FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: Andy Cohen… Andy Prepped Real Housewives Of Miami For Failure!… WHAT REALLY HAPPENED!

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ORIGINALLY POSTED April 7, 2011 RE-POSTED September 13, 2012  5:00 pm NOTE:  In anticipation of tonight’s RHOM second season premiere… on Bravo at 9pm… just a quick look back at what happened with the Miami Housewives, season ONE.   AND… this … Continue reading


Real Housewives of Miami Before on the After Show

Lea Black, Alexia Echevarria and Adriana de Moura were on WWHL with Andy Cohen before their season of the Real Housewives of Miami began.  It’s interesting to see the RHOM then as compared with now… now that their season is … Continue reading



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                   Real Housewives of Miami….”We’re going to find that Andy Cohen and when we do….” It’s done and over with, but the Real Housewives of Miami‘s first season and reunion show is … Continue reading


Andy’s Experiment Gone Awry…

Andy Cohen right in the middle of the mess he made… nothing personal, Miami Housewives… From Andy Cohen’s Blog on, April 6, 2011: “The Great Live Reunion Experiment of 2011 is over and the results were…interesting.  On the one … Continue reading


Crispy…Too Awesome for Black’s Gala… and More Awesomeness

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Oh, that Crispy!  She is so awesome!  And she wants everyone to know just how awesome she is… Real Housewives of Miami star Cristy Crispy Rice is by no means shy and retiring and took pleasure in showing off her … Continue reading


Miami Housewives… Honored or Embarrassed?

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Adriana, Lea, Crispy, Alexia and Marysol…   sorry, but you did not take advantage of your HWs time to make a ‘hit’ CD, write a book or put together a collection of your mother’s recipes and slap your name on … Continue reading

Christina Rice… Back in 2008

Before she was on the Real Housewives of Miami,  Crispy Cristy Rice was known as Christina and was having some problems with her estranged husband, Glen Rice…

Former NBA player Glen Rice has been arrested for battery, after pummeling a guy at his estranged wife’s house.

Glen Rice Christina RiceGlen, the girls I hire to carry around this box I have to stand on to talk with you keep quitting, so let’s just get divorced…

Investigators say Rice entered the home of his wife, Christina, and confronted her about having other men in the house. He soon found 47-year-old Alberto Perez hiding in a bedroom closet. Rice then reportedly hit Perez in the face, grabbed him by the neck, and threw him out of the bedroom. Perez then fled the house & called police.

Shocking that Glen would be so distrusting of his wife, since she’s been so supportive of him in the past.  Back in 2000, Christina ripped Lakers coach Phil Jackson when her husband didn’t seem to be getting enough playing time.  “Jackson has never wanted Glen, he’s always wanted somebody like Scottie Pippen, and this is his way of getting back at management for not letting him make a trade.”

Christina further clawed at Phil, “It’s all a mind game. It’s all about control. Jackson did not get his way with the general manager or the owner about trading Glen, so who pays for it? Glen does.”

Glen Rice Lakers

She ranted that if she was in Glen’s shoes, it would have been Latrell Sprewell II – kind of like what her estranged husband just did to her house visitor.

Then-Pacers coach Larry Bird wasn’t surprised by Christina’s defense of her meal ticket: “I’ve seen wives hit writers on top of the heads with their pocketbooks in Boston. I’ve seen them swear at officials walking by. I’ve seen it all….They’re just trying to protect their man. If my man was making $12 (million) or $15 million a year, I’d be trying to protect him, too.”

Now it seems the lady needs protection from her former man.

