WHATEVER WEDNESDAY: Whatever Happened To ChineseBubbaJax’ “Miracle Skin Care Line”?

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Back in 2012, ChineseBubbaJax was whining that every little pore on her face could now be seen on HD TV, so she developed a skin cream!  Whatever happened to that?? ChineseBubbaJax was pushing her skin cream in her BravoBlog… but, … Continue reading

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY Recap: Reunion Show, Part I… By Sandi Duffy

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY Recap Reunion Show… Part I by Sandi Duffy Finally, and thank you Jesus.  It’s the RHONJ Reunion show.  Let’s begin by analyzing their fashion choices.  Can’t Bravo spring for a stylist for these women?  At … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY Recap: Season Five, Episode Eighteen… “Salon Farewell” By Sandi Duffy

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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY Recap   “Salon Farewell” by Sandi Duffy Back at Kim Ds store opening or whatever the hell it is, Penny outs Teresa as the source for all her twitter information.  I could do without the … Continue reading

TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s BravoBlog… Tree is DONE!… “When You’re On TV People Want What You Have”… Gorgas “Freaked Out” By New Cast Members… BUY MY STUFF!!

Bravo…  Tree’s ghostwritten BravoBlog… we GET IT!!

RHONJ Tree Melissa pg

Hello Baby Dolls!

Another roller coaster episode, right? I loved seeing everyone together again. I wish it could stay that way forever! Unfortunately when you’re on TV, people want what you have. They want to be on TV too and they’ll do anything to make it happen or they just want to take you down because they’re sick of watching you. I get it. I’ve seen it happen now on every season of every Housewives show in every city. It’s not fun to be the target, but it comes with the territory. The problem is when newer cast members join and get attacked, they can freak out like Melissa and Joey were. You have to stay united and refuse to let any strangers break you down. But I get that it’s hard. It shouldn’t be hard for family to believe family over strangers, but…

I’m definitely not happy to see where this season is going based on how Melissa and Joey are reacting to the rumors. It’s all my fault again. I get it. It’s easier to blame their own sister/sister-in-law than it is to blame a stranger. It sounds strange, but here’s why.

First of all, blaming me takes all of the emphasis off the actual rumors. Instead of anyone looking into those, they’re all busy looking at me. Fine, deflect away. I’m here for you.  NOTE:  We’re givin’ the side eye to those “rumors”… not ALL the rumors!

Second, going after family is safe. They know I will never do anything to them. With a stranger, you can’t be so sure. They don’t want to go after Penny because she might take it to a whole new level. Easier to befriend her, right? I wouldn’t be looking to make BFFs with someone who was talking to my ex-boyfriend and threatening to expose rumors about me, but that’s just me.  NOTE:  It’s difficult to sort out who’s friends with whom!  As for Penny publicly communicating with Aarater and BulldogNJ, if you want to believe it all, that is up to you.  IMO, the whole thing stinks ala RoxyPoxyGirl.  Bulldog now can’t put out his expose re MeGo because attys are stopping him?  Let’s see the legal documents!   RoxyPoxyGirl did the exact same thing… guess Bravo/whoever is tweeting thinks viewers forgot about RoxyPoxy!

And third, family will always forgive you, and they know it. Family will always be there. To save themselves, they feel like they have to throw me under the bus. I don’t like it but I can’t do anything about it. They are going to believe what they want to believe. Their beliefs make no sense to me — they don’t believe Penny one minute and the next they do. Pick one! They already confronted Penny at the Youthful 8 Milania Collection launch party and she told them I had nothing to do with it. But it wasn’t enough for them. They had to keep going after her. Why? And when they did, suddenly Penny changed her mind that I had something to do with it. Why would she suddenly do that? Why didn’t she say that when I was right in front of her?

But it’s how they’ve chosen to deal with this and I can’t seem to stop them. I’ve done everything I could possibly do, and now I’m done. Done.

I was very happy to go support Kathy at Dylan’s Candy Bar with my 4 daughters. They had a great time! Love to see people’s success!

I was also so happy  Jacqueline asked me to help her with her speech. It wasn’t as random as you might think because in November I had just given my own first big speech at the NephCure Countdown to the Cure Fundraiser at Capitale in NYC ( It was a black-tie affair with tons of press and I was so so so nervous. But I worked it out and was excited to help Jacqueline work hers out too.

