MORE HOUSEWIVES TWEETS!! DrunkO “BuyMyStuff”! HagfaceKyle TV Mystery! BYE NayNay! Loada’s LifeAdvice! WackyJackieChan Pushing Drink! Missy Tweeting “MORE Gorgas”!! B-Day Cards For Teresa’s Kid!!

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DrunkOtisStore… BUY MY CRAP STUFF!!!   Seriously… who is buying this junk? \    HagfaceKyle can’t figure out her TV… Loada is STILL giving out her life advice… Perhaps Loada could be cured of all her ailments by drinking some of … Continue reading


REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: Take A Walk On The Bad Side Of Orange County…Bad Teeth, Bad Skin…

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June 13, 2012  1:00 am It’s always been a mystery as to why Wretched **BLEEEECH** Christine piles of coats of makeup on her face.  The mystery is revealed. This chick has terrible skin… and needs to be under the care … Continue reading