On This Day Three Years Ago: Watch MissAndy Throw On Lederhosen For BFF KellyRipa

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                          On today’s (December 22, 2011) “Regis and Kelly”… Lord of the Housewives and close, personal friend of the Consuelos’… Miss Andy Cohen … was Kelly’s co-host. Part of … Continue reading


“Experts” Weigh In On The Life Of Tree’s “Brand”… WHY Tree Has Following?

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ORIGINALLY POSTED AUGUST 2013… Branding “experts” predict that Tree’s brands will weather her legal storm.   The second “expert” asks what everyone has been thinking:  Why does Tree have such a huge, rabid fan base?       NOTE:  Here’s … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Next Season Story Line… “Old v New”…Teresa, Melissa and Dina FIGHT With Napolitano Twins and Amber Nicole

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The Housewives are just so predictable!  Anyone could write the next season’s story lines.  Really, what else are they going to come up with??  They cannot continue the Gorga v Joodice feud… that was annoying and boring two seasons ago! … Continue reading



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After many reminders of the dumbazz words which heave and erupt from the Housewives mouths, have relegated HagfaceKyle’s “winning words” to the side… and will feature MORE ridiculousness gushed from the Housewives! Today will feature the intellect of one of … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Preview: The Obligatory Fight During A Dinner Party… Starring Joyce Giraud’s Husband V Brandi Glanville

Just change-up the Housewives at the dinner party… lather… repeat…and repeat… and repeat… and repeat…repeat… repe……….. so predictable and BOOOOORING!!  How many best friends does DrunkOtis have??

AND… don’t mind KimRichards’ ex-blind date, Martin Genis, but what the hell is Mohamed doin’ there?

HEY!!  Where are Blanche and Jane???




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ORIGINALLY POSTED AUGUST 25, 2013… RE-POSTED OCTOBER 6, 2013… In light of the DuckDynasty controversy, this deserves a THIRD go-round!  Alan, eldest of the DuckDynasty Robertsons… with his bearded brothers It is no wonder that Duck Dynasty’s premiere episode attracted … Continue reading

LUANN DE LESSEPS: LuAnnie On The Loose!!… David Schwimmer Finally Free!

RHONJ Luannie Johnny Depp pg

Well, who didn’t see this comin’??  Countless LuAnnie is doing her part to push the Real Housewives of New York’s new season by participating in the usual pre-season PR work.

NOTE:  If you are new to all this Housewives stuff, all the Housewives start buzzing around approximately six weeks prior to their new season beginning.  The RHONY’s season six will start in February.  Therefore, watch for the NY Housewives to pop up in all the usual places aka MissAndy’s NYMediaMafia… and any other media outlets which will have them… to drop some hints which will attempt to entice you to watch!  All of this pre-planned PR work never, ever proves to equal the actual episodes which make up the franchise’s season!  

All this to say this:  the RHONY Housewives are climbing out of hibernation… a sure sign that they are springing into a new season!  

While we’re talkin’ about the RHONY… we did a complete “Everything you ever wanted to know” item about the alleged newest addition to the RHONY, Kristen Taekman.   If you wanna read everything about Kristen, see SH November 23, 2013.

OK… back to Countless Luannie.  There was nothing more for her boyfriend, Jawks, to do… nowhere to take that story line.

rhony luann de lesseps boyfriend is really david schwimmer


Luannie and Jawks’ pregnancy story was a joke… simply so NOT believable that the producers were probably laughing when they were sittin’ around before season five started as they were bouncing off story line ideas for each of the Housewives!  HAHAHA!!

Let’s see if viewers will go for Luannie gettin’ pregnant… if they do, we’ll keep Jawks; if they don’t, Jawks will have to marry Luannie and if he don’t wanna marry Luannie, then he’ll just have to get used to no more Bravo paychecks!  Oh, this is so much fun!! A-HAHA-HAAH!!!

Needless to say, Luannie is no longer with Jawks.  That leaves Luannie on the loose!!