I love Nicholas and so does Joe. Since Nick and Audriana were born so close together, Joe always looked at Nicholas like sort of a son too. We missed him a lot.

Finally, did you see my new Skinny Italian food line? I loved the visit to the showroom with my husband, mom, and mother-in-law. I’m so lucky to have such a supportive husband and parents. I love them so much! I’m so excited for you all to try Skinny Italian Foods! It’s all imported from Italy and so so amazing! We have 7 different artisan pastas — the closest thing to homemade pasta you can get. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is harvested exclusively from Calabria, and you can get a beautiful mix of Mediterranean Olives (Calcidica Sweet & Salted, Nocellara del Belice) as well. The Skinny Italian Balsamic Ketchup is perfect for marinating the flank steak recipe in my “Fabulicious! On the Grill” and it’s great on hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets… once you try Balsamic Ketchup, you’ll never go back to regular! We also have a home-style fresh marinara sauce that you can use instead of the Quickie Sauce in all of my recipes. Go to to order some today!

You can get my four cookbooks in your local bookstore or on Amazon.

Skinny Italian is all super healthy Mediterranean diet food and can help you lose weight:

Fabulicious! is my favorite family recipes, great for entertaining company:

Fabulicious! Fast & Fit are all low-fat, super-easy recipes with 10 ingredients or less that go from start to stove in less than 30 minutes:

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Thank you all so much for your support! It means the world to me!

Tanti Baci,
Teresa xx
Twitter: @Teresa_Giudice

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY Recap: Season Five, Episode Sixteen… “The Blonde Drops A Bombshell” By Sandi Duffy


rhonj cast

Season Five Episode Sixteen “The Blonde Drops A Bombshell”

by Sandi Duffy

Oh thank goodness.  They are done with Arizona.

Teresa is coming out with her own Skinny Italian food line.  I hope it’s better than that slop the Mangos tried peddling from the Brownstone.

Do any of the men on this show actually work besides Al?  They all sit around and talk all the time.

Chris and Jacqueline are milking their autism storyline.  Theft are doing something with that sludge they sell and Jacqueline is going to make a speech.  I wonder who HER ghostwriter is.

Kathy and Richie are doing something, but no one cares, so I’m not even going to bother to recap this part.

The Guidices and Gorgas are all having lunch together minus Father Gorga, who has kidney stones.  I don’t really like the new Joe Guidice, who has somehow been coerced or blackmailed into cooperating with the producer-induced story lines.

Teresa is at Jacqueline’s house to help her with her speech.  That’s like Forest Gump helping Corky from Life Goes On write a speech.

Joe Guidice and Rosie seem like BFFs this season.  I kind of like the Rosie/Joe dynamic, even if they both think that both men and women have eggs.  I think it’s safe to say that no one in this cast is going to find the cure for cancer.

Does Melissa just go around and sing her stupid song everywhere she goes?  How is this no talent getting to meet my boyfriend Justin Timberlakes manager?  Who is Melissa kidding?  She would sell her soul to the devil for a big recording career.

More Kathy and Richie.  I’m going to pee and get a snack.

A songwriter and producer comes to Melissa’s studio with “Justin Timberlakes manager”.  I would like to point out that with the magic of auto tune, I could sound just as bad as Melissa.



More Kathy and Richie.  Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala.

Damnit!  I thought it was going to be a Caroline-free episode, and not only is it NOT Caroline-free episode, but we also get miserable Lauren.

RHONJ Lauren BGG  pg

Teresa takes a shot at Kathy by describing her cannolis as “edible”.

wakile cannoli kit costco

Jacqueline is on her way to her big speech.  She’s really nervous.  She’d probably be less nervous if there was a stripper pole in the room.

The women are idiots trying to play basketball in high heels instead of sneakers.

They only made $3000 at their event.  Hell, my late husbands friends, who aren’t on TV, raise more than that every year in a charity golf outing in my husbands name for pancreatic cancer research.

Joe and Melissa are out to dinner and se Penny out.  Melissa approaches Penny about the rumors.  Penny’s fake hair is horrid.  Penny outs Teresa as the source behind the rumors.

Next week on RHONJ…



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