EX-NJ Housewife Returning Says “Source”… ALLEGEDLY

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REALLY???  HollywoodLife has an “exclusive” stating that FEBUS is coming back to the RHONJ.

Praise! The great Caroline Manzo will be coming back to the delicious drama of Real Housewives of New Jersey!  A source revealed to HollywoodLife.com that Caroline was offered big money to return, and she agreed!

There’s no word yet on when she’ll be popping back up. If we’re going to throw out a prediction though, we’ll say next season is a safe bet. Teresa Giudice will be heading off to jail, so you know the drama will be insane.

One of the commenters at HollywoodLife said it best:

“Oh goody. An over bearing know it all mother, a cheating husband, a spoiled rotten whiny daughter, a son who can’t make his own life decisions and another son who can’t take the pressure. Here comes drama where T’ drama leaves off. Don’t like Caroline, never did but I guess you gotta make money somewhere. Maybe the old Brownstone isn’t doing well, shrug”

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NOTE:  Thought we got rid of her when she got her spinoff…there could not be a more despicable disgusting shady group of people in New Jersey.  HOWEVER, the Manzoids good buddy and favorite producer, Jacob Huddleston, is back from his failed stint producing RH of Miami and is now producing the RHONJ… and is the brains behind this sure-to-be-a-flop move!  


(Thanks “JustN” “anon” and “PDM”!!)

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