  The most laughable of this crew is SaintZina who gives “sex” tips.  Did SaintZina get her “advice” from interactions with Tommy or from listening to 50ShadesOfGrey on a continuous audiobook loop?

RHONJ Finale Preview: It’s All About The Felons!

Poor SaintZina!  Her grand ladybug event gets upstaged by the Giudice’s sentencing… and, how is JoeyOrgan building a house without a license?

Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky… this rotten season of the RHONJ is finally OVER! 


teresa caption

“luvthedrama” will receive a personal “Drink with Juicy”… which must be arranged before January 4!  FinePrint: “Drinks with Juicy” will officially begin as a web series and the only source of income for Juicy after his wife “goes away”… 

Milania The Spy…

Milania the spy.   Teresa chatting about her child with another of her children is disturbing.  Perhaps there is more to Milania’s acting out than is portrayed on the RHONJ…


The Gorga Characters Which BravoTV And SirensMedia Want YOU To Forget!

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   Do the brainiacs at Bravo and the low intelligence producers at SirensMedia really think viewers are equally dumb?  Apparently the answer to that question is a huge “YES”! Their spoon-feeding of Joe and Melissa Gorga as the “mature” and … Continue reading


Watch As TeresaGiudice Shuts Up Juicy On His DUI… Describes JoeyOrgan As “Hysterical”… Which Housewives Sent Messages?

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On the LAST (Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky!) part of MissAndy’s lightweight probing into Teresa and Joe Giudice on WWHL, Teresa reveals that her brother, JoeyOrgan, will NOT have a hand in raising her … Continue reading

Miss Andy Lets TeresaGiudice Slide… Makes Teresa Look Innocent! She’s Guilty As Sin…

There are no words for this farce which MissAndy has created.  MissAndy knows very well that Juicy was not alone in the Giudice’s bankruptcy fraud, yet he allows Teresa to dump the blame on Juicy!   This is a blatant example of how Bravo is encouraging their lying Housewives to LIE!  Teresa was every bit involved in the activities that led them to file for bankruptcy as Juicy was…

TeresaGiudice Explains Possible Deportation… It’s In “God’s Hands”

Giudices explain that everything is “in God’s hands”… they’re not even thinking of living in Italy!  Who knows what could happen five years from now??