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Alexia… Poor Lil Piglet

Alexia likes to eat, but when her husband, Herman, asks her to help out in the kitchen she freaks out… on the next Real Housewives of Miami:

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RHOM Adriana ‘de’ Moura Profile…Another One

RHOM:  Lea, Marysol, Alexia, Larsa, Cristy and Adriana

It was only a matter of time before Bravo’s ‘Housewives’ series hit the sunny shores of South Florida.  Its casts are known for their big personalities and the Real Housewives of Miami ‘Housewife’ Adriana de Moura fits the bill quite nicely.  We caught up with de Moura to talk editing, her current endeavors, and of course, Miami.
Adriana de Moura… if that is her real name…

How do you feel about the depictions of you thus far?
Only one side of me has been shown — my fun side. There is a lot more to me. I’m a woman with a well-rounded education, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a dedicated mother and a housewife. I still go grocery shopping and manage my household.  (Grocery shopping is always a sure sign of a very well-rounded person…)

You have been called ‘the Wild One.’  What are your thoughts on that title?
I guess I do have a gregarious personality. I’m also Brazilian, meaning dancing, singing and socializing is part of my culture.  I embrace my femininity, but don’t believe in promiscuous behavior. (Au contraire…mon amie… we’ve been hearing about you!) I like to have fun without any malice.

Do you feel you need to set the record straight on anything thus far? On the show, you forgot that your son got out of school early one day, and asked your fiancé (who was at work) to pick him up instead of leaving your leisurely lunch with the Housewives cast.
I might not be perfect, but I’m a dedicated single mother who invests greatly in my son’s education.  There are logistical challenges that may occasionally arise when I try to juggle many roles and stretch myself thin.  However, I sincerely do my best!  My son recently received a letter from the U.S. Congress congratulating him for making Honor Roll at his school.  I felt so moved by the letter because it means all the sacrifices I make for him pay off.  (Doesn’t this idiot know that those form letters from your representative are sent to everyone for just about anything!?)

Did it bother you when your castmates told you to drop your fiancé when he seemed bothered that you wanted him to pick up your child from school and even hung the phone up on you?
Yes, but I think they were trying to defend me.

With all this national attention, have you been able to focus on your love for art?
Sincerely, not as much as I would like to. Primarily due to my current work load with television and press.  (Excellent excuse for side-tracking that Sorbonne-education and training in fine art…)

What are your favorites places to go to in Miami? Eating, dancing, etc.
I definitely love Casa Tua for Italian fare. I also like Fogo de Chao for authentic Brazilian cuisine. For a relaxing day, I love the Grove Isle Spa.

NOTE:  Looking forward to hearing what some commenters have to say about this!


RHOM’s Adriana… Was Lea Scammed?

The following is a little teaser from the upcoming ‘Star‘ magazine about the Real Housewives of Miami Adriana DeMoura-Sidi and her ex-husband:

Adriana de Scammer Moura-Sidi

“The Real Housewives of Miami star Adriana De Moura-Sidi has revealed on the show that her ex-husband cheated on her. But left unsaid, as Star has learned exclusively, were other horrors Adriana has said she experienced at the hands of her ex — including, she claims in court documents, physical violence and rape.

“I consider myself a survivor,” Adriana tells Star in an exclusive interview inside for our March 14 issue. According to court papers, in December 2006 Adriana told Roberto Sidi she wanted to end their relationship. An argument exploded into violence at the couple’s condo and Adriana says Roberto choked her, threatened her life and even raped her — all while their young son slept in the next room!”

Adriana and cute Roberto Jr.

Well!  In searching for the court documents, I came across this…

Adriana Moura is nothing but a liar!!! see for yourself…public record in Texas! I can not believe BRAVO doesn’t do a simple back ground check!!!!
my ex sister in law…11 years ago!!!

She’s a loser!!! Short version…They got divorced, he was coming to Miami and she said she had nothing left in Texas, because she had slept with everyone there! She begged my brother to bring her to FL, because of their son, he agreed! He bought a place on Fisher Island! When the market and everything went bad here, he told her to move into a small condo and that he would help her get on her feet…there was no way she could afford Fisher Island on her own! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she got a real estate license and told him she would help sell his condo..he was nice and agreed! He made her co list it with another realtor, because she’s nuts and didn’t trust her! We recently found out they had 2 cash offers on the place but she turned them down…why?? because she wanted to stay on Fisher Island to find a rich husband!!! But Men are not as stupid as she thinks so she moved to plan B…a dumb womenenter Leah Black…so she played the victim and the poor abandoned single mother!!!

