JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax Movin’ On Up… OOPS! Make That Movin’ On OUT!… UPDATE: Not So Fast!! Listing Removed… UPDATE: BubbaJax House STILL For Sale! BubbaJax Silent On Twitter…

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UPDATE:  Earlier today, the listing agent pulled BubbaJax’ house from their site… only stating “listing removed.”  The term “listing removed” could mean several things in real estate speak.  In da Laurita’s case, it meant “Get our address offa our listing!!!” … Continue reading

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SH **EXCLUSIVE** … MissAndy’s Special Request Of SH Readers… Which Housewives Would YOU Dump??

MissAndy wants to know!!!



DRUNKS… In Honor Of All The Drunk-Azz Housewives And Their HouseHusbands!

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MO-Reese tryin’ to hide from Hagface Kyle…. waitin’ for a bus and eatin’ watermelon.  Hagface will never find him! David Gebbia after watchin’ CreepyCarlton’s sex movies… and drinkin a case of Schlitz. Martin Genis… who always fills his home-on-wheels back … Continue reading

BUBBA JAX: Left Out Of Best Mommy Blogs On “Parenting” Magazine!

 RHONJ Jax pg

Poor BubbaJax!!!  

Parenting Magazine has just announced their 2013 top ten Mommy Blogs… and Bubba ain’t included!!

“We honor these women for sharing their stories and advice throughout the year.  Introducing the Top 10 Mommy Blogs of 2013!”

This very exciting-sounding MommyBlog was chosen over BubbaJax':

Susan, a Canadian mom, posts photo stories about her fashion, her daughter Ava Grace’s outfits, and occasionally her son Julian’s and daughter Isabella’s ensembles.  Recommended post: What I Wore: Quilted”

NOTE:  If you disagree  (or agree) with the omission of BubbaJax from the top ten list, contact ParentingMagazine via twitter:  @APConnery 

IT’S WITTY WEEKEND TIME!! BubbaJax Finally Checks Her Messages…Caption This!

BubbaJax finally started to check her backed up messages.   The first was from Teresa Giudice tellin’ BubbaJax… “Go Scratch!” 

The next message was from Parenting Magazine!!  Caption this…

rhonj bubba jax caption parenting magazine I


MORE HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Tamballs…Kyle Richards…Joyce Giraud… Camille Grammer… BubbaJax … Poll Results!… UPDATE: MamaJoyce Whining About “Bad Edit”

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Kandi Burruss’ mother, MamaJoyce, is pissed and surprised that she got the “bad edit”! “That upset me so bad,” Mama Joyce told Radar. “When they showed the scene of me walking into the house and seeing all the pictures of Todd … Continue reading

BEST OF: MissAndy… Miami Housewives… ATL Housewives… RHONY

Rounding up the BEST OF the funniest photoshopped items from Miami, New York and Atlanta…also including MissAndy!!

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BEST OF… The Real Housewives of New Jersey

A retrospective of the best and funniest photoshopped RHONJ items!


rhonj cast st. teresa Tree maya

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caro albie time cover

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(Many thanks to SH readers “HousewifeHoe” “Maya” “Theo” “PMG” and “Jozy”!!!)


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES… TAKIN’ A LOOK BACK: What Was Goin’ On In December… One, Two and Three Years Ago!

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While looking for something else, got lost in the past! These are some of the interesting items discovered from around this time three years, two years and one year ago around this time, which you may have totally forgotten about… … Continue reading


BOTH of these Housewives videos are ridiculous!

First is Kenya Moore answering a very obviously-tweeted-message for the express use on WWHL… about Kandi’s weight.

Next is the RHOBH compilation of “Are You Kidding Me”… featuring HouseHusband David Foster…


NOTE:  The Housewives have stooped to a brand new lower level… calling each other names.  And, even stooping lower by specifically calling a fellow cast mate “fat”…



After hearing about BubbaJax’ daughter, Asslee Holmes, doin’ her “modeling”… offers from **cough, cough** legitimate sources started flooding in!!

Well, ONE started to drip in…

RHONJ ashlee holmes pg


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: New Jersey…Febus FundRaising… NJ Hair Stylist…BubbaJax’ Daughter’s “Business Opportunity”

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A New Jersey winery has raised more than $5,000 to help rebuilding efforts after Superstorm Sandy thanks to brisk sales of a line of table wines with customizable labels.  NOTE:  All they could raise was $5,000???? A hair stylist who has … Continue reading


FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: Takin’ A Look Back At Cheater Lauriter And “RoxyPoxyGirl”… How Many “Cheating” Scenarios Can There Be??

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NOTE:  How many “cheating” scenarios will the producers create?  CheaterLauriter had “RoxyPoxyGirl”… now there’s MO-Reese’s phony baloney “cheating” story line… RHONY’s Mario Singer also has an alleged upcoming “cheating” story line… Originally posted July 17, 2012…   According to “RoxyPoxyGirl’s” twitter… her … Continue reading


IT’S BLACK FRIDAY!! … Atten-shun All Housewives… There’s A Sale Goin’ On At SH!!!… It’s A Bargain!… Which Housewives Will Be Smart Enough To Buy???

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There are people who said ‘screw that Thanksgiving dinner’ yesterday and stood in line to grab those bargains… it’s a tradition for some people. As mentioned three days ago, a “non-partisan” company is being paid $1 million to produce POSITIVE O-Care … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE, JOE GIUDICE: Heading Into Court For Arraignment… Pleads “Not Guilty”… Juicy’s Attorney Speaks… VIDEO… Refresher On 41-Counts From July 2013…

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  Since TreeJoodice entered her “not guilty” plea hours ago in Federal Court, she is saying that she WAS employed as a real estate agent and earned $15,000 as stated on the documents submitted to da Joodice’s lenders…. and didn’t … Continue reading



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JuicyJoe has stated on many occasions that he shared all of his knowledge of the building trades with his brother-in-law, Joe Gorga (Teresa’s brother). If Joe Gorga was taught his building lessons by Juicy… how to obtain mortgages and deal … Continue reading



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To which Housewife could these knees, legs and toes in these wedges belong??? THE OWNER OF THESE KNEES, LEGS AND TOES IN WEDGES IS… TAMBALLS!!!!


WINNER, WINNER… CHICKEN DINNER!!! We Have A Winner In The SH Caption Contest!!!

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… Can’t Wait To Try It On Tree!!!” ALL of the caption entries were very funny!!! SH reader “Luigi” is declared the winner!!   “Luigi” said:   “It’s called The KIMDEEsposal. Can’t wait to try it on Tree.”   “Luigi” gets a … Continue reading


E! NEWS Tries Their Best… The Housewives Halloween Show!

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Loved PornoKing aka “photographer” Terry Richardson thrown in there!!  Bobblehead Rancic is soooo untalented… At the 2:20 mark NayNay appears, ruining an otherwise mediocre take on the HousewivesHalloweenShow… or, you may know it better as “TheTERESAShow”!!!


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Dina’s A Definite… BubbaJax… Camille Grammer… BFrankel “A Twit”… Tamballs Decorates “Funeral Style”!

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Dina Manzo confirms she will be back on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” for Season 6.   NOTE:  The other three proposed NJ Housewives have yet to be confirmed… AND… Dina is already back in Housewives mode…makin’ appearances… and makin’ … Continue reading