MELISSA GORGA: MORE “Charity” Club Dates!… Doin’ It For The Kids… Still Loves Being A “Mommy”!!!… AND… “BlindItem”? Hardly…

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Taking full advantage of her “PLATFORM” as a New Jersey Housewife… Melissa Gorga continues her clubbin’ dates… under the guise of “charity,” of course! Bring a toy and you’ll get to participate in a “meet and greet” with MeGo!! MeGo … Continue reading


From the SH Archives October 19, 2011: Jacqueline Laurita… Keepin’ The Twitter War Goin’ With Teresa Giudice… Who Is REALLY Doin’ All The Tweeting???

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ORIGINAL POST October 19, 2011   RE-POST October 14, 2012   6:45 pm   NOTE:  BubbaJax has been tweeting for a YEAR!!!                                      … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: PT Housewife “WhiteTrashGunner”…Caroline Manzo “Poll Results”… RHONJ PartyPlanner “Foreclosure”

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September 4, 2012  5:00 pm From “ButYou’reLikeReallyPretty“… ********************************* Remember Elvira Grau?  Elvira was TREE JOODICE’S party planner.  The party planner who scanned Tree’s home and told her she needed a swimming pool… the party planner who was pushing to become … Continue reading


MELISSA GORGA US Magazine Cover, Boardwalk Journal: Takin’ A Look Back… The REAL Reason Melissa Became A NJ Housewife!!…MeGo, Caroline Manzo, Teresa Giudice… VIDEO

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June 14, 2o12  2:15 pm It’s always interesting to find items when searching for something else on SH!! Back in August 2011, Melissa Gorga was hoping that the name “Lady Gorga” would catch on… it didn’t! MeGo had some interesting … Continue reading