Joodice Kid Says Everything is GREAT! Emails Tree Every Day!

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JOODICE’S GO TO JAIL…To Visit Mom! A Day At Danbury…

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Nearly two weeks after starting her prison sentence, Teresa Giudice was finally able to reunite with her HouseHusband and her four beautiful dawters and E! News has all of the exclusive details. “They were amazed at how good she looks,” a source close … Continue reading



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According to the latest report from Danbury, Tree and her four beautiful dawters will soon be treated to a prison “Mommy and Me Tea”! Danbury held a “Mommy and Me Tea” for female offenders on December 2, 2014, where 19 children and 12 … Continue reading


Tree’s Attorney Threatens Legal Action!

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Teresa Giudice is acclimating just fine in prison despite what many reports say, her lawyer tells E! News exclusively! Not only does James Leonard Jr. want to clear the air about his client’s well-being, he is also threatening legal action … Continue reading



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If you love throwing intimate dinner parties for your closest friends… that you just encountered during a pre-production meeting.  You might be a Housewife! If you can delude yourself into thinking that anything you do on a “reality” show is … Continue reading

RHONJ Return Dependent On FELONTeresa

rhonj cast

From TMZ:

We’ve learned Bravo is seriously considering shelving “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” until Teresa gets sprung … they think she’s THAT important to the success of the show.

Our sources say Bravo execs have been holding meetings and they’re “strongly leaning” in the direction of putting the show on ice, because without Teresa it’s boring. Bravo is worried a bad season could tank the show, and it’s just safer to wait.

This is not sitting well with the rest of the cast. Bruised egos aside, the women are pissed at the prospect of not pulling in a paycheck for more than a year. She’s serving 15 months.

Teresa, who has a conflict with virtually every other “housewife” on the show, can almost certainly use this turn of events to her financial advantage. It’s pretty basic … the more the network needs you, the more you make.

We’re giving this item a huge…

no kiddiing

as we’ve been saying this since the last season of the RHONJ ended.

NOTE:  Despite all the obvious PR items put out by the EX-NJ Housewives about the RHONJ returning, cast members of the last season doing their best for attention and the reports of focus groups determining the fate of the RHONJ, ONE thing is very clear:  Bravo is closely observing the affect Teresa’s stint in Danbury affects her popularity.   IF Teresa’s rabid fan base remains and/or grows, Bravo will revive the RHONJ or reward Teresa with her own show.  IF Teresa’s fan base dwindles, the RHONJ won’t return and the possibility of some type of a Joodice spinoff show is dead.  

The RHONJ has ALREADY had a disastrous season and the hopeful projections of FEBUS to bring her crew back to resuscitate the show is simply laughable.

Teresa’s “people” are doing as much as they possibly can to keep her name in the spotlight… even putting out those mystery source items…to prove to Bravo how valuable Teresa is to the network, despite her being a felon.  The direction Bravo takes totally depends on various indicators, which include responses/comments to the items re FELONTeresa.

For those totally unaware, ALL Danbury inmates are required to perform chores… even making their own beds!  

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“Curly Q” will receive Missy’s old feather skirt from 2012 shown in photo.  FinePrint:  The skirt also comes with a semi-truck packed with unsold CD singles of “On Display”!  You must have a valid CDL to claim this prize!


According to the DailyMail:

  • Joe Guidice and daughters Gia, 14, and Milania, 8, pictured leaving home
  • They were expected to travel to Danbury, where Teresa Giudice is jailed
  • But instead, they headed to a cheerleading contest at New Jersey school
  • They later returned to New Jersey mansion, before Joe shortly left again
  • He was spotted visiting San Michele Social Club in Paterson, NJ
  • Meanwhile, real estate broker was trying to sell Giudice house, recently reduced to $2.99m
  • Other daughters, Gabriella and Audriana, thought to have stayed home
  • If Juicy decides to visit Teresa tomorrow instead, he will have to abide by the time restrictions of 8.30 am to 3.30 pm.  Under Danbury rules, he can only see Teresa a maximum of three days a week.

juicy driving teresa teresa juicy prison

NOTE:  Frank Giudice owns the SanMichele Social Club… looks like his sons, Pete and Joe Giudice, now run it.

MORE ON TERESA IN DANBURY… What It’s REALLY Like As Told By Former 15-Year Inmate


“She’s doing great.   I got a series of emails from her and she is doing phenomenally,”  Teresa’s attorney James J. Leonard, Jr gushed.

“It seems like she is getting acclimated very well.  She tells me that everybody is nice and everybody is treating her respectfully.  She said both the staff and the inmates are being nice to her and that she is getting along fine.”

NOTE:  REALLY?  Teresa’s new attorney should simply not say a word, as his description of the seemingly delightful place where Tree is currently institutionalized doesn’t ring true one bit.  The series of emails he’s received from Teresa are more than likely ALL saying the same thing:


Teresa has been thrown into a new environment and it’s not a nice place.  The “everyone” who are “nice” and “respectful” are the intake guards… and they were probably put on notice that if they weren’t nice and respectful, they would lose their jobs.  But, let’s move past intake, where Teresa is surrounded by her brand new “friends” …the majority who look at Teresa as someone who can do something for them.  

Teresa is scared sh*itless, anyone new to the harsh prison system would be… as this woman who spent 15 years in Danbury for racketeering describes:

Teresa will be worse after the first visit with Juicy and her kids.  As for her income, Tree stated on her 2009 bankruptcy documents that her Bravo income was a measly $10,000… HERE.


First Visit To Danbury Scheduled Saturday

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“Real Housewife” turned jailbird Teresa Giudice is getting a visit from husband Joe and daughters Gia, Gabriella, Audriana and Milania on Saturday, when the family will head to Danbury Federal Prison to visit the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, … Continue reading

BLIND ITEM! Who’s This Delusional Housewife Who’s Peddling A Sex Tape?

Get ready for a new sex tape from another Real Housewife… because DanielleStaub’s stab at a sex tape did wonders for her financially!  

“She is in debt and owes over $100,000.  She thinks the tape would pay that off.  She hopes it will make her a bigger star and earn her lots of money at the same time.”

Sources say that producers are aware of the tape that was made in the last 12 months. Naughty Gossip saw a few screen grabs from the video and can reveal that it is NASTY!

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NOTE:  Unfortunately for this misguided Housewife, her sex tape would hardly cover the $100,000 she owes.  Ask Danielle… DanielleStaub filed for bankruptcy in 2012 after her sex tape.   Claudia says it’s not her!

claudia not her tweet

claudia tweet

TREE TELLS HER STORY… We’ve Heard It All Before!


“I wake up every morning and I live for them. My daughters are my world and now you’re going to make me cry.”  Oh Boo-Hoo-Dee-Hoo-Hoo!

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This info is from a former Danbury inmate.  The report stating that Tree entered Danbury with cash and her rosary simply proves what a total dumbass she and/or her advisers are:

  • Cash is not necessary and will be confiscated. It’s best to go in with a US Postal Service money order as they are widely accepted in all prisons (federal and state).  Additionally, don’t let anyone know that you have money. Pretend that you’re poor and penniless. That way there’s no danger of other prisoners trying to extort money from you.  NOTE:  This tip will not work for Teresa!  
  • Don’t trust anyone. That goes for guards, other prison officials, and the person in the cell next door. If someone is being nice to you, ask yourself “What’s in it for her?” They almost always have some hidden motive that you don’t know about. In prison, nothing is free.


teresa guidice girls

Teresa Giudice wasn’t the only one affected by her imprisonment early today.

Her husband, Joe, was “very somber” before she left, her lawyer, James J. Leonard, Jr.

“I think the enormity of this entire situation hit him … as I think it did their entire family,” he said. “But these are very strong people and they’re gonna get through it.”

Joe was sentenced to 3.5 years (41 months) behind bars, and will begin his time after his Tree is released. Until then, he will be caring for the couple’s four daughters.

“I know that Joe is capable of taking care of them,” Leonard said.

RHONJ teresa juicy tweet

NOTE:  Which is the REAL JuicyJoe?  

The “somber” father who, as described by Tree’s latest lawyer, is a “strong” person who is capable of taking care of his and Tree’s FOUR BEAUTIFUL DAWTERS?

OR, is JuicyJoe an alcoholic who drinks wine all day, every day as portrayed in court in front of Judge Salas?

It’s clear that JuicyJoe wanted to use the the RHONJ drunk footage to help his sentencing.  Alcoholism is considered a disability and the disabled are offered special treatment via classes in prison.  Juicy’s alcoholism was also used as another reason in attempting to sway Judge Salas in her sentencing decision for Teresa.  After all, Judge Salas wouldn’t KNOWINGLY send Tree to prison fully aware that a raging alcoholic would be taking care of her FOUR BEAUTIFUL DAWTERS!

The alcoholism label was another great reason to keep Tree out of prison and give her either home confinement, monitoring or probation… anything but prison.  Unfortunately, the “I’m an alcoholic” angle didn’t work and Tree is now officially a resident of Danbury prison.

The question remains unanswered… which one is the real Juicy?

Joodice Attorney Talks…

NOTE:  Tree and Juicy taking the kids to church…nice touch.   Tree’s atty is a long-time friend of the RHONJ… he paid $10,000 to lunch with KomaKathy and RancidRichie back in 2012.  Leonard also negotiated MelissaGorga’s Bravo contract.

