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PT Housewife’s Reason For NOT Attending PoopyPiggySexAddictDaddy’s “Wedding” … Carole’s Open Relationship With EX-Russ

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Two items to address before taking off on a sabbatical from these BORING moronic Housewives… both involving PT Housewife.     First, PT’s assertion that Carole spoke of an open relationship with her then-boyfriend-substitute-Aerosmith-member-who-played-Carole’s-boyfriend-to-promote-his-“music”-career is absolutely true. Here are the … Continue reading


LuAnnie’s BuyMyStuff BravoBlog: Goes After Them All! “Sonja Is Off The Rails”…

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Its finally the reunion where we can clear the air. I’m so excited to be working on my “Countess LuAnn Collection” on, and I’m proud to have designed my dress for the show.  Get ready for a great ride on … Continue reading

PoopyPiggySexAddictDaddy Pulls The Race Card…

On tonight’s RHONY:  How low could they go?  They pulled the race card.  And at the very end of this pathetic clip, PoopyPiggySexAddictDaddy insults all women with his question, not just Ramoaner.  PT Housewife encourages and supports her PoopyPig of a father.  Disgusting.



RAMOANER’S DRUGGIE BROTHER …PTHousewife Got Druggie Brother, Too!

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 From TheDailyMail…  (Thanks to SH readers “romo” “GF” “OMG” “anon” and “FLPhil”!!)       LOOKS LIKE A STORY LINE!!!     ‘Yes. She [Ramona] did,’ he said. ‘Everyone in my family knew what I was doing.’  However, he claims … Continue reading


PT HOUSEWIFE Scathing Personal Book Review… PiggyDaddy Has Druggie Kid

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PT Housewife has a few customer reviews at for her book… THIS review seems to have some personal information re PT Housewife… the writer states they’re from Washington DC, where Harry Dubin’s family is from. Harry Dubin is the son … Continue reading


PT HOUSEWIFE: Advice On Being A Housewife…Tall Tales In Her Book…Her Druggie Brother

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PT Housewife tells the DailyMail what it’s like as a New York Housewife… and how to deal with the new-found fame and how to make a fortune from using her Housewives “platform.” At first dealing with the criticism was really difficult, but … Continue reading

RHONY Preview: PT Housewife Has Drinks With Ramoaner

These people are disgusting… the bar is set lower and lower.  

NOTE: PT Housewife says in her book that “the real terror” in PT’s life was her own mother’s debilitating alcoholism.  Drink up!!


SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Is It Monday? For Sure?… PT Housewife “Anything For Relevancy” With Her PoopiePiggySexAddictDisgustingDaddy… CrassLand Is Filling Up!!… Tamballs Barney Got “New Lips” And A Sponsor For Her Wedding!…

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The epitome of crassness has invaded the very elite atmosphere of the Crassest of the Crass of the Housewives! If you’re wondering which Housewives are floating around up in that crass atmosphere… payin’ callin’ the paps to shoot them when they … Continue reading



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August 9, 2012  12:30 am                       Sonja Morgan…  NOTE:  Sonja looks great as a redhead! Sonja Morgan, Aviva Drescher and LuAnn de Lesseps attended the GLAAD Manhattan Summer Event at Humphrey … Continue reading


AVIVA DRESCHER: Who Is Aviva’s Sex Addict Daddy… George Teichner?

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August 2, 2012  6:30 pm  George Teichner… Viewers were introduced to the Real Housewives of New York Aviva Drescher’s father, George Teichner, as Aviva’s “sex addict” dad two episodes ago.                     … Continue reading