Sponsored: SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Twinkies Are Back!… Carnival Games Crooked??… Get Tattooed For 15% Raise… Where Is Brooks Ayers?… Lydia McLaughlin’s Disappointment … Brooks Ayers Found!!

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If you’ve been missing those loaded with preservatives, creme-filled delicacies otherwise known as Twinkies, just hang on for a little bit longer… the Twinkie bakeries are stokin’ up the ovens! Hostess Brands said Monday that it will open bakeries in … Continue reading


VICKI GUNVALSON: Brooks Ayers… What’s On “20/20″ Tonight!!!…Is ‘Real Housewives’ Star a Deadbeat Dad?… VIDEO

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June 29, 2012  9:03 pm NOTE:   Nicolette/Brooks story will be a part of  “20/20″ starting at 10:00 pm… Is ‘Real Housewives’ Star a Deadbeat Dad? By SUSAN WELSH and SUSIE WHITLEY June 29, 2012 Vicki Gunvalson is probably best … Continue reading