From three years ago… June 2011:  Whatever happened to these chicks who were sitting around da Joodice house?  Are they still Tree’s BFFs??  Juicy was drinkin’ a bit and told Tree what he thought of Tree and her brother, Joey Organ… “I thought I got rid of youz”!

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Let’s Chat About Tree and Juicy’s “48 Days”… The HeartBreak!!

  Let’s chat about Tree and Juicy!! There are numerous “exclusives” giving details about how Tree is coping with her possible upcoming jail sentence… and, numerous items about Juicy’s concerns if when he should become a number at the Greybar … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS! Yoda…Apollo… NayNay… PT HW… Joodice

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Yoda was asked WHY she was referred to as a “FORMER” Beverly Hills Housewife in an InTouchMag item. “@EzyJ530:   Why is In Touch mag calling you a “former” #rhobh star?   Yoda’s reply: @YolandaHFoster:  ❤️Unfortunately I don’t have any … Continue reading

RHONJ Season Six Preview: Premiering Sunday July 13… at 8 pm

How inter-essss-ting!  To assure big ratings, the RHONJ aka “The Tree and Juicy We’re Off To Jail Farewell Tour” has taken the Sunday air date and time of ATL…



TREE JOODICE… JuicyJoe’s NJ State Lawsuit Dropped… MEH

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The other shoe has dropped in the New Jersey lawsuit filed by Juicy’s ex-business partner Joe Mastropole against JuicyJoe Joodice. Joe Mastropole claimed Giudice forged Mastropole’s signature on a mortgage document for an apartment they owned together and took his … Continue reading


Tree and Juicy’s Night Out… Was Tree A Diva Who Stiffed A Waitress?? Hardly…

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NOTE:  Let’s review this item re TreeJoodice.  IMO, it’s an overblown piece totally taken out of context.  Tree and Juicy went out to a comedy club over the weekend and simply asked to be seated away from other diners.   … Continue reading


MISS ANDY Says He’s “The BIGGEST Sh*t Stirrer Paid To Do It”

If anyone was surprised by MissAndy’s involvement and instigation of the battle between Kenyan and FrontPorsha while pretending to moderate the Atlanta Reunion Show, you haven’t been reading SH! In this item from June 28, 2012, MissAndy says: “I’m the … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS TreeJoodice DrunkOtis FrontPorsha REALLY???

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      WE’RE GIVIN’ THESE HOUSEWIVES ITEMS 3837643,938473634,9997346 REALLY’S?????? WHY???  Because we REALLY cannot believe that others are just now opening their eyes to what SH readers have known for years!!   GASP!!!  Tree Joodice is demanding CASH ONLY … Continue reading



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Could someone please explain how this… a tweet by a 20-something living in his parents home… promotes any intelligent debate, solves any problems or makes one want to align themselves with this person’s political views?   Your thoughts come first… … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE What Will Happen PRE And POST Sentencing! MissAndy Don’t Know Nuthin’

The Giudices’ fraudulent legal problems “will very much be a part of the show next season,”  MissAndy recently said, though Bravo won’t reveal how much da Joodices will appear next season, which is currently filming. MissAndy has been skirting direct questions re … Continue reading

Tree Joodice: “Me And Juicy Gotta Get Remarried” Captions!!

These are the BEST captions!!!  Thank you to all who participated!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


TERESA GIUDICE Believes That She’ll Be MORE Famous After Jail! KimD’s A Life Coach!?!?

“Teresa thinks that if she goes to jail, it’ll only make her more famous,” an insider close to the couple tellsIn Touch. “She thinks she’ll be redeemed — and then become even more popular and be able to make a … Continue reading

NAME THAT NEW APOLLO/JUICY BRAVO SHOW!! Show Titles Have Been Selected!!

SH readers are THE best at coming up with witty and fitting titles for potential Bravo shows!  

The following are some of the BEST titles given to the new Bravo show featuring jailbirds Apollo and Juicy!!  

A big THANK YOU to all who participated!!




NOTE:  Please know that your input to additional “caption this” items have not been forgotten!  More will be coming!!! Thank you all for your patience!

TERESA GIUDICE: Tree Is VERY Busy… Makin’ A Wine Commercial!

THIS is SOOO bad that it’s laughable!  Tree as a “sexy” wine connoisseur is hard to take… but add in that raspy Jersey voice and it turns into a very funny parody!  WHERE exactly is Tree “inviting” everyone… ’cause we’d like to avoid that place!!

Yes… Tree is ONE very busy pre-sentencing Housewife!!


MISS ANDY: Answers All Those Teresa Questions!!!

MissAndy explains how Bravo will film Teresa after her guilty plea, possible prison time and possible house arrest.   Actually, MissAndy weasels out of ALL the questions… MissAndy KNOWS all the answers!!  MissAndy’s facial expressions give him away…


We dedicate this to MissAndy!!!



SH **EXCLUSIVE!! KimG’s Private Message To Da Joodices…

Allegedly KimG has graciously offered to take care of da Joodice girls while Tree and Juicy are “away”!!

RHONJ Teresa KimG pg



NOTE:  If you were at all wondering… Tree’s allocution (A recollection in her own words of her crimes and her “I’m sorry” statement)  in Judge Esther Salas’ courtroom on July 8 will be public record.  

TERESA GIUDICE: JuicyJoe Giudice Says “I Didn’t Hurt Anyone… I Don’t Belong In Prison”

Juicy says that he don’t belong in prison… and don’t wanna go there.  Juicy also says that he didn’t hurt nobody.

NOTE:  How delusional are these fraudsters???  Are da Joodice’s that self-involved, so self-centered, so unaware of or uncaring of others that they cannot or REFUSE to see that they DID hurt others when they listed them in their bankruptcy!   There are major companies whose risk management departments make allowances for their customers who stiff them, which is why, perhaps, that Juicy thinks he didn’t hurt anyone.  While there are no bodily injuries or human collateral damage as a result of da Joodice’s actions dating back to 2001, there were plenty of people hurt… da Joodices listed many small businesses and individual people in their bankruptcy and those people were directly affected and were HURT by da Joodice’s actions.   SEE GIUDICE LIST OF CREDITORS


Joodices on WWHL… Tree does a terrible acting job.  Tree tries to play the “innocent victim” when she pretends she has no idea about their potential prison terms by saying, “If that’s what the magazines say”… and Juicy take the dumb “humorous” route by trying to laugh off the question.


TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s Felon Consultant Says “She’s A MOTHER, WIFE and FRIEND”!

DON’T BELIEVE ALL THOSE LIES IN THE COURT DOCUMENTS!! NOTE:  Originally posted November 21, 2013… You knew THIS was coming! Wendy Feldman, who states that one of her “best friends,” Jill Zarin, introduced her to Tree Joodice… HUH???… is starting … Continue reading