Lea… always there for an abandoned mom found in an art gallery…

She didn’t have the balls to tell anyone the truth..the worst part about her is she’s a bad mom!! she didn’t care about my nephew until other rich families invited him over for play dates!!! then she attached to him because he’s a great kid!!! I will choke her!!! My brother’s new wife is not a 17 year old escort??/ She has a 12 year old daughter, and they have a son together! Its nasty!!! and all lies!! My half brother is not in the country to defend himself!! My other brother is married to an Adriana…so her name is Adriana Sidi!!! the Chaos!! I can not believe bravo picked this show up??

1.Texas Divorces Search Results… a.)/2001 HARRIS 072664 SIDI ROBERTO E 31 ADRANA M 35 01 12/11/1998 7/23/ …… b.)/2001 COLLIN 147037 SIDI ROBERTO E 31 ADRIANA M 35 01 4/26/1999 7/23/

Roberto and Adriana Moura DIVORCED IN 2001!!!!  Collin County, Texas!!!!!  A long time before she was “abandoned” on Fisher Island!!!   I saw your article and felt you should know the truth!   Best Regards,  Posted at 3:57 AM on Feb 23, 2011 by vanessa sidi”

NOTE: Vanessa Sidi’s above comment was not the easiest to research as it is required to file for divorce in the county in which they were married and Vanessa lists both Harris and Collin Counties as the court in which Adriana divorced Roberto, so that threw a little kink in the search ; however, the Sidi’s divorce record was retrieved from Collin County, TX:

Click to Return to Collin County Home

Case History
Case Number 4015049801
Date Filed: 02/08/2001
Case Type: FAM – OLD – Divorce
Status: Case is Closed
Style: In the Matter of the Marriage of ADRIANA M. SIDI Vs. ROBERTO E. SIDI
JudicialOfficer: Rusch, Mark in 401st District Court
Type Name DOB Address Attorney
Petitioner Sidi, Adriana M Pro Se
Respondent Sidi, Roberto E Brian S Loughmiller
So what about the Fisher Island condo that was mentioned?  It’s up for sale again and the price has been reduced!
There are no photos for their condo, but there are photos at a similar property in the same complex  (and this condo is $300,00 less!)

Why Real Housewives of Miami Won’t Be Back…

Real Housewives of Miami premiere party February 21 2011The hot, fiery,   bringin’ the Latina perspective RHOM… we’re waitin’!

I know, I know… let’s give the Real Housewives of Miami a little breathing room. After all, they were an unexpected replacement when we were all waiting for the Real Housewives of New York to expose who the ‘thug in a cocktail dress’ was.  (I’m sayin’ it’s Jillzarin… ) We should all give the RHOM the benefit of the doubt as we’ve only seen the first episode… and according to someone or something I read or maybe it was Bravo’s PR… the Real Housewives of Miami starts to heat up around episode three.

Cristy and her good friend/ex Glen Rice

Well, Cristy Rice gave a revealing interview to Miami New Times:

“As the entire city of Miami is aware, Real Housewives of Miami premiered last Tuesday, to well, less than stellar reviews. E! News called it “just bland” and People Magazine gave it one star.  (Hey… what about stoopidhousewives!  We didn’t like it either!!!) We mean, isn’t that a little harsh? But they can hate all they want — we love our ladies because, hey, they are our people.  So last week at the Eden Roc Miami Beach, we got the chance to catch up with one of the Miami Housewives, Miss Cristy Rice. Better known as the single mama/ex-wife of NBAer Glen Rice.  And while she stayed a little more tame then we would have liked, Rice talked about the show, the fact she is the only one with a job, and what its like to be an actual basketball wife.

New Times: You and the ladies are the first Latina housewives. How does that feel?
Cristy Rice: It’s one of the main reasons I did the show. I wanted to show the country a Latina woman, something that has never been done on Bravo.

Doing a reality show can either go really well or well, terrible. What made you want to do the show?
I said no a million times, but eventually no turned into a yes. I actually turned down the show a few times.

You start of the show as a single lady. Do you have a man in your life these days?
I’m still single.

Is it weird to be one of the only wives with an actual job?
I have had my clothing store for about 10 years and I just took it online. I actually just created a line of accessories and a line of workout wear, so I have been busy.

