BLIND ITEM REVEALED! Who Are The Battling Housewives?

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From CDAN February 6, 2015: One former Housewife and one current Housewife from different cities almost came to blows the other night at dinner.  Neither knew the other was going to be there and both of them took turns walking past … Continue reading


GUESS THE HOUSEWIFE!… Which Housewife is Carrying This Clutch?…UDPATE: Housewife Revealed!!

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November 8, 2012    Which Housewife is carrying this silver clutch? It’s NOT KenyaMoore… It’s NOT MelissaGorga… It’s NOT Alexis Bellino… It’s NOT JoannaKrupa… and it AIN’T Nene Leakes!!! The Housewife clutching the clutch is… Lisa Vanderpump!!   AND… it’s … Continue reading