HOUSEWIVES REUNION SHOWS: Should “Reunion” MissAndy Be Replaced?… WHO Would Replace Him??

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One of the biggest annoyances when it comes to the Housewives reunion shows is the moderator, Lord of the Housewives… MissAndy Cohen. After watching MissAndy’s selective questioning of ALL the Housewives from ALL the Bravo franchises, it’s been concluded by … Continue reading

Watch What Happens Live: The After Show with Jay Mohr… Part II

On Part II of the WWHL After Show…

Jay Mohr takes more questions from callers and plays one of Andy Cohen’s idiotic games…

Jay calls himself (well, Andy actually branded Jay this…) a SUPERFAN of the Real Housewives??

Well, if Jay’s such a SUPERFAN, why didn’t he know that Peggy got da boot from Bravo and is no longer an Orange County Housewife?

Jay is also tryin’ to get Andy to commit to bein’ on Jay’s podcast…and to line up another season of bloggin’ about the New Jersey Housewives..  Notice that Andy is not giving Jay a direct answer…

NOTE TO JAY MOHR: What’s the deal with your fascination with the “beauty” of the NJ kids? They ain’t all that… well, except for our lil Milania!  IMO, Jay, you need to just come out and say that you’d sleep with Melissa in a second.



Watch What Happens Live: Jay Mohr… Sings Melissa Gorga’s “On Display”

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  Come on, Jay… I’ll smile even better if you sing… Jay Mohr was the solo guest on Watch What Happens Live and was in the Bravo clubhouse with Andy Cohen… and Andy asked him to sing Melissa Gorga’s hit single “On … Continue reading

Watch What Happens Live: Jay Mohr Suggests An All City ‘Real Housewives’ Album?

On last night’s Watch What Happens Live, Jay Mohr’s three wishes for the week includes Jay wanting an all-city Housewives album… please don’t let that happen…


Watch What Happens Live: Jay Mohr on Joey Gorga…The Greatest First Impression of All Time

Jay Mohr sat in for Andy Cohen on last night’s Watch What Happens Live and takes over the Bravo clubhouse.  Jay’s guests were Kathy and Rich Wakile.

Jay does not deny his huge man-crush on JoGo… Jay even lists what he likes about him… now that’s a REAL man-crush!

After listening to MissyGo’s audition in front of SoulDiggaz, Jay feels that she’ll get way too polished and not keep her down-home voice… the one that sang ‘Amazing Grace’…

Jay also took on Lauren Manzo for whining about spending time with her bros…


Real Housewives: Bravo’s Andy Cohen Taking a Day Off… Who Is His Replacement???

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Andy is taking a break, for one night, from Watch What Happens Live and his replacement for that one night is… JAY MOHR                                    … Continue reading