Bethenny Frankel turned Real Housewives of New York into a full blown empire. Is that a reason you did the show?
It was something that was already in the works, so it can’t hurt, right?

You’re also an ex-basketball wife. Did they ever offer you Basketball Wives on VH1?
Yes, they actually offered me that show first. And I turned that show down to and I decided to go with this show. And then I called Larsa and got her on board.

Pat Riley’s wife, Chris, told us that show is pretty unrealistic of what it’s like to be a wife of someone in the NBA. Do you agree?
Well, I don’t watch it actually. But I know a few of the girls on it. None of them were truly wives like I was. I was married for over 10 years, so I mean, it’s obviously different then from what you see.

Do you think they make actual basketball wives look bad?
My experience as a basketball wife was beautiful. I had a great relationship with my husband. We’re actually still friends. I had another side too, which was the wife of a retired basketball player.

What does your ex, retired NBAer Glen Rice, think of you doing the show?
We talk all the time. He wishes me well.”

Cristy’s interview is another reason why my psychic (my psychic? Me) is telling me that the Real Housewives of Miami is doomed to be a one-season wonder… move over DC.  Not only was this a boring interview, but the interviewer even said as much (“while she stayed a little more tame then we would have liked, Rice talked about the show…”). While I wouldn’t have expected her to present herself to the interviewer doing a Charo imitation to prove that she’s a Latino hottie, but for the interviewer to observe that Cristy was ‘tame’ is telling me that Cristy was either not in the mood to talk or she’s bored with the whole Housewives stuff already.  And, if Cristy’s bored with RHOM already, then we’re all bored with it…  Buh, bye Miami.

Larsa Pippen… seriously… what’s with her boobs in this dress???

On second thought, Miami could possibly be back for a second season if they include Elaine Lancaster… she was supposed to be a Miami Housewife this season, but was cut.  Elaine was a big reason that I was looking forward to Miami… maybe after Bravo sees the dismal ratings and the very lame interaction between the present Housewives, Andy will take another look at Miss Elaine and Miami will be back for a second season…

James Davis/Elaine Lancaster

Elaine Lancaster talkin’ Beauty Queen to Beauty Queen:


The Real Reason The RHONY Was Shelved…

Really, Marysol?  Seriously???!!!  In this video, Marysol Patton of the Real Housewives of Miami gives a much better reason for Andy’s decision to hold off on airing the Real Housewives of New York and going ahead with RHOM…

Marysol Patton Marysol Patton attends the Leather & Laces Super Bowl Party presented by Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism at the Paris Theater on February 5, 2010 in Miami Beach, Florida.Miami Marysol

Miami is on the schedule instead of New York because a.) there was a mix-up in alphabetizing by an intern at Bravo;  b.) Roy Black would sue Bravo big time if they delay Miami; c.) the people want to see palm trees or d.) Marysol’s mother, Elsa threatened to put a spell on Andy.    Well, just watch…

RHOM Marysol… Mommy & Me

Miami Arrest Record for Elsa Carreras Patton

Real Housewives of Miami Elsa PattonBotox always tastes better in a wine glass…

Inmate Name:
Patton, Elsa Carreras
Inmate #:
Last Arrest Date:
00:30AM 10-09-2010
5′ 7″

Family drama: Marysol's mother Elsa Patton was also arrested last year for driving under the influenceElsa, courtesy of Miami-Dade PD

ELSAPsychics are their own worst clients… they can never predict their own arrests

Charges Resulting from Arrest on 10/09/2010

1.  Dui/Unlawful Breath Alcohol Level
Counts: 1
Bond: $0.00
2.  No Valid Drivers License
Counts: 1
Bond: $0.00
A few weeks after Mommy Elsa was arrested for DUI, Marysol, along with her Real Housewives of Miami cast mates, attended their quickly-thrown-together premiere party, as reported by… 

If you didn’t catch them on TV – The Real Housewives of Miami debuted 10 p.m. Tuesday on Bravo – then maybe you saw their fabulousness in the flesh.  The glam castmates came together for a launch party at the Eden Roc Renaissance Hotel on the night of Monday, Feb. 21 to introduce themselves to (hopefully) future fans. (That’s saying a whole lot when even a promotion piece is ‘hoping’ for the show…)

