From The SH Archives… GRETCHEN ROSSI: Wretched’s EX-Boyfriend, Jay Photoglou’s Chat With SH… About Slade Smiley… Jeff Beitzel… And WRETCHED!!

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ORIGINAL POST July 26, 2012  10:45 pm    RE-POST NOVEMBER 18, 2012   Wretched is now known for her hair??  Uh… OK… NOTE:  Now that the courtroom drama has come to a conclusion, let’s take a look back at what Mr. … Continue reading


SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: Gretchen Rossi “RoleModel”… Joanna Krupa “ReunionReady” And MORE Housewives Products!!… Joanna The “BubbaJax” of Miami… Melissa Gorga “DonCaro and KomaKathy” Are Back!

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November 17, 2012 Wretched Rossi is very happy with herself… As mentioned earlier, Wretched was awarded $500,000 PLUS $23,500 in punitive damages… that’s a total of $523,500 awarded to Wretched by a jury.  An award which Wretched will, more than … Continue reading


HOUSEWIVES LAWSUITS: Teresa Giudice PuntaCanaBarBrawl “SuitSettled” $$$ Unknown… Gretchen Rossi “SuitSettled” $$$ Half Million; Wretched Won’t Collect!… UPDATE: Wretched Gets $23,500 Punitive Damages, Wants Restraining Order…

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November 16, 2012 According to the NewYork Supreme Court, the Punta Cana bar brawl lawsuit was disposed, which means it was settled.   There is no information re HOW it was settled or if there was any money involved.  The … Continue reading