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REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: Where is Bria Peterson? … Daughter of George Peterson Still Missing…

WOW!  This story just keeps getting more mysterious as days go on… if Bria is safe, let her contact her mother, Gina…

​”Where is Bria?” reads the Facebook status of Gina Peterson, who calls herself the “Real Ex-Housewife of Orange County.”

Gina, ex-wife of former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member George Peterson, alleges that their 14-year-old daughter, Bria Peterson, has been missing for two and a half months following years of verbal and physical abuse from George. The story is both convoluted and hazy–Gina has not filed a missing-persons report, as she says the police have “been on his side too many times to count,” and Bria’s stepsister, Ashley Zarlin, claims that Bria is safe and being kept away from Gina and her “destructive behavior.”

Believing that she has been “slandered, stolen from and lied about” for nine years, Gina has turned to Facebook and Twitter to plea for help.


​George could not be immediately reached for comment.

Bria lives in San Juan Capistrano with George, an Irvine real-estate tycoon, and her stepmom, Lauri Waring Peterson, one of the original Housewives on the Bravo series. According to Gina, on Jan. 7, a friend drove Bria to the Newport Beach Police Department, where she spoke to investigators about the abuse. She was sent to the local shelter Orangewood Children’s Foundation in Santa Ana.

When George found out, he also spoke to investigators and convinced them Bria was lying and needed therapy and was able to get Bria released from the shelter and back in his custody, Gina says. That night, Bria went missing.

“She told me she’d rather go to foster care than be in a house with him,” Gina said by phone.

Gina Peterson’s Facebook Page

Gina and George’s 16-year marriage ended in a messy separation in 2002 and subsequent divorce in 2004. George was granted full custody of their four youngest children, McKenzieSlayteDanyka and Bria. “It became a war from the gate,” Gina said. “He wanted full custody of kids that he didn’t want, kids that he tore down every day. It was about not wanting to pay child support. They had dollar signs over their heads.”

In 2008, George filed a restraining order against Gina, claiming she had threatened to kill him and has a history of violence against the children.

Gina, the onetime girlfriend of former NBA star Dennis Rodman, maintains the children are being abused by George and posted to Faceook an email supposedly from Bria, dated Dec. 17, 2010, with the subject headline, “MOM PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!”

Mom please HELP me!!!!!!!! I need out i cant take it any longer!!!!
Now that he has kicked Danyka out of the house he is going in a little pattern he went from abusing adriean to brain washing mackenzie to abusing slayte and danyka and now to me. He already does abuse me. he gives me bruises i have 5 recent bruises from him from last sunday. 3 on one leg and 2 on the other he just came in and i was texting and he wanted to know who i was texting and i didnt tell him so he tackled me and was laying on me so i couldnt move and he was crushing my chest and i was telling him i couldnt breathe and he said”oh well u were born like that” and just started punching me in the legs and giving me “charlie horses” and digging his knuckles into my collar bone saying hes making a wish and i was crying and he still wouldnt stop. and when he would hit me it would leave welts from his rings and bruises. I would send them to u in email but they r on my phone and its too risky to send bc he reads all my texts and stuff on the computer some how.
. . .
He is very verbally and physically abusive and just calls me all sorts of names and says such horrible things to me to make me feel horrible. For an example he says the same things to all of us girls he calls us all sluts and whores and how we have so many diseases from guys and he wouldnt be surprised if we r pregnant.
. . .
I just want to be happy and live with you. i want to talk to people so i can get out of here. Im really scared to though bc im scared like what if i do talk to people and they let me live with u but i have to come back here for a lil then he will just be mad and probably beat me and just make my life miserable…..even though it already is. Im truly scared of him and after the things he has done to all of us, i do not count him as my dad. He likes to make everyone to believe that he is this great dad and he will beat us and then run to the schools and lie about us his own kids to make us seem like we r the bad kids and he is just discipling us. he tells the school that i date 30 year old men and always teases me about and i dont know why but its the same he did to slayte and danyka. He told people slayte was a horrible kid so he got sent away and danyka was crazy so she went to the mental hospital but really HE is the crazy one! Hes trying to put all of us against each other. Please help me and get me out of here im BEGGING YOU! i need your help. I love you

Gina also posted this photo of Bria’s bruise, which she allegedly received from her father.

Gina Peterson’s Facebook Page

However, Ashley Zarlin, the daughter of Lauri, who lives with Bria, has tweeted that Bria is safe.




​Gina says she is not stopping her search. “I’m doing this because I promised my child that I would go to all lengths to protect her,” she said.