Sneak Peek Of Lil Gia’s Video…

Here’s the highly anticipated … at least that’s what some PR hack would like you to believe… PREVIEW video of lil Gia’s girl group.

  • really concerned her mom is going to prison I see
  • wait. How old are they? 😳yikes
  • I can’t believe she’s only 13. Yikes.
  • how old is she again?
  • oh hell naw!!
  •  that’s pretty sad.
  • See her mother taught her everything she knows.
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Milania The Spy…

Milania the spy.   Teresa chatting about her child with another of her children is disturbing.  Perhaps there is more to Milania’s acting out than is portrayed on the RHONJ…


Is GiaGiudice To Be Protected… By Everyone BUT Her Parents?

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Rec’d the following from “CB”: I respectfully disagree on allowing the children of the Stoopid Housewives be fair game if they are part of a story line. The parents are low life ameoba. Let them get the barrage of comments … Continue reading

MORE Soft Peddling Of TeresaGiudice Thanks To Lil Gia!

Bravo is really pushing the “I’m a MOM!!” version of TeresaGiudice with an item featuring Tree’s 13-year-old daughter… HERE.

teresa gia

Lil Gia’s twitter account is polluted with fake followers…

gia audit twitter

What 13-year-old writes stuff like this??   Read the replies to Lil Gia’s ghostwritten tweet… all very supportive of her “ordeal”!  Tree’s rabid fans, no doubt!!

gia twitter teresa




Lil Gia’s Girl Group…

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Apparently, TreeJoodice is firmly behind her eldest daughter forming a girl group… and NOT encouraging LilGia to accomplish her dream of becoming a criminal attorney!  No word on JuicyJoe’s opinion on this… Teresa Giudice unveiled her daughter’s new all-girl singing … Continue reading

Tree Using Kid For Sympathy…

Tree and Bravo are using Gia AGAIN to solicit sympathy for Tree.  Pathetic.  Listen to the stilted and totally phony phone exchange between Tree and her now BFF, MeGo… before the Gia sob fest.


RHONJ Preview: JuicyJoe Has A SitDown With LilGia… The Heirloom Ring Is Gifted

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  JuicyJoe has a sit-down with Gia… and the “heirloom” ring is bestowed upon Gia.  As you all know, Tree’s parents came over on the boat.  They saved their money to bring over KomaKathy’s parents.  We’re to believe that Tree’s … Continue reading


WHATEVER WEDNESDAY! Tree and JuicyJoe Were Pushin’ “Pearl Brite”!

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WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUICY JOE’S ENDORSEMENT OF A DENTAL PRODUCT? NOTE:  Let’s take a look back at what the Joodices were tryin’ to push two years ago… SH April 11, 2012!  Who could forget JuicyJoe bein’ trained to be a … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE: Does NOT Deny Filming With Kids…

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IT has started. Tree Joodice’s PR people have started their campaign to show Tree as “innocent”… Tree is under court order to not speak about her possible prison sentence, which will be given to da Joodices on July 8 in … Continue reading


FROM THE 2011 SH ARCHIVES … TERESA GIUDICE: Da Joodice’s Are “Leaving The Bankruptcy Behind Us”… VIDEO

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While searching for something else, found this from 2011! TreeJoodice is tryin’ to convince viewers and herself that all the bankruptcy stuff is behind her and Juicy… nice try!!!  Interesting to find items from years ago which don’t turn out … Continue reading


MELISSA GORGA: On The HighHeels Of The Exploitation of RHONJ Kids… Let’s Take A Look At Da Gorgas Parenting Skills… AND… Thanksgiving At Da Gorgas

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The recent item re the exploitation of Gia Giudice has led to an even more disturbing item.  If you thought exploiting a 12-year-old was bad, take a look at Melissa Gorga’s great parenting of her 7-year-old child. What the hell … Continue reading


TERESA GIUDICE: The Dilemma… When Do “Children” Become Topics of Conversation?… The Exploitation of Gia Giudice…

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As you are well aware, children of the Housewives are off limits on SH. We’re not talkin’ about children who can understand a Bravo contract… or “children” who can drive their own vehicles.  THOSE  **cough, cough** children are not children. … Continue reading

HOUSEWIFE NEWS: Peggy Tanous “Knew” That Night!…Carole Radziwill…Cynthia Bailey Book…PT Housewife HouseTour…Melissa Gorga New Management.. PeteGiudice Pissed!

Former Orange County Housewife, @PeggyTanous, just “had that feeling” when she shared the BravoClubhouse with MissAndy and Sean Avery!   (See Sean and Peggy’s June 2011 appearance… )

RHOC Peggy Tanous tweet re Sean Avery Andy

KKKelly Bensimon is sick and tired of BFrankel’s BS!  “I just want the record clear: Bravo hired me for a job, I did the job, I promoted it and I moved on. I don’t want my reputation defamed for one more second. She’s never even made an effort to have a conversation. This is real life now, this isn’t a storyline.”  How interesting that KKKelly uses the words “real life” and “storyline”!!  

OH NO!!!  ANOTHER Housewife has a book to sell!!!  RHOA Cynthia Bailey’s book has a twist… she “wrote” the book with her HouseHubbend, PeterThomas.  Good ole Peter has assured himself a place on that book signing tour… can’t allow Cynthia to go off by herself now, could he?  Look for Cynthia’s book to be in the DollarStore quicker than DonCaros!

