MissAndy Answers: Was DrunkOtis’ Drink Toss Real? Does MissAndy Talk With Teresa?

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The drink toss was totally staged… and MissAndy was in on it.  IF you have any doubts, listen to ONLY the audio.  Bravo/MissAndy/Housewives are doing anything to attract viewers, as the Housewives have driven off the cliff… and are free-falling … Continue reading

ANOTHER Phony Wine Toss… With FAKE Crying!

Am SHOCKED that people actually believed that the DrunkOtis wine toss on WWHL was real.  Watch as MissAndy clearly anticipates DrunkO’s assault on the gayest man on television, Jeff Lewis.  Watch as DrunkO throws less than an ounce of water on Jeff.  Watch as DrunkO begins to “cry”.  Watch as DrunkO turns her back and does some shoulder shrugging to exaggerate her fake sobbing.  Watch as DrunkO suspends her phony crying to interrupt Jeff while he’s talking.  Watch as DrunkO turns around… and not one tear is detectable and no makeup ruined!  MissAndy choreographed this continuation of DrunkO’s RHOBH lame wine toss…and he’s reveling in the thought that viewers actually think it’s real:

There were apologies on the WWHL AfterShow where at one point, JeffLewis offered DrunkO a kleenex to daub her tears… DrunkO declined the offer.  Why?  THERE WERE NO TEARS!  

DrunkO says it was her and JeffLewis’ prank on MissAndy.  TOTAL BULLSH*T!  They were ALL in on it.  MissAndy knows that SHOCK value brings ratings. All the Bravo shows are tanking.

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SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Teresa Giudice “TreePlaysJillKelley”… Jenni Pulos “JeffLewisSuingJenni”…Another Atlanta Reality Show… Danielle Staub… Melissa Gorga “MarcoSisters”

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November 15, 2012  TheBlaze has done the casting for the upcoming Lifetime movie about the Patraeus scandal… and they suggest Tree Joodice for the part of Jill Kelly: Hmmm… Just can’t see the resemblance between Tree and JillKelly.  OK, they … Continue reading


Saturday Detour: Andy Cohen’s New Year’s Eve Party…

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                                 Jeff Lewis and Andy Cohen toasting each other as “the gayest man on television”…                        … Continue reading

Watch What Happens Live!: Jill Zarin: The Woman Who Can Do It All

Jill Zarin is the woman who can do it all!

Jillz knows everything about anything and everything about everybody and everything…

Jillz should just leave the job to the professionals…


Watch What Happens Live: Pit-Stille Day!

On last night’s Watch What Happens Live!

Andy’s game for this episode was a ‘tribute’ to Bastille Day, called ‘Pit-stille Day!’…

Guess the celebrity armpit hair…


Watch What Happens Live: Marry, Screw or Kill: The Jeff Lewis Edition

On last night’s Watch What Happens Live!

Andy asked Jeff which Housewife would he marry?

Jeff loves some Tamra, but would only have an affair with her.   Jeff would go long-term with Sonja…




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Just added: If you’re around Wayne, NJ… get yourself over to Gary’s on Rte 23.  Albie’s gonna be there tryin’ to get people to drink some BLK water… the stuff with the fulvic acid in it.  It’s black, it’s water and … Continue reading

Bravo Camp Stories…

Bravolebrities talk about their camp experiences…

Andy is certified in four positions by the NRA…

The Stanker had some work done… and what happened to Bethenny’s face?

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