Lea Black was the first to arrive, with hubby Roy Black and 9-year-old son R.J. in tow. Both were beaming.  “She had fun doing this so I’m happy for her,’’ said the famed defense attorney, adding with a wink: “Luckily I was away for most of the cameras and the shooting, though!’’  Asked what she was wearing, Lea couldn’t recall.  “I literally pulled this out of my closet!’’ she said of the black lace dress with beige slip. “It’s 15 years old.’’  (Bravo Andy just twittered her the day before that the RHOM was a ‘go’… Lea barely had time to wax her brows, let alone go for a dress fitting!)

***SPOILER ALERT***  Marysol Patton, in a strapless cocktail mini, seemed embarrassed by all the attention. “I was stalked,’’ said the 44-year-old PR maven. “I went out on Valentine’s Day with***my husband***, and there were photographers in the bushes!’’  (***Well, her ‘older woman dating a younger man’ storyline is blown… She’s married to the dude!!!  Hmmm… a little Cynthia/Peter deja vu??)

Mom Elsa Patton – she of the recent DUI (above) – showed her support for her daughter. When a bystander complimented her on her sleek, straight hair, the 76-year-old plastic surgery addict aficionado thanked her and blew a kiss .  “She’s the real star of the show,’’ (If Bravo Andy is calling Elsa, the ‘KimG’ of Miami, the ‘real star’ of the show, then there are some definite problems with RHOM…) said Bravo exec/personality Andy Cohen ( Watch What Happens Live!)  Asked why the franchise picked up here, Cohen said, “Miami has got touch of The O.C. and something else. It was a no-brainer.’’  (If Miss Andy could explain what that ‘something else’ is, maybe we could all figure out a reason to watch RHOM… Come on, Andy… help us out here!)

Real Housewives of Miami… Beginning of the End?

Underage Drinking Controversy Brewing for 'The Real Housewives of Miami'?Alexia, Marysol, Larsa, Christy, Lea and Adriana

It hasn’t even aired yet, but controversy is already hitting Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Miami.”

Alexia Echevarria, the executive editor of Venue Magazine who calls herself a “Cuban Barbie,” is under fire for allowing her teenage son to consume alcoholic beverages. In the premiere episode, the married mom of two talks openly with her son about buying a table at a club with bottle service, and she tells ET, “We see drinking with our children as something social, cultural, special occasions.” She says she’s more of an older sister to her two sons and admits, “You never know if you’re doing the right thing.”

The ladies were coy when asked to reveal the villain on the show. Lea Black, a Texas native says, “I think collectively people have their opinions and maybe there are some mean girls, but I can’t speak personally about it. There is quite a bit of drama, but I wouldn’t say it’s hair-pulling table-flipping drama,” Black said. Marysol Patton, who owns her own public relations firm in Miami, wants viewers to stay tuned past the third episode when things start to really heat up.

The ladies say they are ready for the spotlight and not worried about editing of the show. Black says, “I think you have to give people the material, no one can force you to say the things you say. If I said it in a mean spirit and it was portrayed in a mean spirit, then that’s that.” Echevarria adds that you are never prepared to hear something negative. “We chose to do this, this comes with the territory,” she says. Their friends and family are very supportive of them being on the show. However, Echevarria says her husband was not onboard in the beginning, “It was almost divorce,” she explains. She reports that he is now very supportive and happy she decided to do the show.

On the other housewives, Black says Adriana De Moura, a newly engaged gallery owner, has a lot to offer the show. “She’s controversial, upbeat and fabulous,” Black adds. Larsa Pippen, wife of basketball star Scottie Pippen, is funny and witty, but tends to play it safe, according to Patton. Black explains she is still trying to figure out castmate Cristy Rice, a recently divorced mom of three who runs her own clothing store, but says Rice speaks several languages and is extremely intelligent.

NOTE:  I don’t know about you, but I’m not looking forward to RHOM…  Bravo is very close to ‘jumping the shark’ with its saturation of Housewives franchises and the RHOM might just be the one to push the shark over the edge…  We’ll just have to wait and see if that is the beginning of the end of the Housewives shows…