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TREE JOODICE: Her New World Order Of Incarceration…

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Another look at this item from October 2014… In exploring the new world of incarceration, have found some info which is eye-opening.  This should be a warning to anyone who even THINKS about doing something illegal to think twice, three … Continue reading

A PUBLIC SERVICE ITEM: Danbury Rules For TreeJoodice…



Now that Tree is officially ensconced in her new living quarters at Danbury, there are probably many of Tree’s rabid fans who probably think that they can now contact her.  Unfortunately, there are strict rules re communicating with Federal prisoners.  As a public service, these are the rules…totally free and courtesy of the Bureau of Prisons:


After Arriving
Each inmate is interviewed and screened by staff from the case management, medical, and mental health units. Later, an inmate is assigned to the Admission and Orientation (A&O) Program, where he or she receives a formal orientation to the programs, services, policies, and procedures of that facility. This program provides an introduction to all aspects of the institution.

Personal Property
For security, safety, and sanitation reasons, the Bureau limits the amount of property (jewelry, photographs, books, magazines, etc.) inmates may have and the types of publications inmates can receive. The institution issues clothing, hygiene items, and bedding; and provides laundry services. Inmates may purchase other personal care items, shoes, some recreational clothing, and some food items through the commissary. Civilian clothing (i.e., clothing not issued to the inmate by the Bureau or purchased by the inmate from the commissary) ordinarily is not authorized for retention by the inmate.

Inmates may only possess those items they are authorized to retain upon admission to the institution, items issued by authorized staff, items purchased by the inmate from the commissary, or items purchased or received through approved channels (to include that approved for receipt by an authorized staff member or authorized by institution guidelines). All other items are considered contraband and will be seized and disposed of (destroyed, mailed out of the institution at the inmate’s expense, etc.) in accordance with Bureau regulations. Contraband that threatens the security of the institution may result in disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution for the inmate.

danbury tre danbury tre danbury tre danbury tre danbury tre

It’s Tree and Juicy in the hot tub talkin’ about prison time!  Juicy says that he “didn’t kill nobody” and “don’t belong there and don’t wanna got there”…too bad, Juicy!  It’s obvious that Tree was thinking that she had no worries about going to prison when this was shot back in early 2013:

Tree Pushin’ Her Fabellini In Last-Ditch Desperate Commercial

It all makes sense now!  Tree had shipping containers full of her Fabellini, which is why she made this last-ditch effort back in March 2014 to sell her wine in this excruciatingly horrible commercial where Tree fails at her attempt to be sexy:

NOTE:  Why didn’t Tree ask Melissa to make the commercial… ain’t she supposed to be the sexy one? 

TERESA HAS “GONE AWAY”… Finally In Danbury Lockup



Teresa Giudice slipped away from her Montville Township home shortly after midnight in the back of a black SUV driven by her lawyer and arrived at the at the Federal Correctional Institution ahead of her scheduled reporting time.

James J. Leonard Jr., her attorney, told ABC News that the drive took 90 minutes and they arrived at at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut, about 2 AM, ahead of her 3 AM reporting time.

He said Teresa ate at a diner before reporting to prison, but added “Teresa’s only concern is and has been that of her four children.  I know that she was anxious to get in and get this entire nightmare behind her so that she can return home to her family.”

The attorney said his client had been mentally preparing for her time behind bars by corresponding with recently released female prisoners who told her to be ‘friendly but guarded’ during her sentence.

“She was ready,” her lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr said.

“Teresa is a very strong woman, she won’t have any problems in there.”

NOTE:  As long as Tree keeps making pruno, she won’t have any problems while in Danbury….

teresa's pruno


Lil Gia… At The Breaking Point?

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LilGia is a KID.  A kid who has been given too much responsibility for a 13-year-old.  A kid who has been permitted to be involved in ADULT situations.  A kid who has been forced to act and look like a … Continue reading


ANOTHER BS ITEM! TreeJoodice Tells Her Kids She’s Off To Prison For RESEARCH!

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  Reality TV star Teresa Giudice has reportedly lied to her daughters about why she’s going to prison — claiming she’s going for work.  While Giudice and the public know she’s getting locked up for fraud, the tough-talking TV temptress … Continue reading


TreeJoodice Cruisin’ Around Town… With JuicyJoe At The Wheel!

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Tree made sure to be the driver…last week.  NOTE:  Tree is scooping up as much cash as she can… selling her life-before-lockup to any media outlet who is willing to pay!! Teresa Guidice took time out from her last hours … Continue reading


How To Decide When The RHONJ Will Return… ANOTHER Total BS Item!

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NOTE:  This planted item paid for by KomaKathy! “Production is currently holding focus groups about moving forward without Teresa. They are trying to determine what the public perception was of the new cast and if any casting changes need to … Continue reading

TreeJoodice Receives Special Note From BOP Danbury!

Dear Teresa: Please memorize your new name number before we see you on January 5!  

Love, Bureau of Prisons, Danbury Division

teresa bop danbury