Ramoaner Rattled By Mario Divorce Grab

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From NYDailyNews: “Real Housewives of New York” star Ramona Singer is caught in the middle of a messy divorce from husband Mario, who is trying to take her to the cleaners. But friends of the embattled reality star say not … Continue reading


BFrankel Running The Show At RHONY And Pissing Off HWs! See BFrankel’s RHONY Audition Tape!

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NOTE:  BFrankel’s rules explained below are probably why SonjaMorgan took off to Phuket yesterday.  Quite strange, as the HWs go on the PR tour to push their new season six weeks before the premiere date… the RHONY premieres April 7. … Continue reading


BFrankel Won’t Talk About JillZ …Will ONLY Talk “Brand” And New Book

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BFrankel just leaves the taste of stale rancid margarita’s in the air after watching this interview with Fusion’s Eric Herbst.   Eric chatted with BLEEEEECHBFrankel at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival where Eric attempted to squeeze out some info, … Continue reading

LuAnnie Doing Pre-Season PR For RHONY: BFrankel is Great… CountessLuann Still Talks With JillZ; Not Silex

We give LuAnnie’s stab at ginning up some interest in her crappy Housewives RHONY franchise and in BFrankel’s return 88936465355354 Kens…


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR: Some of These You May Have Already Seen… Some You May Not!

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These photos have been sent to SH from several readers…. so, a big “ThankYou” to SH readers “PDM” “PMG” “cybraxis” and “Jule”!!! Saving the BEST for last!!  AND… something to think about: The federal government, which has ” Tomahawk” cruise … Continue reading

GO BACK THROWBACK THURSDAY: It’s Christmas Dinner With The RHONY… Starring PoopyPiggySexAddictDaddy


EX-RHONY Wife… JillZ Makin’ Millions For Makin’ Matzo Balls!!

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Take THAT, Frankel!! JillZ got herself a multi-million dollar deal with a matzo maker!  Perhaps this is the beginning of Frankel and JillZ patching up their smashed friendship… matzo ball soup paired with skinnygirl margarita? Page Six has learned that … Continue reading


TeresaGiudice PrisonPrepper Speaks… BEFORE Taking Tree As Client, PrisonPrepper Said Tree Needs “Psych Evaluation” And Would Pull Tree From RHONJ! UPDATE: Feldman Denies ALL!!

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Been waiting for Tree’s prison prepper to start blabbing about how unfair Tree’s sentence was!   From Radar… “Sadly, our justice system has yet to find a balance between punishment and rehabilitation,” Wendy Feldman said of the ruling handed down … Continue reading


BLIND ITEM… Revealed! It’s JillZ!!

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From CDAN… This former RHONY Housewife was warned three times about being obnoxious and loud and talking on her cell phone while seated in the front row of a show.  When security came over to escort her out she finally … Continue reading

THE HOUSEWIVES REPORT: JillZ, Joan Rivers Hates BFrankel… MORE!



Luxury Listings NYC is giving a few lucky fans the chance to meet former Real Housewives of New York cast member Jill Zarin.


Joan Rivers on EX-RHONY B for BLEEEEEEECH! Frankel:

“If I want the life sucked out of me, I’ll spend a long weekend with Bethenny Frankel,” she reportedly said, attacking the former “Real Housewives of New York” star.

The “LoveLocks” attached to the Pont des Arts footbridge over the Seine in Paris by the RHOBH have made parts of the bridge collapse.

Heather Dull-BRO’s KTLA co-hosting was just a part of her RHOC storyline

Lil’ Kim gave birth to a baby girl named Royal Reign.  Her BabyDaddy is rapper “Mr. Papers”… so, the lil girl will be stuck with the name Royal Papers!

KandiBuruss gives some good business advice to

My advice to anyone out there looking to go into business is to first cut back on your spending. Get a cheaper apartment and less expensive car. Stop flossin’. Pull back on your expenses and put money to the side until you’ve stacked up enough to put toward your dream. If you’re not willing to invest in you, why would anyone else?


Mia Deakin, the daughter of reality TV star Jody Claman of The Real Housewives of Vancouver, was shot in the shoulder and is listed in stable condition following surgery.   NOTE:  The Vancouver PD advises women to “stay away from gangsters”! 

Kenyan Moore has a new phony boyfriend she’ll be showin’ off on the next season of the RHOA… just like her old boyfriend, Walter!!  Kenyan has been traveling all over Europe with her phony boyfriend, but only puts photos her herself on twitter and Instagram.  NOTE:  Does anyone still believe anything on these Housewives shows are real????

(Thanks to SH readers “Dave” and “PDM”!!!)


TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s Felon Consultant Says “She’s A MOTHER, WIFE and FRIEND”!

DON’T BELIEVE ALL THOSE LIES IN THE COURT DOCUMENTS!! NOTE:  Originally posted November 21, 2013… You knew THIS was coming! Wendy Feldman, who states that one of her “best friends,” Jill Zarin, introduced her to Tree Joodice… HUH???… is starting … Continue reading

BFRANKEL: BFrankel’s Talk Show Canceled… For Good!… JillZ Doin’ Happy Flips!

From the HollywoodReporter:

RHONY BFrankel talk show JillZ pg

NOTE:  BFrankel’s talk show lasted 99 episodes longer than expected!

