CAMILLE GRAMMER: Camille Goes Shoppin’ At Costco!

camille costco tweet

RHOBH Camille Costco

Camile Grammer ain’t playin’ around!!  Camille said she was gonna send a photo of herself actually shopping at Costco to SH…and she kept her word!  NOTE: That is NOT DD wearin’ a blonde wig… it’s the “RealCamilleG”!

Check it out via Camille’s twitter:  @TheRealCamilleG!


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Camille Is Now DonnaSntchMe..Donatacci

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Camille Grammer Donatacci was set free from her husband of 13 years, Kelsey.  Despite Camille’s performance on RHOBH that ‘proves’ how upset, destroyed, heartbroken, shattered and crushed beyond repair she is about the end of their blissful marriage, we all know that she was in it for the money… Camille got her $50 million and she’s probably out partying with DD and AlleyCat Doo-bwah… at least she will never have to go the ‘Prince Jefri’ route again…

Camille and Kelsey on their wedding day…

So, to commemorate Kelsey’s nuptials which took place at 3:30 pm today, let’s take a pictorial retrospective of Kelsey’s years with Miss Irritable Bowel Syndrome…

PHOTOS RHoBH’s Camille Donatacci Grammer on Club MTV

Ms. Donatacci is a member of the ‘Black Widow Hat’ Society…

Really, the best pictorial site for the person who had the humongous burglar balls to tell Faye Resnick that she was morally corrupt is here:

Anticipating RHOBH Reunion Show…

In anticipation of tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show, I’ve discovered some RHOBH tidbits to nibble on until Bravo airs the first part of the reunion later this evening…

First up… the headline from  “Kelsey Grammer Invites Camille to His Wedding.”

Camille was a movie star before she married Kelsey…

As usual, Rob Shuter popeater blasts a headline with a story that disappoints: “friends of Camille tell me that the ‘Frasier’ actor wants so badly for his children to attend his upcoming wedding that he’s willing to invite Camille if that results in his children seeing daddy say “I do” again.  “Camille is an amazing human being,” DD Whitt, Camille’s BFF and paid lapdog a friend of the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ beauty tells me. “For her, it’s all about her children. She’s willing to put her personal hurt aside to be a great mom.”

NOTE:  The word ‘willing’ is not exactly confirmation that Kelsey issued a wedding invitation to Camille…

NextPEOPLE magazine interviewed Kayte Walsh about meeting her worst nightmare Camille:  “She was very pleasant,” Walsh, 29, told PEOPLE following a January 21 screening of No Strings Attached. “It was all very pleasant … Everything is good.”

Kelsey and Camille (thinking of Nick Stabile)…

NOTE:  Camille… pleasant? Camille, the most hated Housewife ever in the history of Bravo’s Real Housewives franchises… PLEASANT?  Those English people have such good manners…

Next… over at, there’s a clip of tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.  The clip is interesting, but not the reason for eonline’s inclusion in this post… the comments are scathing and totally anti-Shana/Taylor:

Duckbill Shana/Taylor after she scammed Bravo producers into believing she’s a ‘Ford’

NOTE:  AAHHHH…those little things in life bring enjoyment and I’m enjoying the fact that others are seeing what I’ve been seeing all along about our girl “Shana” Taylor.

Shana/Taylor passing a mirror

Finally: As previously mentioned here, Shana/Taylor is set to become the beauty spokesperson and creative director for a wonderful site,  After receiving confirmation that Shana/Taylor will be on board at beautyticket, I sent Lindsay Pedder, President of beautyticket, the following on January 24 and have yet to receive a response:  “Have you asked her about her trying to pass herself off as a “Ford” from the automobile Fords???”

Please take 1 minute to send Ms. Pedder an email asking her to reconsider Shana/Taylor’s involvement with beautyticket. Just cut and paste the following and send it to:

Dear Ms. Pedder:  Please reconsider your decision to have “Shana” Taylor Armstrong as Chief Creative Director for beautyticket.  She has misrepresented herself as being connected to the ‘Ford’ auto family, has taken up the cause for battered women, but has threatened physical harm to Kim Richards on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and has been caught outright lying in her explanation of her name change.  Is this the type of person you want representing your company?

Let’s see what happens…



Camille Knew…

A favorite photo of Camille…

Camille Grammer must have gotten the settlement process to go in her favor… in this interview she doesn’t say one mean word nor does she insinuate anything untoward regarding her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer.

Golf claps… great acting, Cami!

“It seems Camille Grammer really was the last to know her 13-year marriage was over. (Really, Camille?  Surely your personal, paid psychic Allison DooBwah-haha could have given you a hint!)

Phoney-baloney psychic

In a new interview with “Showbiz Tonight‘sAJ Hammer, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star — who received the shocking news in Thursday night’s episode (yeah, that was some great acting, Cami… did you pick up that ‘looked shocked’ face while shooting porn scenes? … use your imagination) — reveals that Kelsey Grammer had told pals more than a year ago that he wanted out.

Keltsey…or Kelty… I can’t decide which

Kelsey’s the type of guy that used to call me at least 10 times a day. He was a very doting, very loving husband,” Camille, 42, said Thursday on “Showbiz Tonight.”  “He started pulling back and he started becoming more distant.(So when the calls dwindled down to none a day back in February, you didn’t have the brains to pick up the phone and call him?)

Fast forward to December 2010, when a now-single Camille was on vacation at Christmastime.  “Two friends of mine that don’t know each other (You have friends that don’t know each other?… wait… You have FRIENDS!?) came to me and told me that Kelsey already told them last Christmas vacation that he was planning on leaving me (If these friends told her back then, they would have lost their big-time, big-paying, do-nothing jobs they have with Cameltoe),” she said. “This was before I got the offer to do ‘Housewives.'”

Where are those people I pay to hear for me!?

While Camille admits that being a single mom to daughter Mason, 9, and son Jude, 6, hasn’t been easy, she is trying to move on.  (… it’s so much harder than everyone thinks:  trying to keep track of her real estate, which house manager goes with which house, how many chefs she needs for a Wednesday night dinner with the kids, booking private aviation yourself… PLUS she had to fire the person who had to tell her what day it was when she woke up… and on top of all this, HER OWN mother picks this terrible time of Cameltoe’s life to get cancer.)

Kelsey with Mason

In fact, the trio recently met Kelsey’s 29-year-old fiancée Kayte Walsh.  (Oh… so nice to finally meet you, Kayte… but she was really thinking:  “Oh… you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into.  You’re marrying Kelsey, but you’ll be forced to deal with ME and you can be sure that I will make your every moment with Kelsey Grammer, the man that depended upon ME for his LIFE, the man that was totally broken and I, only I, was able to fix him and taught him how to breathe for the last 13 years… yes, I plan on making YOUR every moment on Earth a moment in which you will wish you had never been born.  You think you’re marrying Kelsey Grammer… you might be, Kayte, but you’re really marrying ME and there may be some problems, because I seem to get along so much better with men… is it really worth it, Kayte?… is it???)

Kayte and Kelsey… Kelty (?)

Camille tells “Showbiz Tonight” that Walsh was “very nice” and that she congratulated her on her engagement to Kelsey. (The mike didn’t pick up the rest of what Cameltoe said:   as long as my account has $60 million in it by January 20 and those child support payment of $500,000 a month keep coming…) Kelsey thanked Camille for being so gracious to his bride-to-be, whom, he told David Letterman last night, he will wed “sometime in February.”

NOTE:   RUN, KELSEY, RUN… and dont’ look back!!!


The lead-up to the very public collapse of Camille Grammer‘s marriage to her now ex-husband Kelsey Grammer is about to implode on TV for all to see.

In one of the clearest signs yet of her unraveling marriage, Camille said she feels disconnected from her husband in last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  The ex-‘model’ and dancer confided in fellow housewife, Lisa Vanderpump about the lack of communication between her and Kelsey.

Under strain: Camille Grammer confines in fellow housewife, Lisa Vanderpump that she is feeling 'disconnected' from her now ex-husband Kelsey Grammer on tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lisa listening to Camille

As Lisa congratulated Camille about Kelsey’s upcoming Tony award, the pair reflected on how the couple spend so much time apart, with their phone calls becoming few and far between.

I am feeling very disconnected from my husband. The lack of communication is disturbing for me,’ Camille told Lisa.  Earlier on in the episode, as Camille organised a day tennis tournament for some of the housewives, she mused about the Frasier actor’s  absence saying:  ‘I wish Kelsey was here…

Pensive: The blonde reality TV star said that she 'wished Kelsey was there', as she organised a tennis tournament for the housewivesOh…Kelsey must be rehearsing…

After filming the show, Camille filed for divorce from Grammer after it emerged that the star was already in a relationship with British flight attendant Kayte Walsh, who was pregnant with his child.  The moment that Kelsey tells his ex-wife that the marriage is over is said to be shown on next week’s cliff-hanging episode.

Meanwhile, Camille’s tennis tournament was her latest attempt to heal the ongoing rift between her and fellow Housewife Kyle.  Surprisingly the Kyle accepted Camille’s invitation to the party.  ‘I am going to go to the tennis tournament and put on a brave face,’ Kyle said.

Invited: Camille invited fellow housewife, Kyle Richards to the tennis partyCamille invited Kyle to the tennis party in an attempt to heal their rift…or to try and steal Mauricio 

Kiss kiss: Kyle was shocked when Camille kissed a fellow guest's husband on the lipsEveryone was shocked when Camille grabbed Nick for a liplock… especially his wife, Tricia  

As she arrived for Camille’s party, the 41-year-old was showered with compliments from Camille. ‘Kyle you look gorgeous! I love that top, you look gorgeous,’ she gushed.  But bitchiness was still clearly in the air, when after arriving at Camille’s house for the event, Kyle witnessed the 47-year-old Camille plant a kiss on a married guest called Nick.

The whole kissing someone else husband on the lips is just bizarre,’ said Kyle.  Nick’s wife Tricia looked equally shocked when she saw the kiss.  ‘I can tell you if Camille would have kissed my husband on the lips, she wouldn’t have any lips left,’ said Kyle.

Worried: Nick's wife Tricia looks on in shock as Camille plants a kiss on her husband's lipsNick’s wife Tricia looks on in shock as Camille ‘greets’ her husband 

After the tennis match, the group then hit the pool and once again Camille and Kyle’s uncomfortable tension intensified.  After Camille paraded around in a tiny bikini, Kyle said: ‘I think Camille was showing off a little bit.’  And Camille responded with equally bitchy air.  ‘It could be female jealousy, they will get over it,’ she said.

More cattiness continued into Kyle’s White party when Camille turned up with a gift for Kyle, a book titled, ‘How To Behave.’  Clearly pissing off Kyle, Lisa said: ‘I think Camille should read it first.’

Show-off: Camille paraded around in a tiny bikini for their post-tennis tournament swim Show-off… Camille paraded around in a tiny bikini for their post-tennis tournament swim
Smiling in shock: Kyle puts on a brave face after receiving a book titled 'How To Behave' from Camille, who goes into fits of hysterical laughterKyle gracefully accepting a book titled ‘How To Behave’ from Camille, who goes into fits of hysterical laughter

Camille is not the only housewife having marriage woes.  Throughout the episode, Taylor Armstrong reflected on her own increasingly troubled marriage with her husband Russell.  ‘Russell and I have some great days together, and then we have some average days,’ she said.  ‘Things have been really tense between Russell and I these days.’

And the strained moments between the pair hit fever pitch as they attended Kyle’s party when a bored looking Russell left early.  ‘I feel disconnected,’ a tearful Taylor confined in Kyle.

Friends: Taylor Armstrong confines in Kyle about her marriage woes to her husband, RussellTaylor confides in Kyle about her marriage problems