TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: JuicyJoe Got ANOTHER Trial Delay … Court Date Postponed To 2014

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It is getting difficult to keep track of all the court dates scheduled for JuicyJoe… and all of his rescheduled dates! From MontvillePatch… Originally set for Tuesday, the court date for Joe Giudice’s forgery charges—stemming from a March 2011 arrest— will be … Continue reading

TERESA GIUDICE: What Nancy Grace Had To Say… Da Joodices Are Gonna Be In Stripes…

Nancy Grace gives an open-mouthed MissAndy da truth about what’s gonna happen to da Joodices.  It’s what we been sayin’ at SH… do NOT mess with the Feds!  Especially when it comes to the Feds MONEY!  Da Joodices are gonna be guests at the GraybarHotel… both of ’em!


NOTE:  JuicyJoodice’s forgery trial date is scheduled for November 19….