TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR!!: UPDATE…Woman Died During Surgical Prodecure… Nine Minutes In Heaven… Her Message…

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NOTE:  After posting this item, the “on” button to a radio was accidentally bumped.  Was it a coincidence that the first word heard was “HEAVEN”?  Continuing to listen, the subject was one woman’s account of “Waking Up In Heaven”… the … Continue reading



If you’re lookin’ for a fabulous review of the EX-NY Housewife on last night’s WWHL… get on over to TVGasm, where our Ronnie/flipit has written the penultimate analysis!  FYI:  There was NO WWHL “AfterShow”… “Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky”!!!



Real Housewives of Nothingness: Takin’ A Sunday Morning Detour… With Louis CK!! AND BASIA!!!

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  I mean I really didn’t mean to kill Jesus… I just never knew that it was me that killed him! On the most recent episode of Louie, Louis CK took on the subject of God.  Little Louie went to Catholic … Continue reading