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KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle Plays the “Housewives… Big Brother Style” Game… No Mention of Sister OR BFF Lisa Vanderpump… Kyle-ee Gives Tips On How To Snag That Husband… One Just Like “Hottest HouseHusband” MO-reese!!

From OK!Magazine… HagfaceKyle Richards was asked a few questions… and very coyly pretends that she has never heard the term “HouseHusband”!   “Is that what you call it”???? UM… yeah, OK, LLLKyle! BUT… before she […]

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Are YOU Bein’ “BamboozledByBravo”???… Shana Says That “Cameras Are There All The Time”… Then Says That “Filming Is Planned”… Kyle Richards States That The RHOBH Is “REAL”… AND The RHOBH Has “Saved Lives”!!!… Just An Extra: Camille Grammer Explains Who Faye Resnick Is!!

The producers of the many Bravo’s Housewives franchises have spun too many tales to continue labeling the Housewives franchises as “semi-scripted”… the “semi” needs to be dropped from the description of these shows! There is […]

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KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s BravoBlog… Getting Pummeled With Anti-Kyle Richards/Faye Resnick Comments!… How Much Longer Until Bravo Pulls It?

As you are well aware, “friend” of Kyle Richards and “producer-appointed” troublemaker, Faye Resnick’s BravoBlog was mysteriously deleted from BravoTV.com last week. WHY is Faye is the “Producer-appointed” troublemaker this season on the RHOBH?  Someone […]

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