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Paul Nassif is coming back to “reality” TV.  Paul has definitely had work done!

Melissa Gorga answers 20 questions.  On her relationship with Tree…”Being on the show forces us to work out our issues and if we weren’t on the show we very well could have cut off all ties.”  Interesting.   AND… MeGo says the she most regrets cameras at her kid’s christening!   RIIIIIIGHT….  OH… and she’s stickin’ to that story about “writing” her book curled up on the sofa late at night, every night …. from 10 pm to 2 am specifically!   RIIIIIGHT… OOPS, forgot the best one: MeGo wants to be a BeverlyHillbillian.  Dream on, MeGo, dream on.

On Saturday, October 12 starting at 5:00 pm at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort , guests will have the opportunity to gamble the night away and, at the same time, help families affected by autism.  This luxurious event will offer a VIP red carpet entrance, cocktails, tournament poker, live & silent auction and tips from poker stars.  WHAT!?!  No BubbaJax?!!?  What kinda autism event is this?!  Well, it IS a “luxurious” event… don’t blame them for not wanting any subhumans there!  Interesting that the results when doing a search for “autism” does not include BubbaJax

RHONJ Chucky Critter in kitchen

DonCaro is “guest editor” at “”  All month long Caroline is dishing out her take on keeping the family together, who she admires, things she wishes she knew before starting a family, the best and the worst part of RHNJ, and how to appreciate the little things.  “I’ve had many wonderful experiences in my life but nothing compares to being a mother.”  WARNING:  If you decide to click the link to “,” included in the link above, you will get nothing but pop up ads shot at you!   OH… the coolest celeb she’s ever met is Hugh HeFFner!  AND, appreciate the little things like grilled cheese and tomato soup…

Caro gets 298,774,928 Kens…

AND a huge eye roll…

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