As part of Luannie’s pre-season PR work, Luannie agreed to have a blind date filmed.  The date was arranged as part of the SteveHarveyShow… ’cause if you’re a Housewife, you must have everything you do filmed!   After all, it IS their “real” lives you’re supposed to be watching!

OK… now that I’ve caught my breath from laughing so hard at that last sentence… about the Housewives bein’ “real”… let’s watch Luannie on her date!!   NOTE:  Didn’t Martha Stewart already do this?? 

What will happen next to Luannie’s quest for men on the RHONY??

Now that there are THREE New York Housewives with no HouseHusbands… will these single Housewives be fighting over the ever-available PoopyPiggyDisgustingDaddy (PT Housewife’s father)??

RHONY  PT HW Father George pg

Oh, never mind that story line… the RHONY producers already have PoopyPigggyDaddy lined up with a much younger woman!   BLEEEEECH!!

Let’s take a look at one of the funniest scenes from the RHONY… Luannie on a camel!!

(Thanks to SH readers “LB/GF” “PMG” “Jozy” and “PDM”!!)


REAL LIFE AND HOUSEWIVES: Let’s Take A Look At What’s Wrong With The Housewives… And What’s Going On In The REAL World!

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The enthusiasm for the Housewives has plunged into the abysmal depths of the unreachable ocean’s waters.   There is no search mechanism which can be called on to rescue the last teeny tiny bits of interest which were languishing before … Continue reading

KIM RICHARDS: Ask Her Anything!

Kim Richards was given a fishbowl fulla questions while visiting the BFrankel show… and answers them!



KIM RICHARDS: Kim on BFrankel Show … Whining About Lisa Vanderpump… Kim Says She’s “Over It”… REALLY??

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Kim Richards on “friend-of-HagfaceKyle” BFrankel’s talk show… whining about Lisa VanderDump not bein’ a “friend” to her off camera. It’s great to see that Kim Richards looks and sounds healthier… but, all this complaining about LisaVPump not bein’ a friend … Continue reading


IT’S BLACK FRIDAY!! … Atten-shun All Housewives… There’s A Sale Goin’ On At SH!!!… It’s A Bargain!… Which Housewives Will Be Smart Enough To Buy???

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There are people who said ‘screw that Thanksgiving dinner’ yesterday and stood in line to grab those bargains… it’s a tradition for some people. As mentioned three days ago, a “non-partisan” company is being paid $1 million to produce POSITIVE O-Care … Continue reading


SH BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!… Housewife, Relative and Production REVEALED!

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NOT HEATHER DULL-BRO!! How many of these talentless Housewives have relatives who are trying to get ahead in the bizness of show by attaching themselves to their Housewife relation? Recently one of the Housewives’ relatives completed a production! Can you … Continue reading


REALITY SHOWS: If Still You REALLY Think “Reality” Shows Are Real… Think Again!… Writers Guild Organizing “Reality” Show Writers and Producers For Pay Equality!… Bravo’s New “Docu-Soap” Shows For 2014!

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If you are one of the lonely holdouts who still believe those Housewives who swear that everything on their franchise is REAL… and that nothing is pre-planned or scripted, think again! The producers, writers and other behind-the-scenes people who put … Continue reading

MISS ANDY… ‘Splains How Housewives Are Selected…And WHO Comes Back!

MissAndy takes full responsibility for selecting ALL the Housewives… and claims that Lauri Waring Peterson really didn’t wanna come back to the RHOC.   PUH-LEEEZE!  MissAndy must have given Lauri an offer she couldn’t refuse…obviously!

NOTE:  MissAndy’s partner in Housewives selection, Shari Levine, said over a year ago that NayNay has an “exceptional personality.”  

The disgusting beginning of the above video can be seen at…absolute pigs.


SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Opree… Kartrashians Tanking… LapBand Photo Tips… Ratings Numbers… FEBUS On Dr. OZ… Ellen on BFrankel Show

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Opree, the person behind political names (including total phony Cory Booker!)… is tryin’ like hell to get Kartrashian hubbend, LamarO, to tell all on her show.  Does she still have a show???? Speakin’ of the Kartrashians… their show is tanking. … Continue reading


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR!!… “Woodies And Goodies”…

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Let’s take a break from those moronic Housewives and look at the beautiful craftsmanship the went into manufacturing these beautiful automobiles!  Unlike today, these cars could be worked on in your own garage… and no computers or tracking devices! Some … Continue reading


TAKIN’ A SH DETOUR!!!… Let’s Have Some Fun… With STATUES!!

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It’s time for a SH detour… enough of those phony baloney moronic Housewives! Am sooooo sick and tired of the repetitiveness, the bad acting and the bizarre story lines which are forced down viewers throats.  The Housewives franchises started as … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES AT NEW YORK STATE FAIR: Tamballs, KomaKathy and JillZarin… Sad…

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   A question/answer session with the Housewives was led by Amy Robbins, host of 93Q’s ‘Ted and Amy in the Morning“… It was only the most desperately desperate of the “must stay relevant” Housewives to appear yesterday at the New … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” WEEKEND: Buying Twitter FB Instagram Followers…Duck Dynasty “Top Ratings”… BigBrother Wins Ratings… MissAndy Cohen Fears For His Life… Teresa Giudice KimD’s Book Signing… Jax/Chris Laurita “Buy $25 GiftCard To Meet”… Camille Grammer, Faye Resnick on “Kris”

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Interested in BUYING followers… like, perhaps, your favorite Housewives?   How about buying REAL followers?  22-year-old’s new business… CROWDS ON DEMAND… providing fake supporters or, if you like, protesters, is taking off! DuckDynasty Premiere on A&E attracted 11.8 million viewers! MissAndy … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Lea Black… It’s Work, Work, Work Bein’ On RHOM!!… Watch First Episode “OnDemand”

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Lea Black chats with the MiamiHerald about the new season of the Real Housewives of Miami… besides explaining about the reduced cast (dentist Karent Sierra was booted), Lea’s skin care and handbag line will be featured this season. And, of … Continue reading

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Preview… Joanna Krupa, Lea Black… “Adriana’s Been Married For FIVE Years!!”

Bravo… Pretty sure it was a Housewives site that found Adriana was married to Fredriq!  Lea’s “the silence of your friends is deafening” is heartbreakingly true!

The entire first episode of Miami is available “On Demand”…


HOUSEWIVES REUNION SHOWS: Should “Reunion” MissAndy Be Replaced?… WHO Would Replace Him??

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One of the biggest annoyances when it comes to the Housewives reunion shows is the moderator, Lord of the Housewives… MissAndy Cohen. After watching MissAndy’s selective questioning of ALL the Housewives from ALL the Bravo franchises, it’s been concluded by … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE: “Experts” Weigh In On The Life Of Tree’s “Brand”… Can’t Figure Out WHY Tree Has Following!

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Fox411… Branding “experts” predict that Tree’s brands will weather her legal storm.   The second “expert” says what everyone has been thinking:  Why does Tree have such a huge, rabid fan base?     NOTE:  Here’s why Tree has the … Continue reading

ANDY COHEN: MissAndy Launches WWHL YouTube Channel…

Good grief!  Lord of the Housewives, MissAndy, has invaded YouTube with his own WWHL Channel!

GRETCHEN ROSSI, SLADE SMILEY: Wretched Lives Her Life “Out Of The Box”… Finally Over Jeff…

Just cannot stand Wretched BLEEEEEECH Christine!  She starts her interview with USMagazine (the preferred media outlet for Housewives) with “HI! GUYS!”…  and then proceeds to explain how she’s always done things “out of the box” style, which explains her unique proposal to her boyfriend, Slade Smiley.

Wretched has finally gotten over the passing of the love of her life, Jeff Beitzel… but, he’s still “watching” over her!

RHOC Gretchen Jeff Beitzel pg

(Thanks to SH readers “BlueIvy” and “PMG”!!!)