Bethenny Frankel’s syndicated daytime talk show, Bethenny, has been canceled, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The decision means there won’t be a second season for theEllen DeGeneres executive-produced program.

BFrankel just celebrated the 100th episode… perhaps the guests, KomaKathy and RancidRichie, had something to do with the cancelation!  Keep in mind that 100 episodes is basically FIVE months!  

danield birthday cake

NOTE:  That’s what BFrankel gets for copying Daniel DiCriscio’s cake smash!!

BFrankel DanielD birthday cake

JillZ is probably sending sympathy cards to BFrankel…


(Thanks to SH readers “PMG” “erin” and “CMHR”!!)

JILL ZARIN: JillZ Says She Doesn’t Know WHY MissAndy Fired Her From The RHONY…

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JillZ says that she was actually going to QUIT the Real Housewives of New York… the night before the day she was fired.

JillZ REALLY needs to give this whole “I was a Housewife” thing a rest.  REST = Quietly pick up your Bravo check, go away and stay away!!

“This is really the truth. One night I was just… I think I took a sleeping pill… and I typed out an email to my producer and three out of the five Housewives, which said:  ‘I’m leaving the show. I want to leave on a high, I’m in a good place right now.”  NOTE:  You KNOW that when someone says “this is really the TRUTH” that they are REALLY tellin’ the truth!  And, JillZ blamin’ it all on her Ambien dreams is pathetic!

“I honestly have no idea really why I was fired. Because nobody will tell me the true answer.”


JillZ explains how it all works at the RHONY… negotiations!  

jillz pg

JillZ’ demands were probably more than ShedMedia thought JillZ was worth…plain and simple!


JillZ’s first interview after she got da Bravo boot… from 2011:



TERESA GUIDICE: A Picture Says A Thousand Words…

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Take a good long look at this photo of Tree Joodice out last night with “TheInsider’s” Kevin Frazier… and the always “I Wanna Be BACK As A Housewife” “I’ll Pose With Anyone” “I’ll Do Anything To Stay Relevant!” JillZarin…and Tree’s … Continue reading


JILL ZARIN: JillZ Keeps Tryin’… And Keeps Givin’ And Givin’

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This is probably giving JillZ exactly what she want… ATTEN-SHUN!  However, am highlighting JillZ “interview” for a few reasons: The “interview” is with “CelebrityBABYScoop” via the SacrementoBee. A “BABY” site!?!?!  UH… OK. JillZ’s “baby” is 21-years-old. JillZ just HAS to … Continue reading



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Was not going to make any big deal about today, as after hitting the ONE MILLION mark milestone quite a while ago, stopped with the self-aggrandizement. However, since it was pointed out in comments by SH readers… today IS the … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK: Ramona Singer, Mario Singer “More ‘Cheating’ Allegations… Jill Zarin Says Mario Hit On Her…WHY The “Cheating” Story Lines Are BS…AND… BFrankel “WHY She Is NOT A Talk Show Host”

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 If Ima cheat on anyone, it sure ain’t gonna be JillZ!!! While the rumors of Ramona Singer’s husband, Mario, have been floating around for years… the rumors have all been unsubstantiated and left simply as RUMORS.  However, the RHONY needs … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: SH **Exclusive** Melissa Gorga’s Secret TATTOO!!…Jill Zarin “Waitin’ For Personal Call” From BFrankel!…Alex McCord RSVP’d “NO” To BFrankel… What’s Silex Doin’ Now??… “BrownstoneBrooklyn” And “ALuxe” Deluded Dreams…

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AN **SH Exclusive** … One of MelissaGorga’s EX-“friends” took this shot after a night of carousing… waaaaay back when MeGo was still the “exotic” and “bullied” Missy Marco!   Pretty sure it was **insert eye roll** @BulldogBryan or @Aarater!! Jill … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: NayNay Got “Married”; Jill Zarin “Guest”… Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge “Who Will Be The Extras At Their Wedding?” … PT Housewife “Staying Relevant”… Paula Deen Update And Poll Results

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It is so nice of Bravo to be footin’ the bill for another Housewife’s wedding… and serve as the foundation for another Housewife’s spinoff show!  Yes, NayNay married her hubbend, Gregg Leakes… again… on Saturday.  Cameras were rolling to record … Continue reading



NOTE:  These moronic Housewives are boring as hell.  If you haven’t caught on to the fact that the Housewives “reality” shows are purely fabricated producer-induced soap operas disguised as phony baloney “semi-scripted” BS for viewers to accept as “entertainment”… you need to expand your mind!  

The Housewives franchises are all the same… same manufactured pre-premiere chaotic situations; same story lines; same roles acted by very bad actors; all pushin’ their less-than-quality products.  There are a few exceptions to that description, of course!

Will be writing less about the Housewives and MORE about REAL life… REALITY!!!


SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Abuse of Power… JillZ Changes Her Name…Singer Don’t Like The Robertson’s from “DuckDynasty”!… Duck Dynasty Cousin Tryin’ To Take Over!!!… Joodice Court Date Moved AGAIN!

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If you were wonderin’ about da Joodice’s lawsuit… the one that keeps draggin’ on… the one that Juicy is bein’ sued for fraudulently obtaining a New Jersey driver’s license by using his brother’s info.  The meeting, a status conference which … Continue reading