PT Housewife will be showin’ off her brand new RENTAL tomorrow morning on NBC.  Obviously, PTHousewife does not rate with Bravo!  Bravo usually does an official Housewife Housetour.  What the hell is “OpenHouseTV”???  Has PT sunk to a new low??  Don’t forget… PT is another “highly educated” Housewife!!!



That lousy boozy NY Housewife… Carole Radziwill, believes in psychics!  “I don’t put a lot of weight into what psychics say, but one told me I’d meet my next husband in Europe, while I was wearing a flowery dress.  I bought one straight away.”  Note to Carole:  You  will meet your next hubbend whilst playing Scrabble with Tripp…really. 

THIS is the dress!!!

RHONY Carole flower dress

duck dynasty  crooks pg

We love us some DuckDynasty!  Terry Bradshaw explains how he became QB at U of LA… Phil Robertson had more interest in duck hunting than bein’ a QB.

gorga pg

Melissa Gorga’s NEW manager, Johnny Wright, is all proud of his brand new “singing” protege...@JohnnyWright wants everyone to watch him on Sunday’s RHONJ.  Somma his twitter responses were not encouraging!

RHONJ Johnny Wright tweets Gorga

@PeteGiudice is pissed… at Penny and JTG!!!


HOUSEWIVES NEWS: Hat Wearin’ Gorga… RHONJ Plastic Surgeon…Brandi Glanville… Adrienne Maloof… Teresa Giudice

 Bravo RHONJ Andy slumdog pg

If you didn’t know by now… the whole Penny “thing,” which includes @Aarater and @bulldog_NJ (think @RoxyPoxyGirl) is to draw more atten-shun to the chaos of the RHONJ.  Clearly, Bravo has oversight of the Housewives BravoBlogs, their tweets, and other social media.  Is it any wonder that so many are BOOOOORED with these people?

It’s pretty obvious that JoeyMarcoGorga is copying DiCaprio with all the fancy hat switchin’

The first runway show of its kind, a showcase for the plastic surgery of plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir, premiered with celebrities including Danielle Staub and BubbaJax of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey to unveil their latest “work.”

BubbaJax now has some competition!  @BrandiGlanville is in the running for MasterTweeter!    OH… and according to Brandi BLEEEEECH! Glanville’s tweets, she continues her lovefest with YolandaFoster and LisaVanderpump is enemy #1.  Ridiculous… just more junk put out for the purpose of drawing attention to the RHOBH before their season premieres.  Just BOOOOORING…and so predictable.

One of our fave Housewives, Adrienne Magoof, has a brand new boyfriend.  Yes, Adrienne and Rod’s kid have called it quits.  OH, the news like who didn’t see that coming that those two are no longer an item is just heartbreaking!  BUT… Adrienne’s NEW boyfriend is Andy Hnilo, a model and “actor”!!!  A VERY BAD ACTOR… wonder if he’s used any of these lines on Magoof…a bit hard to watch the entire way through…

Tree Joodice attended the “Just Dance with Boy Meets Girl” fashion show at STYLE360 at the Metropolitan Pavilion last night with Gia and Milania…  Tree don’t take that little Appolonia… oops, Gabriella… anywhere!  We all know that these **cough, cough**  “stars” don’t go nowhere unless they are compensated in some way… did Tree get her preferred method of payment CASH or maybe some dance clothes for Gia?

TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s Italian Lessons… VIDEO

September 18, 2012  11:45 pm   Many have asked about Tree’s Italian lessons with her kids.  You do not SEE Milania talking back to Tree… it is a voiceover. 



SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Nene Leakes “Denies Fight”… Teresa Giudice, Gia Giudice, Milania Giudice “Gimme Money Bravo Video”… Alexis Belllino, Heather Dubrow “Heather Shut The Door on Alexis”… Alexis “I’ve Taken A Good Beating”…

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July 13, 2012  1:15 pm  Heather Dubrow… “Get out, Alexass… and take your friend, SarahSugarSmacks witchu!!!” Heather Dubrow explained how things now stand with Bellino to Us Weekly at Thursday’s premiere of Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey presents Dragons in L.A. “For me, … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga at Beatstock… Dancing With Chris Judd…

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August 23, 2011 10:30 am    RE-POSTED July 8, 2012  11:02 Where is Melissa Gorga????  Oh, she’s listed BELOW Teresa Giudice under the category “Special Guests!”  Missy just HAD to be lovin’ that!! How very interesting!!!  Pop star, singing “artist” … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice… Let’s Discuss

On the last episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Tree Joodice is in the middle of a photo shoot for her **cough, cough** “cookbook”… the one dat haz all da ingredienzatssess in it. There are some really great … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey: Oh, Lil Milania… How We Love Thee!

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 The next time that brat cousina mine, Ansonia or whatever her name is, comes over here, Ima drop her like it’s hot wit this club that I made by melting down Barbie heads… don’t tell my mother this is where … Continue reading


Real Housewives of New Jersey RECAP: Season 3, Episode 10… “There Arose Such A Clatter”

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                              Didja see me wit Andy?  My boss??   I got a big bonus check from Bravo for that lap dance he got.   Git away from … Continue reading