FROM 2011: The Tanous’… Who’s Fooling Whom? Peggy Refinanced To Avoid Foreclosure Four Years Ago…

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ORIGINAL ITEM FROM MAY 6, 2011… Peggy agreed to pay ONLY interest payments for ten years.  If the bank has taken Peggy’s house, it’s a smart move on her part, as her house is drowning under water.  Peggy would never … Continue reading


SIMON COWELL, LAUREN SILVERMAN: Simon’s BabyMama’s Affair at 16 With Teacher… Stepfather (With Record) Defends… Mother Pushing For Marriage!

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The NYDailyNews is reporting that Simon Cowell’s babyMama, Lauren Silverman, had an affair with her married English teacher while she was in a Miami high school.   Silverman was booted from the school; the teacher was asked to resign. Interestingly, … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Vote For TreyC “Melissa Gorga’s Cousin Who Can Actually Sing”… Watch Out For Kyle and Kim on “Danger Diving”… Luxury Designer Goods Are No Longer Making An Impression!… RHONY Airing on SliceTV in Canada… Eddie Judge “Bachelor Party”… RHONY BFrankel “Failure”

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Kindly give your vote to Tracey, Melissa Gorga’s cousin… the cousin that can actually sing… to win the MissAiryResort competition! What MeGo is REALLY thinkin’… ************************************   Don’t forget to set your DVRs or just set your brain… to watch … Continue reading


KATHY WAKILE: KomaKathy’s BravoBlog…”BigSecrets”!… See KomaKathy Talk With MissAndy Back in MAY About Her Nose Job!

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 October 4, 2012  Bravo…   “It’s a big secret!  Don’t tell ANYONE that I got a nose job!  Or my lips filled… or extensions… or that Richie got some new teeth… or that my sister yells like a moose!” Some … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s Miami Book Signing… Tree Allows Her Girls to Watch Real Housewives of New Jersey… VIDEO

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June 11, 2012  1:20 pm                               Teresa Giudice… carryin’ a LV tote…                               … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Taylor Armstrong… No Mention of “Tom Ford”

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                                                I changed my name because I just loved the designer “Tom Ford”… and Dr. Phil fell for … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Orange County: The Tanous’… Who’s Fooling Whom???

Somebody is fooling someone at the Tanous house…                 The house that Peggy bought… and has agreed to pay interest-only payments of $4,000 a month for 10 years!!! Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Peggy … Continue reading

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 3 – Welcome to Teresa’s Crib – Bravo TV Official Site

A new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey warrants a new tour of Tree’s house, right? Well, does not agree. This video is the same tour of Tree’s house that’s been on since season one.

Tree starts at her double staircase, like the staircase in Melissa’s house (Melissa’s looks nicer), and proudly shows off her Versace vase and her Gucci dinnerware and her onyx kitchen sink.

Would have loved to see what her home looks like since the auction almost happened…


Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak Off!

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OH!  I’ve been waiting for this announcement!  This is supposed to be very ‘shrouded in secrecy’ information, but the National Enquirer is reporting that 25-year-old Kroy Biermann has called of his engagement to 32-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak.  Like, who … Continue reading

Social… on Wealth TV

The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s ex-cast member, Danielle Staub premiered her new show, Social, last night on Wealth TV.  To say that ‘Social‘ is a mess is a compliment.  When Danielle showed up at Sir Ivan’s castle, ‘the Playboy mansion of the Hamptons‘, a cell phone was ringing in the background and no one shut it off.  This was just the beginning of a half hour of awfulness.

In a dress more suited for a 12-year-old girl than an over-40 woman, Danielle is met by “Sir Ivan” Wilzig, the son of a holocaust survivor who rose to become a wealthy banker in New Jersey.

Sir Ivan and Danielle

Sir Ivan takes Danielle on a tour of his castle…. the many views from the castle, his themed bedrooms, his pool, his billiard room and his dungeon.

If only Sir Ivan had pushed Danielle into the pool… there may have been a reason to watch Social.

Sir Ivan keeping Danielle caged up in the dungeon and leaving her there would have been another reason to watch Social.

After visiting Sir Ivan at his castle, Danielle and Sir Ivan met up at Georgio Gucci’s black tie gala where he is introducing new products and Danielle pronounces that she is ‘Italian Glamour.’

A real Italian and ‘Italian Glamour’… this is the only contact Danielle had with Mr. Gucci… he didn’t even give her a wallet.

Social was promoted as a reincarnation of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and Danielle another Robin Leach… but I’ve seen Robin Leach, and Danielle, you are no Robin Leach… and Social is not even a poor cousin of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Three thumbs down….bleech.

Separated at birth…Sir Ivan and Jon Lovitz…

NOTE:  The entire time I’m watching Social, I couldn’t think of who Sir Ivan looked and sounded like…  but I finally figured it out… Sir Ivan IS Jon Lovitz.  If you get Wealth TV, when you watch Social, thinking of Jon Lovitz while watching Sir Ivan will get you through this waste of 22 minutes.

Social is produced on a low budget with one camera by Cary Sandoval Films.  I’m really shocked that this program was picked up by Wealth TV as their normal programming has much better produced and informative shows.

PS:  The photos are bad on purpose… they are indicitive of how bad the show was.

Social on Wealth TV:

Sir Ivan’s Bio: