REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA Preview: Peter Butts Into Porsha’s Divorce From Kordell…

On the next RHOA:  So sick of these moronic HouseHusbands butting into everyone’s business.  Still cannot believe that Peter is 53… really had him figured to be around 60!  DumbCynthia needs to loosen up her boobs in that dress…

ATL HouseHusbands: No Pay, Plenty of Perks… Strip Clubs Are Their “Offices”… Mr. CynthiaBailey Says He Don’t Know Nuthin’ About Apollo Bein’ A Criminal

Are the ATL HouseHusbands looking for a show of their own???

Although they say on the BFrankelShow that they don’t get paid for their parts on the RHOA, they DO get paid for making personal appearances and they DO get paid scale for appearing on talk shows…

AND… StripClubs are their “offices”…

“Casket Smart”????


Peter said he was completely surprised to hear news that Apollo was arrested on suspicion of bank fraud and identity theft, said he’s as much at a loss as “RHOA” fans.

“I don’t know nothing about it,” Peter told Sister 2 Sister. “I have absolutely no comment on his arrest.”

We’re givin’ Mr. CynthiaBailey 383746,228743,99973 Dr. Evils…


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: RHOA HouseHusbands Swim With Dolphins…Deleted Scene

Bravo Who the hell wants to see the HouseHusbands swim with dolphins?  In fact, who the hell wants to see any of the HouseHusbands!?  We’d much rather see ALL the Atlanta Housewives jump into that water!!

ANDY COHEN AND The REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SNL: MissAndy Sits Down With All The Ladies… For A SNL Reunion!!… VIDEO

November 25, 2012  NBC/SNL…  The ladies of SNL hit on EVERY irritating Housewife trait… which has now become laughable… in this SNL Reunion Show!  AND… this reunion proves that no “HouseHusbands” are needed!

(Thanks to SH reader “sd”!!)


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Reunion Shoe Competition… Guess Who Wins?… VIDEO

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September 24, 2012  7:10 pm         “MissAndy BETTER pick MY shoes… or else!” You’ll never guess who wins this year’s “MissAndy’s Favorite Shoes” at the taping of the reunion show!  Is the winner’s husband there?  Maybe he stepped … Continue reading